Apr 23, 2008

Unfit And Unworthy To Lead: The Rev Responds To The Post


You are on to something my man. To encapsulate with respect to the current Administration in Washington:

1). President Bush made it clear that all that mattered to him during his tenure was 'his base', (not the will of all of the American People). And where is his support base now? He had a chance to become what only a few have had the opportunity to become, and to be great at it, however, he blew it.

2). Vice President Dictator Dick Cheney, said what he meant before: I don't care what the (American people) think,or anyone else for that matter. He made no bones about the fact that he was never a servant of the people. Punk!

3). Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made it clear that he did not care about (America's allies) old Europe, or the military leadership under him for that matter - he often disrespected both groups!

Clearly, the Republican voters placed power in the hands of a dangerous triumvirate, a triune godhead that took the power of the Republic and wielded it as they saw fit and in deference to the will of the American non-Republicans, the military or America's allies.

Power was concentrated in the wrong hands and this administration was never a representative of the people's will - and we won't require future historians to tell us that!

The Military leaders who served under them excercised excellent restraint and shewed their mettle given the lack of civilian leadership at the top. As we have witnessed [military leaders], they have had to play both military and civilian roles for the security of this nation.

When all 3 of these anal retentive bobble-heads are out of office they will not be missed!
Actually my career overlapped with Condi's at Stanford, I don't agree with her politically, however, she really is a caring, astute and articulate individual - I will give her a pass!
Posted by: The Rev April 23, 2008 6:44 PM
Peace & Grace
The Rev
Addenda: If NASA is considering its options for a future space mission, I know of some toxic waste that could be rocketed into outer space, once the last two are out of office.

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