Apr 29, 2008

Senator Obama vs The African American Right!

Senator Obama vs The African American Right!

A New Right, thanks to Reverend Wright and Senator Obama has emerged in the historically monolithic black political community in America.

Ironically, the last time that I visited the National Press Club in Washington DC, Minister Luis Farrakhan, having recently returned from the Middle-East was the speaker.

Reverend Wright's appearance at the National Press Club yesterday, has resulted in Senator Obama speaking out about the distraction today. He attributes 'the distraction' to a man who served both he and his family for twenty years, and another cleric that has been a champion in our struggle, Minister Luis Farrakhan.

Obama has dissed two clerics with one stone, the Obama stone, who have worked in the cause of freedom for decades। Why? Because he wants to be President! Ironically, if Senator Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, white conservatives are waiting to do to him what he has done to these two prominent ministers.

Senator Obama has been far less vocal about the real culprits who are responsible for the distraction, the press, Obama's base, and American conservatives.If Obama can't stand the heat he should get out of the fire. Reverend Wright has the right of Free Speech.
The fact of the matter is that Reverend Jeremiah Wright did not turn his back on former skeptic Senator Obama; on the other hand Obama has turned his back on two religious civil rights leaders that have fought for social justice issues over the past 4 decades। These two gentleman embrace, and are the embodiment of black American and social justice values.

Curiously Senator Ted Kennedy, turned his back on President-elect Jimmy Carter 28 years ago, at a time when blacks overwhelmingly embraced President-elect Jimmy Carter. During the current election cycle, Senator Kennedy turned his back on Senator Clinton who blacks overwhelmingly supported until Obama tossed his hat into the ring. Had Senator Obama been white, the majority of American blacks would still be supporting Senator Hillary Clinton!

If the polls are correct and 90% of the black community is supporting Obama, the black community is confused. I don't believe that unsophisticated blacks really understand what is transpiring. If criticism holds, that the Clinton's are elitist and believe that have the exclusive right to be 'the' Democratic nominee, then what does that make the Kennedy family that happens to be embracing Obama?

Do the Kennedy's have the divine right then 'to say who should or not be President (during the years when the Kennedy family cannot produce a candidate)?

When Senator Ted Kennedy spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference 4 years ago, he boasted about the competence of Reverend Al Sharpton who was sitting on the panel. When Reverend Sharpton asked for his endorsement, Senator Kennedy simply smiled।

Folks, if Senator Obama will turn his back on two ministers like Reverend Wright and Minister Farrakhan, and at the same time say nothing about the real culprits, what makes the black community believe that Senator Obama is going to stand up and fight for black American values? Are you kidding me?

Another question black Americans ought to consider is as follows, if Senator Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King were contemporaries, and Obama were running for President, would he also turn his back on Dr. MLK? By his own admission Reverend Wright's sermons and positions are mild in comparison to the speeches that Dr. Martin Luther King gave at black churches.

I don't dislike Obama, even though I believe that Senator Clinton has earned the right given her previous work, skill and experience, to be America's second black President. Senator Obama is prepared to go to work on day one,and that is something that America needs - President Bush and company will be leaving this country in a domestic and international mess.

Finally, If Senator Obama really believes what he has been saying, then that is just one more reason that he will not be the President that most black Americans believe that he will turn out to be. Senator Obama should be ready to run for President 4 years from now, even if he does not return to Trinity UCC or visit the Nation of Islam!

I suspect that Senator Obama's real problem is that he simply woke up one morning and decided that he was a black man, Reverend Wright and Minister Farrakhan have always known who they were!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon


Addenda: Does anyone recall Senator Obama's name being mentioned during the civil rights struggle?


Mohamed said...

Wright is an Uncle Tom Clinton lover and does what many blacks know how to do, bring down their own kind. He loves the Clintons since they fit the image blacks see themselves as. Collar greens, corn bread and fried chicken and everytime they see another brother rise they have to bring him down. Blacks need racism to justify their economic and social failures, failures they bring to themselves. Like 2pac Shakur said, its my own kind doing all the killing here.

