Apr 7, 2008

Freedom From An American White Supremacist Agenda!

The Rev responds to Frank in the Washington Post Blog:

No. The comment I found most offensive was his "US of KKK" remark. I resented - as I suspect most Americans did -being implicitly associated with the KKK or it's ilk. Which is what Rev Wright was doing when he uttered that remark.
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Trust me on this, the majority of Americans know right off of the bat which group the Wright Reverend was referring to; and they know who they are. Customarily, they are self-identified!

How do I know how most Americans have reacted? I know that because almost half of America's citizens are non-white. And, many white Americans know that the Wright Reverend was not referring to them. When you combine those two groups, you have a plurality.

That plurality, understands that a KKK-style mentality still exists in America (last year it was 'nooses being displayed to remind black students where they lived)'!

Having said that, I still understood why you resented his comments. You must have felt like many individuals in the Third World have felt when our President, Vice President and others in America frequently refer to them as terrorists, enemy combatants, insurgents, sand nig's..., because they fight against an aggressive alien enemy aggressor?

Those individuals [in the Third World] know from studying American history that the white supremacists in America will take over a territory or nation, and kill and subjugate its inhabitants. Oops, America just did that [In Iraq], didn't it - regardless of what the majority of the world had to say!

Stop being so sensitive Frank. You may not understand it, however, black Americans are still fighting a battle against institutionalized and occasionally overt KKK-style racial injustice in America!

The majority of my friends are white Americans, we've lived together, shared our food and drank out of the same bottles - trust me, I know there is a difference and so does the Wright Reverend!

The Wright Reverend should have used the phrase 'white supremacist America'. The latter is more apropos, for it represents the agenda in America which black Americans and most Third World people are fighting against

White supremacy from a white Americans point of view is not being interpreted in the same manner as it is being interpreted by many of the sub-cultures that reside within America's borders, or by those who live abroad.

The white culture in America has always been the dominate majority culture [in America], and the government has always provided preferential treatment for the white majority over all of the rest of America's citizens. The KKKs in America are very uncomfortable, and they will do whatever they have to in order to hold on to that power which is slipping away.

Just like racist American supported South Africa experienced, white supremacist America may be about to experience its version of a NELSON MANDELA, America's first duly elected black President in the person of Senator Obama Hussein!

The USA is being transmogrified in a manner that represent the interests of all of its people, and there is a group in America that does not intend for that happen.

There are also other human beings in the world who would like to live without having white cultural values forced down their throats. Keep in mind, America represents about 5% of the world's population. I still respect you Frank, for you have a sharp mind!

Apologist for truth, fairness and understanding!

Posted by: the Rev

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon


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