Apr 6, 2008

Bombing & Burning American Churches, Bombing & Burning Foreign Nations or Their Mosques or Clerics!

Neither one disturbs American Christian White Supremacists! America has a historical legacy of burning black churches, killing black clerics and native American spiritualists; and of late, murdering Islamic clerics and attacking mosques. America's motto is: Burn, baby burn!

When the disciples James and John saw this, they asked, "Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven (primitive hellfire missiles perhaps) to destroy them?" (Luke 9:51-54).

President G.W. Bush operates today, with the same mindset!

Readers, I still cannot figure this one out, President George W. Bush's former Press Secretary Ari Fleischer indicated in 2003 that 'born again Christian President George Bush' not only deliberated before attacking Iraq, he also prayed over his decision to incinerate the people of Iraq with the full force of the United States Air Force and Navy.

On the occasion when God gave America's Commander-in-Chief the okay, God must have experienced a sudden bout of apoplexy given what he once told the disciples, the same God, which differed from what he told our President। Er herm, now why exactly would God give President George Bush permission to annihilate innocent men, women and children who had never done anything to Bush or the USA? And for that matter, why would God suddenly give President Bush the okay to supply Israel with bombs and missiles, as many as they wanted, to annihilate innocent men, women and children in the Christian nation of Lebanon?

It makes no sense, he didn't give permission to the bigoted disciples who accompanied him to Samaria, to burn down the Samaritan dogs. Mr. Bush would not 'mislead the American people', or would he?

Move over Wright Reverend, for there are a lot more of us who want to speak our minds. Consider the following, why is it that some white purportedly Christian Americans, have never had a problem with any of the following:

1). Confiscating other people's lands and resources, Iraq of late?
2). Taking control of indigenous people in occupied lands, locking up some & murdering others?
3). Enslaving the indigenous people of the land?
4). Molesting and having sex with the people of the land, men, women or children?
5). Destroying marriages, committing adultery?
6). Calling down fire from heaven on people who haven't done a thing to America?
7). Greed, duplicity, hegemony or outright hatred of people of different ethnicity?

What kind of Christians are these who claim one thing but do another, can anyone tell me? The answer is supplied in the question, they are not Christians at all, they only claim to be Christians! Political religion is the most dangerous kind of religion. And both fanatical Eastern and Western fundamentalism originates from the same source, religion being used in order to rally the people.

White American Christianity, is often nothing more than radical white supremacist religious fundamentalism, an extension of white racist core values! White American Christianity includes groups like the KKK, NAZIs, American white militia groups, Dominionists, Reverend Pat Robertson...!

Jesus said, if you love me, you would keep my commandments. I can show you, arguably, how that in 232 years a whole lot of folks in America, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Justices, Congresspeople, Senators, Governors, Mayors, Sheriff's, Teachers, Preachers and other Christian Klanspeople, have never kept God's commandments!

I wonder, how do you save lives by taking lives, and by doing so in such an egregious manner? American policy wonks have the uncanny ability of always rationalizing and justifying America's misbehavior, the same behavior that they will not tolerate from any other nation. They have been known to say in spite of their indiscretions: Well, those people are better off now than they were before. The truth is that they are better off!

Hitler, could not figure out how to incinerate as many lives in one day as Christian America incinerated in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, on separate days. Now keep in mind that Hitler was also an avowed white supremacists himself, just like many of America's white supremacists. Our white supremacists are smarter than Hitler was, they are polite!

What Spirit is President Bush, Cheney, the late Ronald Reagan or other Americans of, those who happen to be white and persist in the practice of 'killing other people (typically brown) by fire'? Perhaps this is the persistent or eternal fire that John the Revelator witnessed in his precognitive vision? Who knew that America would be the one to possess the FIRE POWER!

Are you getting it? Why did America name these missiles, HELL FIRE missiles? Could it be because that is just what America and its President wants to do, send other people to hell? When the President and those like him smile and say, we saved lives. I often want to say, yes you saved lives by doing the same thing to the people people overseas that you murdered, that you did to my ancestors. The difference being, this time you used a UAV instead of a rope!