It also is the hatred and envy that dominates black life that Wright represents. Blacks leaders always hated Obama because he rose in this nation while they lag behind preying on themselves.

The hell with that Uncle Tom acting like he is some militant. He ain’t nothing but a player hater.

Everywhere in this world their is oppression but many blacks can’t go on because they can’t fight the demons in them. The demon that make them rob each other, hate each other and abandon their own kids. The demons that makes them envy those among them who shine.

Rev. C. Solomon said...


It sounds to me as if you have a bit of 'haterism' in your game for blacks and black leaders.

The fact is that The Wright Reverend was as unequivocal in his criticism of Senator Clinton, as he was and has been of George Bush, Condoleeza and others.

The only person he has not criticized is Senator Obama. On the other hand Senator Obama has criticized him and his connection to Minister Farrakahn. I would have thought until now that someone with the name Mohammed would understand what is really going on.

History is repeating itself: During the history of the Civil Rights movement and before, individuals like yourself castigated luminaries like Dr. MLK and then El Hazz Malik El Shabbas (Malcolm X)..., helped bring down the Denmark Vecsey's, Nat Turner's and others who fought for social justice!

All of these figures are viewed as heroes today. Take note of the fact they were not the ones who changed in order to become more acceptable to the people, the people evolved -as you will apparently have to do!

And keep in mind that if the Wright Reverend was an Uncle Tom, the majority of the white community would not be angry with him!

Get up to speed Mohammed!

Mohamed said...

You said what? The only person he has not criticized is Obama, you gotta be kiddin me man! He is the only one along with Bill Clinton who is trying hard to bring Obama down using the race card. Keep routing for Bill and Hillary at least they will guarantee you your daily corn bread.

The whole word can't understand this Wright guy. Everyone is surprised at how a black pastor of someone who married an african american woman and goes to black church even if he wasn't raised black is now being ppunished by the very same people he reached to. But thats what black people do daily, they prey on each other and bring each other down. Its why Cosby, Goldberg, Denzel, Eddie Murphy and Oprah don't reach out to their communities. Cause all they get is hate.

White people who are angry with Obama are Obama supporters. As far as the Clintons and Mccains and the Al Sharptons and Jessie Jacksons and othet uncle toms Clinton lovers, they are shouting:

God damn America? No No No, God bless Jeremiah!

Even Newt Gingrich is pleased. Outto go Jeremiah.

Rev. C. Solomon said...

You have allowed your anger and pessisim to override sound judgment. Who have you been listening to.

The conservative Right is simply waiting to do to Obama, what he has done to the Wright Reverend.

And keep in mind American history:

NAACP vs Marcus Garvey

W.E.B Dubois vs Booker T Washington

Dr. Martin Luther King vs Malcolm

Carl Rowan v Malcolm X

Spirited dialogue in a non-monolithic community does not hurt, rather it helps to crystallize ones thinking, as you and I are doing.

Hopefully, we will forge synthesis, if not I don't hate you - even though you seem to hate other blacks who don't share your viewpoints.

BTW most individuals would consider, mixed Obama more of an Uncle Tom than the Wright Reverend. I don't, however, I am concerned that whites love Obama because as they say, he does not carry any civil rights baggage.

The question blacks should be asking themselves is why not, and whether or not he intends to encumber himself with any if he were elected president!

The Wright Reverend not only fought for civil rights, he also fought militarily for this nation!

Suppress your anger and get in the real world Mohammed, you are attacking the man, who is the friend of another man (Minister Farrakhan) who fought in two venues in order to secure your freedom and civil rights.

Rev. C. Solomon said...


Me first this time; have you considered that if Obama were to become president that there will be two very important nuances?

1) The learning curve, he doesn't have any experience (we cannot wait - the country is in a crisis). How come he cannot simply serve as veep, and learn some things in preparation for running in 2011-12? Muhammed Ali once said, not just anyone can be President!

