Mar 19, 2008

The Rev Erupts Again In The Washington Post Blog 03/18/2008

Mr. Arkin's Topic: In Iraq, Unanswered Prayers

The Rev's response:

Intifada, Jihad & Washington DC Voters

Bush, Cain and company (since the Bush invasion), have played down the significance of the Holy War that was launched by Christian America against Islamic Iraq.

The unwarranted and illegal attack on Iraq was more than an attack on Iraq's civil institutions. The attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation of Iraq, has been interpreted by Muslims and Arabs alike as an attack on Islam.

Had any of the geniuses from Washington taken this matter seriously from the onset, America would have approached the matter differently. Is it any wonder now that America appears to be stuck in Iraq?

America has to stay in order to avoid the impending intifada, jihad and civil war that would ensue, once America raised its foot off of the necks of the Iraqi people!

McCain's appearance at the White House a few weeks ago, and his showing up in Iraq, makes you wonder when he has time to take care of his current duties as a United States Senator? Six-hundred thousand citizens in the nation's capital could use some help Cain!

Interestingly, McCain found the time to vote against a bill that would have given the citizens of the District of Columbia a long-awaited Congressional Representative (one that could vote in and outside of Committee).

Based on Cain's recent behaviors and his voting record, it does not appear that he would be the kind of President that would represent or to see to the interests of the American people, if he were elected President. Just like Bush, his focus is on another world and an American cultural elite!

GB is doing all that he can to help his nemesis appear to look presidential!

However, isn't it interesting that the two of them who claim to believe in the right of Iraqi citizens to have the vote, are both AGAINST the right of citizens in the United States District of Columbia to have the right of a voting Congressional Representative in Congress.

If McCain, or more appropriately Cain (who is not his brother's keeper) had not scuttled the passing of the DC Vote bill, Bush had already promised to veto it!

It begs the question, why are these guys working harder for the so-called rights of individuals overseas, when they ignore 600,000 Americans who live right up under their noses in Washington DC?

And why would anyone want a man like Cain, who held out against an MLK day holiday, to be President? Like Bush, his priorities are screwed up, he will insist on the rights of individuals overseas, however, like Bush he doesn't care one iota about the rights of citizens in America!

Get back to work Cain!

Posted by: The Rev | March 19, 2008 07:26 AM

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Our prayers are not being answered here either, it would appear! McCain wants to be a war President, and not a President,
of, by and for the people of the United States, particularly,
the District of Columbia!

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