Mar 20, 2008

Reverend Jeremiah Wright In the Dungeon? Preach On Reverend Wright - We Support You!

In response to an article in the excellent Faith In Action blog out of B'more, Maryland: By Reverend Heber Brown

I wrote the following:

I have invoked the Biblical prophets many times myself, in order to defend the voices of prophetic black ministers (including my own). And as we all should be aware of by now, Jeremiah was considered a traitor for prophesying against his own nation. Not only Christians, but Minister Farrakhan, and some non-believers have been equally prophetic - and for the same reason they are hated in America!

America's problem is explained in scripture: Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil Eccl 8:11. This inchoate nation has gotten away with evil even before its 232 year old inception date!

If God were to apply the same rule-of-law to the evil portion of white America, that the evil portion of white America has applied, seemingly to everyone else in the world (instant judgment), America's problem would have been cured a long time ago!

Isn't it interesting that in a nation where conservative Americans claim to believe in the rule of law and order, that their belief in law and order has often been suspended, when applied to white America? Just consider what America is doing today in Iraq as an example! Whites have always exempted themselves from the rule of law (International or Divine Law) that they have made up and applied to others. White men, along with our our government have always given themselves immunity to kill with impunity!

Today, our government is murdering innocent individuals and taking over countries around the world, just as they did when they came overseas and took over this land! Any other human, black man, foreign national, government or citizens of any other nation, would reap the vengeance of America for engaging in similar behavior! If you could, ask Saddam Hussein whether that is true or not true?

Shortly after Dr. King broadened his social justice message to include America's evil behavior in Vietnam, he was slain! America has never been punished sufficiently, for its most egregious crimes against native and black Americans? I often wonder how many of our slave brothers and sisters, and those who have experienced prolonged discrimination in this nation, died in faith, believing that God's word was still true?

Despite the scriptural injunction that God's anointed are neither to be touched nor are his prophets to be harmed - historically, the opposite was true. God's prophets were touched and harmed in many ways, and apparently without any immediate retribution or sanctions. Many of the prophets, including Jesus, were slain!

So we had better get accustomed to the prospect of being tortured or killed. And for that matter, we will be ostracized, tormented or possibly put to death, particularly when we are speaking out or taking on the most powerful white hegemon in the world.

I have explained to white Americans, that if you would simply learn from your past mistakes with black Americans and listen to us, that we could teach you how to live peaceably with other nations of the world like the DPRK, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Cuba, Nicaragua, China ...! Not another bullet would have to be fired.

What black American prophets, and the black nation in America can be truly proud of is that we have taken on the most powerful nation in the world (more powerful than Pharaoh and the Egyptian Empire); and without resources, weapons or another allied nation to support us - we have done better against them than any other nation in history!

Excellent article!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

: All of us who have suffered persecution and whose ancestors have experienced social injustices in this land, ought to be speaking out. Reverend Wright should not have to stand alone. We need to help to get him out of the dungeon where he has been placed. And just as black man, Ebedmelech, had to lift the Jewish prophet, Jeremiah, from his miry dungeon, we will have to lift Reverend Wright from his dungeon.

It is clear that Senator Obama is willing to turn his back on him, and permit 'his prophet' who performed his wedding ceremony, and provided teaching for he and his wife for 2 decades, to languish there alone.

Reverend Wright is being more honest than Senator Obama has been. It is tragic what happens to a person, when he or she finds a way to benefit from a corrupt system! It is even more tragic, when anyone is willing to compromise with the venal portions of any political system, and sell out good people like Reverend Wright, just so they can benefit more from the venal portions of a system! Obama cannot change Washington!

Rev Wright is no wimp, and he knew that he would suffer persecution, just like Jesus did, for speaking the truth. Many other believers are under the impression that they are exempt from torture and punishment, because of the scriptural injunction that I mentioned above, to touch not anointed...! Others know that they might be punished for it, like Senator Obama, so they won't stand up for what they really believe.

Remember, even the scriptures explained that the people did in fact slay God's prophets, read Hebrews the 11th chapter as an example.

The scripture does not exempt a prophet from punishment, torture or death for standing up and proclaiming what is right, it merely intones that at some point those who punished, tortured or killed a prophet, would be punished; but keep in mind it may never happen in their lifetimes or your. More than likely, persecutors will continue to prosper while the innocent suffer.

Obama doesn't want to suffer, so his voice has been muted! He has distanced himself from the Reverend. Think of the good that he could really do, now that he has the nation's intention.

Obama could be the Martin Luther King of today, as opposed to trying to provide over a corrupt system where the god would wag him (the tail), and not the other way around. Obama is not going to change white America or its systems, as some black Americans hope. Nelson Mandela after he became President of South Africa, did not change South Africa.

President Thabo Mbeki has not changed South Africa. Most black South Africans, the overwhelming majority, are still impoverished and existing in Shanty towns.

During this season of Anastasis, keep in mind that when Jesus made his triumphal entrance into Jerusalem on a colt, many believed that he was coming in to establish God's Kingdom, and that finally, justice was about to prevail. And that event occurred over 2,000 years ago - yet many today are still waiting for his victorious Kingdom to come! Obama won't change this kingdom!

I wish that I could communicate with the dead slaves and inform them that we as a people were eventually emancipated. I wish I could tell them that we have access to public accommodations, schools etc. For I suspect that many of them may have lost their faith in God, by the time that they departed this earth. I hope not, and I hope that they are in a better place, for they certainly deserve to be in a better place!

And for the rest of us, I will leave this scripture, with regard to our own nation: If you seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

Hang in there Reverend Jeremiah Wright, even if Obama turns his back on you - God never will turn his back on you, and neither will we!

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