Apr 22, 2008

The Rev Comments: Mr. Arkin's Excellent Washington Post Article!

The Rev Said:

What a brilliant analytical discourse?
You are likely correct that the public over-relied on what military leaders had to say; however, who else, associated with Washington could we trust?

We could not trust the Republican led Congress or Senate (and where are most of them now)? And we certainly could not trust anything that came from the President and 99% of the members of his cabinet (Despite the UN speech, Powell was the only trustworthy Cabinet Member).

Everyone knew that Bush and company were untrustworthy as we watched the whole Iraqi fiasco develop and unravel.

Late President Ronald Reagan said one thing that I agreed with: He said, Government is not a solution to the problem, government is the problem.

He was right then, even about the government that he presided over, and about the government that is currently misleading America - IT IS THE PROBLEM!

The overthrow of the American government in Congress in 2006 in the Congressional election Part I, needs to be followed by the overthrow of the Executive by voting in the General Election 2008, Part II!

Even though I don't agree with General Petraeus whose surge(s) simply took violence in Iraq back to 2005 levels (still unacceptable but appears to be an improvement); I still trust the General, Colin Poweell, McCaffrey and others - more than I trust anyone else who has been in the White House and associated with it (including Rumsfool) in the past 7-years.

If I lived in say a 3rd world nation, this cleric would be calling for a military junta to take the country back from its current oligarchy, until Elections could be held!
Posted by: The Rev April 22, 2008 1:54 PM
II. The Rev Comments with regard to America's 22nd Secretary of Defense, Robert M. Gates.
Perhaps Gates is a wise old soul...
and he recognizes the damage that has been done to the military psyche, and that it is not the time to make any major changes, other than to repair the damage that has been done to the military by you know who!

Somewhere between Rumsfool and Gates lies the truth, and I suspect that the truth is a lot closer to Gates than it ever was to his authoritarian and egomaniacal predecessor who wouldn't cooperate in the fight for American national defense.

Please recall that his predecessor wouldn't cooperate with other cabinet members with regard to America' national defense! And as a result, on 9/11 the nation, the military and the Pentagon (that he couldn't protect) were literally caught with their pants down.

I suspect that it will take time to repair the incremental damage that has been done over the past 7 years, and Gates has begun the first step in the repair process! The remainder cannot happen until Cheney, Bush and the remaining diseased scourge and blight on civility and justice are history!
Posted by: The Rev April 23, 2008 11:21 AM
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