Apr 6, 2008

America's Nelson Mandela: 1st Black President Obama Hussein?

The Rev responds to his friend and nemesis in the Washington Post Blog:


From where I am sitting, you were condescending and you did not state the facts. You simply provided us with your perception of the facts. Will you ever acknowledge this fact, that America is a duplicitous nation that frequently says one thing and does another?

Having said that, I do not want to destroy America; I want to make it better. However, can one make a patient better if the patient will never accept treatment?

America, a 232 year old baby nation, would rather pretend that it knows how to cure the ills of other nations, when it has never come face to face with what ails America.

And yes, the problems in the world are social in scope, and not only that, the USA is the precipitator behind many of the world's social problems! The other nations that you wrote about were simply reacting to American hegemony, interference and totalitarianism.

When America stops its misbehaviors, the majority of America's enemies will respond in kind!

When I refer to white supremacy, what I am saying is simply this. The majority of white Americans feel that they are superior to every other race on this planet. And, that includes whites in other countries who won't go along with the American vision of worldwide domination. Just ask Mr. Putin and others about that.

It is not just a black and white issue! Given that American whites believe that they are inherently superior to everyone else on Earth, they also feel that it is their inherent right to govern, exploit, manipulate and tell everyone else and every other nation what to do.

Have you ever heard the phrase, the white man's burden before? That is what I am talking about. White supremacists only want to live in a world where they are in charge.

When Saddam attempted to emulate the behavior of his white friends in America just over a decade and a half ago, both Saddam and his army was rebuffed and run away from Kuwait by the same nation, who subsequently did the same thing to his country, Iraq, nearly a decade and a half later.

Saddam was stunned at the time, believing that all he was doing was what the USA had been doing throughout its history, believing that the USA would look the other way. Boy was he in for a white supremacist surprise! He found out that he was not in the club after all.

As long as he was killing his own brothers in proxy for the USA he was fine in the eyes of America, and he was rewarded for doing so. However, invading Kuwait without permission from the USA was a no no! He should have contacted the folks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, they would have informed him that before they could assassinate their former President, Patrice Lumumba, that had to get permission first from the United States. The Belgians also had to get an okay from the USA, before the Congolese could assassinate their President!

Action is often predicated on belief, and that is the reason that the heinous and despicable unlawful behaviors of our nation towards other people and nations of the world, is such a common practice! It is to say that my way is the right way.

Other ethnics from around the world believe that they have a right to choose the way that they want to live, and to do so without interference from the United States of America. It is as simple as live and let live!

Again, how can a nuclear nation that is armed to the teeth, tell any other nation that you cannot have any nukes, and if you even pretend to be constructing a nuke - we will blow you to kingdom come?

America hasn't stopped interfering with other nations and people of the world (and lying about it); and it apparently never will. Yes, we give aid to some countries, however, we do so while simultaneously bombing and invading other countries. It is good PR, you know!

Until the USA stops meddling in the internal affairs of other nations and people; and until it stops trying to force its will upon other nations and people; and until it divorces itself from its white supremacist, selfish, power hungry and greedy values - there will always be reactionary violence against the United States.

That the United States frequently refers to other people and nations as terrorists and terrorist nations; those nations and scholarly individuals who are simply reacting to American hegemony, interventionism and interference; is as absurd as Hitler, if he could do so, referring to Russia, Great Britain and the USA as terrorists during WWII. Why? Because they responded to his misbehavior's and invasionist practices?

No one gave Hitler and the Third Reich the right to rule the world, and neither did anyone give the United States the authority or right to rule the world.

Be a patriot plainfacto; I am a patriot myself. However, I will continue to do whatever I can to correct the woeful policies that have persisted in my nation for all too long, just as I would do in my own family, if anyone misbehaved as badly as America has.

Finally, I will also do whatever I can to help to liberate the rest of the people of the world from white supremacy, and the white supremacist murderous policies of my own nation!

And they call themselves Christians, the same ones who attempt to appropriate and make the MLK message a part of their lore, just as they often do with the message of Jesus Christ! Ha ha ha!

Get ready for a change plainfacto, because in a couple of more decades, the white supremacists' fear that the minorities in this nation will be the majority will soon be upon us, and white supremacist policies will be done away with once and for all!

And in case you are wondering, it won't be placed with black or color - supremacist values, it will be replaced with justice for all people regardless of color, including whites!

Perhaps America's Nelson Mandela, Obama, its first black President will help to facilitate those changes before 30 years are up!

You my friend and nemesis have been served!

Posted by: The Rev

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon


Addenda: It is time for Americans to wake up, and to help
save those individuals around the world, who are
being slaughtered because of the unlawful
and venal practices of our own

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