Apr 10, 2008

Hawaii and Iraq: Both Once Free Kingdoms Deserve To Be Liberated from American Occupation!

Is there any chance of having Reverend Jeremiah Wright, 'the Wright Reverend' to speak at both the Republican and Democratic Conventions this year? What if instead he said, damn hegemony, racism, sexism, greed, invasions, occupations, renditions and duplicity, would that be more acceptable to the nation?

The Rev Responds to lmao & others in the Washington Post Blog!

We all make our own choices...,

Some choose to serve in the American armed forces and that is their right. Others choose to speak out against unjust wars and that is their right!

BTW, great documentary on TV early this morning juxtaposing America's current occupation in Iraq, and its century old occupation of what was formerly known as the free Kingdom of Hawaii.

When I was last in Hawaii, 9 years ago, the unpatriotic Rev had the same discussion with the locals there, the Benedict Arnold that I am!

The nations who have historically refused to acquiesce to American demands and domination, Cuba, formerly Iraq, Iran..., are instantaneously labeled as terrorist, rogue nations..., or enemies of the State, the United States!

Has anyone else noticed that none of those nations have ever tried to take over the USA - it is always the other way around. Er herm, so who is the bad guy?

Since the 17th and 18th century, it would appear that America still hasn't learned to live within the rule-of-law, or to respect the rights of other disparate people or nations of the world. Instead, America still insists on engaging in mischief!

It's good to have you back lmao; you and I always fight, however, I always pray for your safety as well as the safety of the innocent people in Iraq - who did nothing to America!

And for those individuals who don't like 'liberals', the principles that this nation was founded upon (tee hee) were supposed to be 'liberty', 'civil liberties' and freedom for all (white) people .

It sounds like a few of our respondents were absent the semester that liberty was taught in America's civics classes. The classes that I took said nothing about invasions, occupations, kidnapping people, GITMO, renditions, destabilizing governments...!

In the event that some of our respondents are functionally illiterate, were graduated anyway, or garnered a GED - liberal comes from the word liberty! Having said that, we know that many Americans do not actually believe in 'the principle of liberty' anyway. Liberals, those of us who fight for 'civil liberties' and 'justice' should not be ashamed!

The other side however, I wonder, what are they really fighting for? [Is it] Power, hegemony, supremacy, resources like oil? They certainly [ain't] fighting for liberty. Hmm!!

Posted by: The Rev

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon


Question: Just how many more nations will the American people
allow its government to topple, and how many more
innocent people will we standby and
permit our government and
the military to

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