Apr 5, 2008

The Rev Responds To Misguided and Mis-Informed Do-Gooders In Denial!


It finally hit me last night: The so-called true patriots in America have always been outspoken, just as the rest of us have been - the true patriots of Truth and what was written in America's founding documents.

When the pseudo patriots speak out, like Plainfacto does; they use euphemisms to cloak their dissatisfaction's, and to express what they believe are America's real problems.

Euphemisms like handouts, 'big government', immigration...! On the other hand they never speak out about what truly ails America, its systemic and historical ability to say one thing and to do another - duplicity!

Dr. King would have spoken out, I believe, about every nation's right to be free from 'white supremacist domination'. For it is American white supremacy that drives America's domestic and foreign policy.

If America can be armed with nukes..., so can other nations be armed with nukes!

Are all whites a part of the white supremacist movement? Ans. No, of course not. However, some who do not believe that they are a part of it, in fact are members of a white supremacist ideology, and not Christ's ideology, or secularist who believe in the principle of justice.

Those whites, the ones who do not believe in white supremacy, are often put under incredible pressure to join in with their white supremacists brothers.

If Obama for example becomes the Democratic Representative for President - the white supremacists will quietly go about twisting the arms of their brothers.

They will lay guilt trips on them, use scare tactics, send out their talking points, and explain what will happen if a black takes over the Oval office.

I can recall when Mayor Washington became the first black mayor of Chicago Illinois.

Statements were made from good white Christian racists like the following: And what will be Mayor Washington's first official act upon becoming mayor? Answer, he will replace all of the elevators in the building with vines.

Now, Plainfacto will comeback with - see the Rev is angry and has issues. The fact is that the Reverend is telling the truth about American white hypocrisy and the voracity of its claims to be just and fair and Christian; and Martin Luther King was equally as outspoken.

Why American racists have tried to appropriate the message of Dr. King and to use it to their advantage.

A lot of white Americans who believe in the truth, side with truth. And the Joe Lieberman's and Zel Miller's of the world keep switching sides, and more and more they are ending up with those who believe in white supremacist values!

Even in the democratic party, 8m voters, who call themselves democrats keep voting for a white supremacist agenda.

plaintfacto - you will never help solve the problem, until you can admit to what really is the problem!

I suspect that neither Jesus, nor Dr. King whose name you invoke, would agree with your positions. Having said that, and we've tangled before - you remind me of a lot of nice and well-intentioned people, who nevertheless operate under a white-washed worldview!

Even America's allies aren't buying it anymore, including the majority of the darker-hued French, white English, Germans, Canadians and others.

Posted by: The Rev | April 5, 2008 01:59 PM

Response # II

To be fair, many Americans both liberal and conservative have concluded that Jesus would have been too liberal for them.

His views on taking care of the poor, greed, sharing, the rich...and human and social justice, are not modern-day American values.

Christ's ministry had both a spiritual and a social dimension to it!

It is not axiomatic, that if one claims to believe in Christ that a person will adhere to what Jesus taught. Consider the schizophrenic Ku Klux Klan, and other historical and contemporary hate groups in America.

Many invoked in the past, and the majority of [them] today still invoke the name of the name of Jesus, a Jew, Jewish writ and the cross; yet they hate Jews!

The problem in America, from the onset that has persisted down to today, was and is that many of these individuals who claimed and who claim to be Christians did not and do not adhere to the tenets of Christ. Based on some of your writings in the past, you don't either!

Many individuals in America's history, elected officials included; were in nature land-grabbers, greedy, sexist, misogynist, homewreckers, rapists, child-molesters, drunkards, Satan worshipers, avowed racists..., shall I go on? And yet they went to church, read the bible every night and prayed to God(even the Satan worshipers)!

You've got to do better than what you have written. The members of those groups, just like many Americans today, hide behind religion, just as their predecessors once did. And today they are behaving in the same behavior!

Americans are still taking over nations, enslaving people, murdering people, forcing their will upon people, breaking up homes (renditions), molesting and raping ...!

If Americans were or ever were true Christians, poverty would have been eliminated, racism, hatred, bigotry, greed, taking over countries and their resources..., all would have been a thing of the past.

You're in denial!

Posted by: The Rev | April 5, 2008 01:35 PM

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: Are things better in the USA, with respect to race relations? Certainly we have made progress. How ever the current faze
that we are in gives me great pause. Not all white people -
I am referring to the white supremacist ones
(knowingly or otherwise), are the problem.
The ones who believe that they are
good and without prejudice, but
have not accepted the truth,
are still a BIG problem!

Why? Because you can go to church with them, live in the same neighborhood,
and they will even play basketball with you today. The problem
is, what resides in the heart, given that many of
these same individuals are the ones who
help devise domestic and
international policy
for this nation.

Lately, they are even encouraging the blacks who they once stayed away from to join in and become one of us, and help bolster our white supremacist
policies. I can still recall when President G.W. Bush encouraged
Reverend Jesse Jackson to join the Republican Party years
ago. Join us, agree with us and you will be accepted partially.
This is a throwback to a time when our ancestors were kept
as slaves but counted politically, in order to give
white supremacists more votes in the House!
Today, they want us to help them to
count against the world, given
their unjust policies!

No, we must stand up for what is right and just
for all people of the world! For the white
Supremacists, are still treating too
many other people and nations of
the world in the manner
that they have treated
American blacks!

Black Americans must realize that just because you can attend the white
church, or have a few opportunities opened up to you, it does
not mean that the social contract and the fight for
social justice has been completed. There is
still a lot to be done which will not
only benefit the underprivileged
in America, but the rest of
the world will benefit
as well. And if you
think of it in
Spiritual terms
isn't that

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