Apr 8, 2008

The World's IV Reich: The World Should Thank Black Americans For Preventing It!

Our history has been one of opposites...,

The Rev responds to Skip in the Washington Post Blog:

And the world should thank God that America's opposites have been present in this land, in order to prevent America from becoming it!

With all of America's technological, economic advantages and the bomb; if America's opposites had not been here - a 100% white Aryan America would have become the world's IV Reich - its not far from that now!

By comparison what America has been doing in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Israel for that matter - would be considered child's play by comparison, if there had not been level headed individuals present to oppose America's past and present historical warlords in DC!

Even Hugo Chavez would be pledging allegiance to the flag instead of smelling sulfur!

You have lived in a racist state since you've been born (assuming that you were born and lived in the USA all of your life), why are you all of the sudden so fearful of Obama, when you were so comfortable with America's current and previous Presidents, many of whom were avowed racists?

Posted by: The Rev | April 8, 2008 6:57 PM

The Rev Re: The End of American Apartheid and the possibility of an America Nelson Mandela taking over: Senator Obama, or Hillary Clinton. That would be a good thing!

Having said that, the Rev is still supporting Ms. Clinton. That is correct Plainfacto, the Rev is voting for a white woman over a black and a white male! Now don't read anything into that, the Rev does not have jungle fever - she is simply the most qualified, the brightest and the one who knows best what America needs in my opinion!

And, I believe that it will take a woman to straighten out the mess that the ole boyz club has been making for about 300 years now, including the period prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence right up until now! A woman will focus on the needs of the American family!

Bush is destroying 'the American family', all 300M of us!

The Right talked about family values, yet they didn't do anything about family values - all they cared about was what they have historically cared about, WAR!

Hillary took the risk for Americans before when she fought for healthcare; Senator McCain on the other hand is taking a risk now, he is staking his career on WAR!

America needs someone to see about America. What good is it to defend America, if American implodes in the meantime?We need someone with the courage to risk their reputations, and to confront the internal problems that are facing America, as well as the Bush War!

Otherwise, General David Patraeus or some other General will be appearing before the Senate in Q1 2009, or over the next 100 years - explaining why we should ignore America's real problems and focus on occupation and war with nations that never bothered us!

Posted by: The Rev | April 8, 2008 6:37 PM

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon


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