2) The day he takes office, if he were to prevail, he would need the Clinton's, their worldwide contacts and domestic and international expertise.

I am afraid that his ego has gotten the better of him, he is almost ready to be president, but not yet - right now he would make a good veep.

I am afraid that some overly-sensetive blacks are too quick to call other blacks who are willing to scrutinize, and not vote for a man just because he is black or half-black, Uncle Toms!

How juvenile!

Rev. C. Solomon said...


Here are examples of a few of the horrible comments that the Wright Reverend said about Senator Obama. Boy are you misinformed Mohammed?

Reverend Wright said at the National Press Club:

1). "... just as Michelle and Barack don’t agree on everything, Raymond (ph) and I don’t agree on everything, Louis and I don’t agree on everything, most of you all don’t agree....".

2). So what I think about him, as I’ve said on Bill Moyers and it got edited out, how many other African-Americans or European-Americans do you know that can get one million people together on the mall?

He is one of the most important voices in the 20th and 21st century. That’s what I think about him.

3). MODERATOR: What is your motivation for characterizing Senator Obama’s response to you as, quote, “what a politician had to say”? What do you mean by that?

WRIGHT: What I mean is what several of my white friends and several of my white, Jewish friends have written me and said to me. They’ve said, “You’re a Christian. You understand forgiveness. We both know that, if Senator Obama did not say what he said, he would never get elected.”

Politicians say what they say and do what they do based on electability, based on sound bites, based on polls, Huffington, whoever’s doing the polls. Preachers say what they say because they’re pastors. They have a different person to whom they’re accountable.

As I said, whether he gets elected or not, I’m still going to have to be answerable to God November 5th and January 21st. That’s what I mean. I do what pastors do. He does what politicians do.

4). And I said to Barack Obama, last year, “If you get elected, November the 5th, I’m coming after you, because you’ll be representing a government whose policies grind under people.” All right? It’s about policy, not the American people.

And if you saw the Bill Moyers show, I was talking about — although it got edited out — you know, that’s biblical. God doesn’t bless everything. God condemns something — and d-e-m-n, “demn,” is where we get the word “damn.” God damns some practices.

Um Mohammed, with respect to your comments about the Wright Reverend you are completely wrong. You are a perfect example of the people that you described, the kind that tries to pull a black man down!

And what you have already to the Wright Reverend, the conservative white community and cross-over Democrats will be doing to Obama after June 3rd!

Again, get up to speed Mohammed!

Mohamed said...

I don't understand you. Obama himself is now hurting in the polls because of Wright. I don't know what you are getting at. Wright is no dummy, he did what he felt would hurt Obama cause he doesn't want him to win. Black people are enious of each other, all black people know this in America.

It does not amtter what experience a president has since he has advisors. Its a question of knowing who to rely on. Cheney had a lot of experience and so di Rumsfeld, it did nothing. No president is a master economist of a political science guru in all political disciplines. Most are in fact either lawyers of businessmen or are just politicians as governors or senators.

Its the advisors that matter. Hillary we know will conduct her middle east policy not based on experience but based on Aipac, so whats your point?

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Mohamed, Here is where I am coming from:
1). The Wright Reverend is an American citizen that has a right to defend himself.
2). He was attacked as a result of a sermon that he preached 4 years or so ago at Trinity UNCC, the same as Pastor Gaines of Anacostia Maryland was attacked several years ago when someone in his church leaked his sermon to the Washington Post.
3). Obama, his wife and children were shaped at Trinity UNCC; and Trinity UNCC obviously did a very good job from the looks of things.
Does Rev. Wright get any credit for that?
4). Obama, as a consequence of what the white press, and a few others whites have said - has distanced himself from his wife's comments, his pastor and friend of 20 years, his faith, from the civil rights movement..., when does it stop? He has been stripped down to a shell!

Obama is being disengenious in my opinion. I do not believe for a minute that Obama worshipped at UNCC for twenty years and has been a friend of the pastor, and that he has never known what his pastor believed or preached.