At the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Centerville Virginia, ironically, adjacent to the Sully Plantation - America proudly displays the Enola Gay, the airplane used by the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) in the attack on Hiroshima, Japan on 6 August 1945. And prophetic America had the audacity to name the bomb, 'Little Boy', for that is exactly what they did when they dropped the bomb and murdered little boys, and girls for that matter!

America was been so proud of itself given its actions in Hiroshima and later Nagasaki, arguing that we saved lives". Well, tell that to the innocent people who were annihilated if you could - they didn't do anything to you. At the very least, the Japanese on December 7, 1941, attacked a military site, and not a civilian one! The Japanese attacked American warships, America said fine - we will kill more of your citizens. Americans were proud of their murderous accomplishment which ushered in the atomic age.

In contrast to what America has been doing over the past few years with the DPRK, Iran and Iraq of late, America would never allow anyone or any nation to keep it from creating the bomb in order to protect itself (smile). America's President was only too happy to inform Stalin that America had the bomb. Now get this, America's policy against exploration and creation of nuclear weapons originated, only after America had an ample supply of atomic bombs itself.

And the jury is still out on whether the USA gave the Russians anything other than what they had acquired, covertly, from the Russians, with regard to atomic weapons knowledge.

It wasn't long after the conversation between the two leaders that America dropped the bomb. Now that was a day that will live in infamy. Having said that, I know a few individuals who have never stepped foot inside of that museum, including the Rev. Why? Because that murderous piece of American flying technology that was used to deliver Little Boy, hangs prominently in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Centerville Virginia.

I met and conversed at length with the daughter of the other now deceased pilot of the second second airplane that sat on the tarmac at Vandenburgh Air Force Base in Southern California. If the first mission, with General Paul Tibbits failed, the second plane was prepared to take off to drop another hydrogen bomb on Hiroshima. No wonder America was wild about Harry! Are these American Christians who would go to their churches and synagogues on Sunday and enjoy the Eucharist, 'natural born killers'?

Have they become totally desensitized to killing, given the 400 years of murder, genocide and mayhem that the colonists and Americans alike, have levied against other innocent people; they haven't received any apparent comeuppance. Factually, these people don't give killing a second thought, when it comes down to killing people or developing technologies that will provide a larger kill? America is the number one weapons supplier in the world bar none! We will sell weapons, armaments and munitions to other nations, or we will give them to Israel!

Both America and Israel believe in the right to protect themselves, however, they do not believe that the same right should apply to other nations or people! And factually, America's weapons and the ones that it provides Israel with, are not protective weapons. Eight-thousand nuclear weapons on land and sea can be fired within 24 hours.

Individuals from the same American Christian Supremacists culture, were recently burning down black churches, and new housing starts near Marlboro Maryland. What kind of Christian burns down a Christian church? The same type that will burn down new homes that black people were having built. And why did good white Christian Americans burn down the housing starts for prosperous Americans in Maryland?

Well, once they were captured they said, we burned down the housing starts because they were being built by blacks. Folks, these people were not members of the Klan.

Folks, they admitted their Christian angst towards these prosperous black Americans (who were also Christians) who were fortunate enough to be able to have new homes built for their families to enjoy in Maryland. The same individual(s) who were helping to construct the homes were so jealous that they stopped building one night, and burned all of the homes down to the ground. And I suspect that after they finished the conflagration, they changed clothes, took the kids to soccer training, and later headed off to evening bible study.

They could have cared less about the extreme hardships that they created for those blacks who were now all tapped out. Many of these black families had sold their previously homes, and were waiting to occupy their new homes. Now, they didn't have any place to go! So what was it this time? These blacks were employed. Er herm, you're kind of 'damned if you do, and damned if you don't', based upon what took place just outside of the nation's capital.

If it bothers America having to have hear from a distinguished minister and serviceman in the person of the Wright Reverend who served in America's armed forces, you ought to hear what the rest of us have to say! Some people in white America, who claim to be Christians in America are nothing more than lunatics, savages, murderers and white supremacists - always were and some always will be from the looks of things!

And, a whole bunch in this group are members, pastors and leaders of white churches and other white religious organizations.

