Apr 27, 2008

E-Life: Living in a Time Independent State!

Time-independent dream states, appear to be of few experiences where humans encounter all things, past, present and future simultaneously! This topic, a sequel to my previous writings about the meaning of eternal life is important to understand.

What we have to look forward to once we are freed from the mortal soul: An eternal, if you were to count in Earth time, can exist for billions of years. In eternity where time apparently does not exist, the eternal ones simply exist although billions of years may appear to have passed!

Introduction: My position, to be succinct, is that eternal life does not have a basis in 3-dimensional linear time. A wholly different nomenclature is needed to explain, or to understand what likely takes place in a suspended eternal time-independent state. Terms like date of origin, birthday and lifespan are insignificant.

When the herald of the Apocalypse of John cried, Time Be No More! It is possible that not only was IT saying that the stopwatch of man's existence in the Universe had clicked off, but that the timepiece of 'time' itself had reached its end.

In the book of Exodus, Moses was dispatched to Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt, to tell him to release all of his Hebrew bondservants, some estimate to have been 600,000 to a total number of 2 million individuals, including their families. These numbers are likely exaggerated, however, the point can still be made.

Moses realized how fraught with danger this enterprise would be to demand that the Pharaoh suspend a significant portion of his labor force. So he asked before leaving, and on whose authority shall I tell Pharaoh to release a significant portion of Egypt's workforce? God's response was simple, tell Pharaoh that 'I AM', or I Exist sent you!

Many names have been provided for the deity which most faiths refer to as being the Supreme being. However, the entity that gave Moses his instructions did not provide a name but said simply, I Exist!

I. Why didn't he answer El, Elyon, El Shaddi, Ywh or by some other appellation? Why didn't Moses simply inject a name for God that he was already accustomed to, perhaps Horus? Do names matter anyway in eternity? Or given the fact that God did not provide a name, did he answer in that manner in order to simply make Pharaoh aware that the entity God existed! God knew Pharaoh's heart, a man who wondered, 'who was God that he should obey'?

The entity that most religious groups and cultural groups recognize as the Supreme being, has been given more names than there are letters in the Greek or English alphabet.

It is my position that eternal life does not have a basis in longevity, or in any of the other variables or time elements to which we have become accustomed. In other words those beings past, present and future that have already been transcended, would have little relationship if any with finite beings (who need to separate, catalog and track seconds, minutes, hours, days... incrementally)!

As a consequence of cataloging and labeling each permutation of an individual's day to day relocation in space; corporeal beings adapt their actions and behaviors accordingly in order to, among other things, maintain order. However, even in a space-time continuum, occasionally, order gets distorted.

II. Time Independence in a Dream State:
Prodromal dreams are dreams that indicate the onset or presence of a disease or illness usually to the dreamer, but not always - it could be about someone else. Precognitive dreams are of the type that provide clairvoyant ability to foresee the future within a dream state.

For those of us who have experienced either type, trying to convince us that our experiences are fabricated, based upon having had too much to eat before going to sleep, and all of the other rational explanations for what is perceived to be irrational is a pointless exercise. too many times, and without question, what we have seen or been told beforehand has come to pass just as it was predicted or shown to us!

Carl Jung not only wrote about the existence of both types of dreams, as a result of research with his subjects, he also confirmed that on many occasions that the portent in the dream content later came true just as it had been previsioned.

What happens within the dream state, and who or what is the source that is revealing or leading the dreamer to what we would refer to as previsioned information? I submit that perhaps the dreamer is experiencing eternity, although the dreamer remains in a body, and is unable to benefit from the customary use of his or her typical sensory apparati. The dreamer has apparently entered into an omnipresent plane and is experiencing what is normally beyond his or her time-dependent conscious reach!

For example, once you are removed, suspended from or transcended beyond a linear time dimension, length of time, past, present or future and relocation in space no longer matters - there is only a singular dimension, the aggregated dimension, where I AM exists

Time independence, and time independents like the entity or principle that we refer to as God simply exists and is eternal because it is neither subjected or bound by time or apparently to a body as we know it।

An interesting canonical illustration to support my position is when Jesus, Moses and Elijah all appeared together in one plane, on the Mountain of Transfiguration, albeit Moses and Elijah had passed on long before (Elias of late, having morphed his essence into the body of now decapitated John the Baptist)। Therefore, in a time-independent reality it would appear, that "I Am" is the only state, for in this scenario all 3 tenses of time, past, present and future all came together at once.

III. When Time No Longer Matters:
Time, as we know it on Earth already loses its significance as one travels further and further into deep space. In fact, if you are bound to a time measurement, where you are located in space matters significantly, albeit perhaps not in a black hole, in terms of tracking time.

