Mar 19, 2008

Females Are Going To Have To Get Involved - Rev To The Washington Post Blog

Betty wrote,

I have been one of those guilty people of sitting back and ignoring all these world situations from government to actual politics. I fear for our country from the point of down fall to our own homeland security.

The war in Iraq is it just or unjust I cant say because of lack of knowledge of whole picture from front to ending. All i know to say is that i agree with part of the commentaries,some i don't as in every ones view points we all don't think alike thank God.

But America better wake up and smell the coffee because while all this war and fighting is going on we are digging our own graves.... It is frightening to think that but isn't it true you said that in your own words... thank u for hearing me .... concerned for USA

The Rev Responded:

In my opinion, and if truth be known, the average misogynist male prefers females to remain on the outside, and to leave politics up to the boys. Look how long it took for women to gain suffrage in this nation?

You are a part of the majority gender in this nation - we [males] are the minority gender. It is time for the female voice (as well as the feminine principle) to be reactivated and to play a more prominent role in shaping American policy.

The 'good ole boys', my group, in my opinion have been leading the nation down the wrong path. This is not my blog, however, I'm sure that Mr. Arkin would not mind if you were to encourage more females to read and respond to his worthy blog!

Old saying: A man surrounded by 'yes men', will never accept no for an answer!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: It is time for females to get involved. Too many males, who have kept women in the dark with regards to local politics and geopolitics, have given into war, greed, domination and debauchery! Consider the latter, another the Governor of New York had to step aside just the other day.

Help us to get back on track ladies! You are 53% of the population in America. America runs the world. You can help not only America, you can help the rest of the world, particularly those nations and individuals who are being victimized by the United States of America's slippery policies!

I can only imagine what Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Dorothy Height [still with us], Mary McLeod Bethune, Shirley Chisholm, Clara Barton and many more females would be saying and doing..., if they were with us today!

Agree with the Rev or not, get involved - Anne Coulter is involved, and she is preparing a new generation of young women to get involved in the cause! I don't agree with her, however, you might agree with her!

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