Mar 27, 2008

The Vanilla Man That Would Be President: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

If a black were ever to be elected to the highest office
of the Land,
in the United States of America, he or she
like General Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice or Senator
Obama would have to be vanilla.

Darker hued figures like the Reverend Al Sharpton, his
civil rights baggage aside, have not fared well. Just
consider the Rev Sharpton's lack of success given his
most recent run for office in the last two general
elections. How come a man this smart and savvy, moved
no further along than he did!

Could God be in this, after all it was reported recently
that the Rev Al Sharpton, and the late white Senator
Strom Thurmond (who hid his black daughter for 70+
years), were related? She was light-skinned, why
did he hide her?

I recently learned that the late Adolf Hitler was
related to the Salomons
, my surname, and that
my black late black grandmother was part German! Eek!

Finally, its right to be white, if you're black get back,
and if you're brown stick around! You can also
look at 'the Wright Reverend Jeremiah', and tell
that he has white in his family! He's not a racist!


My position is simply this, that the major reason that Obama has achieved the relative success that he has already succeeded in achieving, move over Geraldine Ferraro, is because he is a handsome vanilla man who wears his vanilla features (light-skin)well; you might call him the equalizer.

Whites cannot hate him, given that his mom is white. Blacks can't hate him because he appears to be black. Muslims cannot hate him given his namesake. Young people are drawn to him, because he looks like one of them, boyish looks and all. And women like him, because he is a good-looking vanilla man.

What better way could there be to conquer the racial and cultural divide between whites, blacks and Muslims in and outside of this nation, the latter when you consider that his name is also a Muslim name, Obama?

II. Who Is This Masked Man:Senator Obama is neither black, nor is he white. What Senator Obama happens to be is an interesting admixture of white, Muslim and African. What is an admixture?

Admixture n. The act of mixing or mingling. The state of being mingled or mixed. Something that is produced by mixing; a mixture.

ith a mingled man representing a diverse nation, and you might as well say the world, it could be possible that in Obama, everyone will get what they want, or at least no one will believe that he is being discriminatory based on the color of his skin. The white power elite in America, never gave in to the idea of serving all of mankind!

I wonder, could it be folks, that God is playing tricks on America. And just as Jesus was sent from heaven, conceived without an earthly father, was born in a manager and performed many miracles, who can say that this Obama was not specially crafted in heaven, and will perform miracles in office.

How else could such a phenomenon have occured? His mom is white, his dad is Kenyan, he was born in Hawaii (where most of us want to go), he has lived in Indonesia as well as in the United States. And, his name rhymes with with the name of America's number one enemy Osama. Perhaps that can work out the differences between white America and Osama! They will call their meeting, the Obama-Osama Summit!

Folks, this man was not born, this man was engineered perhaps by Osiris, Horace and Pandora, all of whom came together to create this man in a jar. Or, Obama could a public relations ploy that was created by some higher power and was sent to earth to appease the nations of the Middle-East, as well as blacks and white American. These merciful god may have done do, in order to prevent the world from being destroyed!

Perhaps if the whole world were baptized into Obama, for he might be the son of a god, that was sent down to earth from the Titan moon that revolves around Saturn in order to save mankind. Perhaps he will lead us to the promised land! Someday, we might imbibing 'obama wafers' during communion. Who knows? Perhaps there will be Obama Cereal, shirts, shoes and other trinkets someday!

I cannot wait to see, if it happens, how the Obamas will decorate the White House. Of course, it won't be called the White House anymore! Okay, I won't go there, however, I have some great ideas for what it could be named. And what do you suppose a President Obama would call his ride, formerly known as Airforce I, or his Limo?

III. Who Is This Vanilla Man?
Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (pronounced /bəˈɹɑːk oʊˈbɑːmə/; was born August 4, 1961, in Honolulu Hawaii. He was born to a Kenyan father and an American mother, and during his early years, 4 to 6 years old, he grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia.

He is married, and has two daughters. He later graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He doesn't sound like too many brotha's I know, other than the ones that I worked with at Stanford. No, this man is like WEB Dubois, who was the first black Harvard Graduate. He was of lighter hue, however, he would have never gotten elected during his time. He gave up on America, and subsequently relocated to Africa, the motherland! He moved there, around the time that Obama was impregnated.

Obama's appeal is also wrapped up in his uniqueness. He is hard to put in a mold. Whites often say, well, he doesn't carry that civil rights baggage. Isn't it a amazing (we sing those lyrics at church) that people who founded a nation that was supposed to be based on the premise of civil rights, hate the phrase civil rights. Could it be that civil rights meant civil rights for them, not for other people. Well, let's move on, but we know that they never believed it anyway!

On the inside of Obama is a man who is different. For on the outside he has done everything in the world to show that he is not a trouble-maker like the Reverend Jessee Jackson or Al Sharpton. He has distanced himself from everything that is black including his pastor. Former sociologist and writer, E. Franklin Frazier, if he were here today would be proud of him for sticking with his darker-hued wife.

Light-skinned American blacks during Frazier's time, like white men, didn't often stick with the darker-hued women that they slept with. And when they did, they made sure that in public they were always seen apart.

I tend to be rather debonair, erudite and professional myself, which prompted a darker-hued sister to ask me at one of America's elite University on one occasion, you are married to a white woman aren't you? I wasn't, however, I know why she thought so. I wonder, how come Obama is not married to a white woman? Well that shows that he is not perfect! Former Congressman Harold Ford from Tennessee might have something to say about that. Well, lets move along!

Let's face it folks, 'it is white to be right or close to it', at least that is what I heard when I was growing up. One day, during my senior high school years a student walked in the classroom while the teacher was teaching and announced aloud, 'it's right to be white'. The white substitute teacher stood there speechless with her mouth open, her jaw having almost dropped down to her knees. Other quips we often heard were: If you are brown stick around, and if you are black get back!

Obama, the quintessential-existential vanilla man may turn out to be what this country needs. I am voting for Hillary myself, well that is unless Obama happens to prevail. However, even if he does prevail, he and I need to sit down and talk. I'm not buying all of his sanitized distance yourself from everything black talk. Well, he did on at least one occasion prove that he can dance. But that doesn't matter to me for I'm black, and darker than he, and I can't dance.

If Obama were to get elected and to be successful, perhaps we would all have to follow his steps and be baptized into Obama. What does that mean? All races of the world should get together and mix, until we are all vanilla like Obama, Condi and Colin. And then we could all change our names, to names like Obama, Colin or Condi, and then perhaps we could all get along! I would change my name to Nomolos, that is Solomon spelled backwards, it is neither, Jewish, black, Muslim or white!

Peace & Grace
Reverend Nomolos

Addenda: Until something changes, it is still
right to be white, if you're black get back,
and if you're brown stick around!

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