I like the human example that Astronomer Neal DeGrasse Tyson provided, when explaining time and space. He said: if you were scheduled to meet someone tonight let's say for dinner, you would need to know the time and the place of the meeting. Think about it, Neal said, what good would it be to know the scheduled time for the meeting, and not know where to meet your party in space ( or vice versa)? In other words the majority, if not all of our current actions are tied to time and space!

Having said that however, when your existence is no longer defined by time-space variables, you have become time independent; you neither have to be at a place nor will you have to know the time। I can recall stories of individuals in this country and outside of this country, of some written about in magazines, who simply did not know how old they were। These individuals were not keeping track, and the municipalities, cities or countries where they resided in, made little effort, to track their age. To these bohemians, time was not of any consequence, they were simply living, some 80, some 90 and some apparently over 100 years old!

How is it that characters inside and outside of the Bible knew. in addition to the present, about the future and the past? And how are the archetypes who visit many of us today, or our historical or present day counterparts able to explain the past or present in dreams, night or day visions? And how is that much of what has been foretold in the past, has without doubt, come to pass Have certain individuals or spirits as we refer to them already visited what we refer to as the future?

For that matter, how does the entity that we refer to as God know the beginning and the end, and if you want to make it personal, how does God know your and my end in this life, evening before we can get to the end? How can the Hubble Telescope, suspended in space orbit, peer into the past? And, how is it that the past cam still be present - even if we do not have the ability, all of the time, to view or experience it? Isn't it because the past, present and future all exist as one? And might I add, even though they overlap, we simply do not know how to hurl ourselves in an out of the present-past, the future-present or the future-past?

Quantum physics and mechanics, seeks to understand and explain phenomenon at the atomic and subatomic levels. In order to give serious consideration to a belief in eternal life, one has to consider the ramifications of what it means to exist, instead of to simply endure time-independently. I suspect that the Universe may be 15 billion years old, and the earth 4 to 5 billion years old as scientist have said, in consideration of a space-time continuum that is dependent on Earth/Solar time.

However, in deference to Earth time, or even Universal time the whole point of conjecture or fact becomes moot. The fact is that what we refer to as beginning, middle, Alpha, Omega or end is also moot. For what exists is what matters! In other parlance, all of creation may not be time dependent, however, what lies outside of creation is apparently time-independent and simply exists! I can envision the entity God experiencing everything all at one time. The whole creation by comparison might represent a singular atomic or sub-atomic second in terms of eternity, or perhaps not even a subatomic second would register in eternity!

I suspect that someday when humans have gone through the process of eternal transmogrification or metamorphosis, that we will experience again what we have in prodromal and precognitive dreams, understanding of all। That is what we will be able to do outside of the constraints of body and creation time, which is the equivalent of what some have experienced in their dream and vision states. And what that is, happens to be the ability to be ,and yet to experience what would one would define as the past, present and future taking place all at once!

The question that I will close with then is why is it so inconceivable for some humans to believe that living in a perpetual time-independent state is phantasm? I believe that is where we are headed and what eternal life is, just as it has been written about in various religious texts!

I suspect that eternals, will in what we call the future now, someday exist in in a time-future independent reality, and therefore we will experience again all of what we are experiencing now - that is if we are not already in the future and simply reviewing our past, which is today?

IV. Did Jesus Astral Project?
Was Jesus warping through time or astral-projecting himself from a parallel universe?
Jesus was not the only one, who spoke in terms of past, present and future realities to those who did not understand; many within his audiences were upset with him and others believed that he had flipped his wig. The more logical members of the crowd wanted to know how he could claim to have known such things or people like Abraham or Moses, given that he was only a young man.

Of course, many of those individuals likely could not imagine that their descendants (our generations) post-modernity would eventually fly to and land on the moon.

Trying to convince anyone who has had a factual-actual experience, is a complete waste of time, particularly if the dream, vision or message has come true already. It would be the same as those skeptics experienced from a young man in the canon who was able to see for the first time. He said in John chapter 9, that whether the man who healed me is a sinner not, I don't know but one thing I know for sure is that now I can see!

And other persons who have what is referred to as para-normal (para in the Greek meaning: along with or alongside) gifting, an ability to occasionally see or experience what appears to be in the future in advance, will not likely submit either to their critics who explain, :oh what you experienced was simply a coincidence:. Clearly, the biological kingdom overlaps the parallel world, not world or plane from time to time -- portions of which, may or may not all be contained within the human brain!

You might not be considered an Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, John the Revelator, Joseph or Daniel from scriptures by your friends, if you have precognitive abilities, however, you know for a fact that on occasion you inexplicably experience something in a dream or a parallel state that is beyond your cognitive comprehension that eventually comes to pass!

to be likely, amended, corrected and continued...

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

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