The fact of the matter most blacks have said the very same things in private, that the Reverend Wright has uttered. If anything blacks should be voting for Reverend Wright with respect to this whole matter.

Frankly, Obama is my default candidate because I still believe that he would do a better job than any Republican would do. Having said that, I don't believe that he is ready to be a President and I don't believe that McCain is ready either - but it is what it is.

I am concerned about the Obama learning curve. I've said it before, the day he becomes President, he will need the Clinton's to guide him.

So, why won't he simply wait his turn, serve as VP under Ms. Clinton, get the experience that he needs and run for President in 2011 or thereafter - all of the above assumes that Senator Clinton would prevail?

Finally, Obama is not hurting in any poll because of the Wright Reverend. Obama is hurting for the same reason that Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered, Rosa Parks couldn't get a seat on a bus in Alabama, that blacks were enslaved and native Americans are living on reservations - it is because of white racism and hegemony.

We have 4 Catholics sitting on the Supreme Court, not to mention hundreds of Catholic Representatives & Senators in DC; white America hasn't demanded that one of them resign given all of the pedophile priests in their churches.

And how about Hagee, Robertson, the late Falwell, Parsley, Tony Perkins and other Dominionists, and 400 years of truly racist white ministers and the KLAN, no complaints there.

And with respect to AIPIC, I have my own beliefs about building the kind of coalition that has been put together to aid post WWII Jews, who with the assistance of the United Nations 1947, unfailrly dispossed Arabs and Muslims from their homelands.

Here's what you don't get, if Obama cannot understand how he is capitulating and pandering to white America and some confused blacks, he does not have requisite wisdom to deal on the international scale. The non-aligned Arab and Muslim countries in the world are in trouble, Nicaragua, Guatamela, Bolivia, Haiti, Colombia - all of these nations are in trouble, I forgot Cuba.

Do you recall years ago what happened when then U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young agreed to meet with the palestinian leader?

Those who believe in America's white supremacists agenda, to retain superiority in the world, will due to Obama, what they are doing to him now, and what he has done to everything that made him what he is today - distance himself or renounce all of them.

Again, he has given up civil rights, Dr. King, his pastor, his faith and his wife's heartfelt feelings of expression. What's next his wife and kids, or you or me!

If his was contemporary with Dr. MLK and running for President, Obama would distance himself from Dr. King.

Stop looking at Obama's outer shell and ask the critical questions, for he did not appear to be black on the outside (don't forget he is half white), you and 90% of my black brothers would be doing more critical thinking, as opposed to trying to coronate what appears to be a black man!

He's not ready for what he will have to face..., in my mind he has proven that he isn't ready yet!

He has plenty of time to get it together. However, if America won't vote for him based upon principles, he shouldn't want the job anyway.

Rev. C. Solomon said...


A major correction: Senator Obama is my default candidate, if Senator Clinton does not prevail.

Besides, the world needs female leadership. In my studies, I am aghast at how religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and most of the others have been used to suppress women.

Are you aware of the condtions that women live in all over the world and some of them don't know any better! And what have men done to correction the enslavement of women around the world and in America for that nothing, nothing that they have not been forced to do.

Hillary is the most sagacious, experienced... has the most international contacts...and she would have helped to get ready to be President after her - just as women have had to raise most of us to make us what we are today!

I don't think you'll appreciate that - however, it is time for a change, however, it will take a person stronger, I believe, than Obama to do it. What Senator Clinton has endured from her own hubby, and from the white wing conspiracy tells me that she is a strong woman - just like Shirley Chisholm of 20 years ago, who would have made a great leader!

Rev. C. Solomon said...


Re: The Cheney Comment:

We should not replicate the same mistakes of an administration who believe as I follows:

Bush - You are my base (and that is who he took care of his base).

Cheney - I don't care what the American people think.

Rumsfeld = I don't care what the Joint Chiefs, my Commanders under me, my fellow Cabinet members or the Allies (Old Europe) believe.

No, we should not follow suit!

Seven billion people on the Earth will be affected based upon whatever we decided to do!