Apr 26, 2008

The Wright Reverend - The Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

The Wright Reverend - The Reverend Jeremiah Wright...

appeared on the Bill Moyers show last evening, Friday April 25, 2008।

Like Michelle Obama, listening to him made me proud to be an American for once, I can see why Senator Obama became a believer instead of a skeptic and stayed with the Trinity UCC for so long.

I still wish that Senator Obama would stand up for principle and the tradition that he came from, it has a lot more meaning than being the soft-shoe President of the United States.

As the Wright Reverend spoke, I thought of Jesus when he explained to his disciples that Jerusalem would also be damned (plundered]; and when viewing the Temple area he said, not one stone would remain on top of the other.

And the followers of Jesus did not get angry with Jesus for foretelling what was to take place years later. Of course, his disciples were not sycophants of the Roman Republic/Republican Party either, were they? And after all, Jerusalem was plundered just as Jesus predicted!

Reverend Wright, in addition to reminding me of Jesus and the Prophet Jeremiah who had to give a similar prophecy to his own nation, also reminds me of the prophet Ezekiel. The latter was sent to deliver an unpleasant message to the refugees of Israel, and God told him, beforehand, they aren't going to listen टू you! He could have asked, so why am I being sent to give this message, but he did not? The Wright Reverend could have asked the same question, however, he did not ask why either, he simply gave the message!

And just as it was with Ezekiel [Ezekiel 33:30-33], many Americans are trying to hear what the Wright Reverend has to say of late, however, their motives are simply to laugh at, find fault or mock him। Noah experienced the same kind of behavior from his contemporaries, and afterward look what happened.

Kudos to Reverend Wright, he is a gentleman and a scholar! He is the one who ought to be running for President. Senator Obama should be ready in another 4 years from now - this whole experience, and the way that he ran away from his pastor tells me that he has a lot to learn himself about what happens when you tell the truth!
It makes you wonder, will he stand up and tell the truth, if he were to become President, or do the soft shoe, he has already demonstrated that he is a 'good dancer'!
Nobel Laureate Dr. Martin Luther King once reviled by many Americans is a celebrated American hero today. I suspect that in time, Reverend Jeremiah Wright will be also honored as an America hero. Keeping his safety in mind first, in my opinion we need men like Reverend Jeremiah Wright to speak truth to power more, not less!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon
Reverend Wright would make a great head of a newly founded international human rights umbrella organization, that would include human rights organizations from all over the world, including the USA!

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