Apr 4, 2008

In Honor Of Dr. Martin Luther King & Family: In Memoriam!

The Rev responds on the Washington Post Blog:

They seem to be supporting Obama [In reference to 2nd and 3rd generation former conservatives when they arrived in the USA] in this election. I am really proud of them.

Awesome Dimitry!

Human anthropology, social development, human evolution, social anomie, cultural shaping...!

In time, I suspect that my new cohorts [Romanian Emigres] will understand that other nations and people have struggled against their oppressors, real or imagined, just as they have done.

As you pointed out, for now they are celebrating their perceived liberation as well as the ones who helped to liberate them. It is only to be expected, as you alluded to, that one would easily overlook the identical oppressive behaviors of ones liberators - as it relates to other people or nations.

The descendants of the American colonists still have not related their experience of fighting against oppression to their counterparts in America, the descendants of the captured people who were forced here against their will!

In fact if you think about it, these Romanian descendants of the Roman Empire, completely overlook the oppressive nature of their ancestors who behaved in the same manner as the citizens of the current Roman Republic, the United States!

I suspect that it would be difficult, egocentric human nature being what it is, to see or admit to the faults of ones liberators, initially. However, if your heart is in the right place and you believe in justice for all, in time - the blinders will come off!

I agree with you and I believe that in time that my Romanian friends will recognize that their liberators can be as oppressive to other people and nations, as they believe that their oppressors were to them.

The students in Afghanistan are a perfect example of how that works. First they fought against the Soviets (Russians) with covert assistance from Ronald Reagan and the United States.

Afterwards, the same students regrouped and went after the other hegemonistic power in the world, the USA - and they are still fighting against American hegemony today!

Anyone can easily recognize the good in America, however, having said that - it does not follow that one should overlook the systemic and resident evil that resides within the USA either!

I'm not so sure that my friend plainfacto understands that the two can co-exist, i.e., that one can recognize the co-existent duality and duplicity within their own nation!

Slavery, racism and class struggle would not have persisted as long as they did, if some Americans were not so self-centered. This group of blind, class conscience and bigoted Americans thought only of themselves and those who were like them.

We need to always point out and fight against the resident evil within our own nation, particularly, before attempting to stamp out any perceived evil in other nations around the world - particularly when that evil is identical to our own evil!

America did not change because it was good, America was forced to change, particularly when its venal duality was exposed to rest of the world by black Americans!

Chairman Mao and the former worldwide proletariat movement reached out to black America. We could have helped to destroy America, however, we did not. Instead we tried to help save America, and we are still doing that today!

Posted by: The Rev

Doctor King fought against American injustice, and for doing so, he was assassinated. However, what he said still rings true: The United States of America is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world! Dr. King,like Jesus preached against sin, injustice, duplicity and national pride!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Even though I am supporting Hillary Clinton's campaign, the world
can see that America has advanced, as a result of the work of
Dr. Martin Luther and other civil rights workers [and
not the government of the United States, federal,
state or local]. We must always remember and
celebrate the ideals of the King family,
as President Jimmy Carter recently
pointed out; a family that has
begun to fade away
, for their
work, and contribution to the
fight for social justice,
for all people in and
around the world!

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