Apr 26, 2008

The Reason Other Nations Want Nuclear Technologies!

The Rev to the Washington Post Blog:

The only reason they want nukes... is in defense of THE USA?

It is too bad that the world lacked a Superpower nation that was strong enough at the time, to stop the USA from doing then what it is forbidding other nations from doing now, ie., to collaborate with other nations in order to acquire secrets necessary to develop their own fission and subsequent hydrogen bombs (in order to save the lives of their citizens - from the USA - as the USA claimed that it had to do in WWII). [Perhaps one hundred thousand and more Iraqi lives could have been saved].

The third-world nations mentioned in this piece are experiencing their version of an American inspired world war, i.e., the USA and Great Britain primarily, behaving as Germany did in order to force its will on on Muslim and Arab nations in the region who won't capitulate.
Can you blame them for attempting to follow the example set by the USA in order to save lives (by killing us)?

Where was the moral turpitude in the 1940s for developing nuclear technologies? The current turpitude of the USA today, is of the kind that augurs that we will not destroy our nuclear weapons, however, no one else in the 3rd world (except Israel) should be permitted to have them (even though we share technology with Israel and provide nuclear weapons to Israel at will)! Netanyahu refused to deny that Israel had not received nukes already from the USA!

I smell a rat! Those other nations mentioned in this piece are victims of American duplicity and [the]American threat. If the USA was an honest nation, its enemies instead of fearing the USA would trust the USA for protection - then those outdated nuclear treaties and agreements would make sense - and America's enemies would not be seeking nuclear weapons technology to protect themselves from the USA!

Let's face it folks, the only reason that that our enemies believe that they need nuclear weapons in the first place is because of their fear of one nation alone -the United States of America (The Late 20th and beginning of the 21st Century Republican Reich)!
Posted by: The Rev April 26, 2008 1:53 PM

Peace & grace,
Rev. C. Solomon

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