Now having said that, not all white people are white supremacists, in fact I suspect that most of them are not. But how about the kind of white Christian like the ones who on Sunday, September 15, 1963, placed a bomb in the the 16th street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama, and murdered four black girls, and injured many other individuals at church? These folks harbored the same spirit of their ancestors who murdered 'the Praying Indians'.

That's right, the killer Christian colonists handed the 'savages' Bibles, taught them about Jesus' love, took their lands and then murdered them too! Their last words to the slain savages was likely, 'Happy Resurrection Tonto'!

These people folks will not only burn down homes and bomb churches, they frequently go around the world, having invented a pretext, and eviscerate other human beings who haven't done a thing to them. And to boot, they will call the recipients of white American Christian injustice, terrorists! Yes, I took your land and your country they say, but what are you gonna do about it?

The culprits who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church were members of one of many of America's bigoted quasi Christian white schizophrenic organizations that operated themselves under the guise of being a Church or religious institution. May I speak my mind? How dumb can one be, who is so ignorant to invoke Jewish Scriptures, and claim Jesus, then admit to hating Jews. Hello, Jewish was a Jew. I know that most of these individuals were and are functionally illiterate, however, it doesn't require a degree to figure that out.

Bobby Frank Cherry and Robert Chambliss the weasels who planted the 19 sticks of dynamite in the basement of the church were members of the Ku Klux Klan, a group of cowards who still parade as Christians, and claiming to know [Jezuz Christ] the Jew. These people were and are schizoid if anything. Why schizophrenic?

The Klan, like too many other Americans who claim to believe in Jesus Christ and to be Christians, are a real piece of work. A similar typology, with respect to Christian racists in America has been all too common in the United States of America. I'm talking about individuals who would tell you that I find the Klan to be despicable. Yet, the other difference between them and the Klan is that they don't burn crosses.

Bobby Cherry, and Robert Chambliss, white of course, considered themselves and their friends to be good Christian men, despite the fact that members of their organization slaughtered the true 'Goodman'. And isn't it interesting that the kind of duplicity and confused values that they both shared (values, have always been a part and parcel to this nation's history in the land of the free and the home of the slave?

White policy wonks in Washington DC, who invented American foreign policy do not see any conflict with calling themselves Christians, while coming up with more sophisticated strategies that can be used to destroy innocent people - the President of the USA being their leader and champion.

Jesus turned and told his disciples, no you do not call fire down from heaven to burn up people who happen to see things differently than you do. Even if they don't like you, you don't burn them up, using the disciples Version of American Hellfire Missiles, to slaughter, maim other human beings.

This propensity to kill by any means necessary says a lot about what is in the heart of some white Christian Americans who by and large are responsible for formulating American policy. Americans, including Congresspeople who have proposed creating a Peace Department, that will work to understand and build better relations with disparate people and nations of the world, have met their stiffest resistance in Washington DC.

Some of you can't believe this, however, there are people in this nation who do not want the kind of peace that Jesus talked about to ever prevail. The peace that they want is the kind where America has beaten other nations into submission, while maintaining all of the advantages for white Christian American hegemonists.

Finally, the more lethal the weapon, bomb or missile that these Christians use, is of no consequence. These Christians, unlike James and John, Jesus' disciples, have the uncanny and desultory ability to rationalize murder. James and John did not call for a Congressional Debate!.

Again, Jesus turned and rebuked his bigoted disciples, just as he would have rebuked President George Bush, Bobby Cherry, and Robert Chambliss, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Bull Connor, Ronald Reagen, Stromg Thurmond (space won't permit) and all the rest of those who claim to know or have known his name since this country's inception. Question? What does America do with civil Rights workers, and those who fight for social justice. Well simply ask, if you could, Dr. Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Goodman, Cheney and Schwerner.

Wright Reverend, God may not damn America, however, God certainly must have a score to settle with some individuals in America that are asleep in the ground, and those which are still alive! America's policy of solving problems around the world by calling down fire from heaven tells me that American foreign policy is not much different from that of Jesus' disciples. There is one difference, Jesus rebuked them; America continues to develop more lethal fire power to incinerate its enemies!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon


Remember: Our theme - ought to be - to pursue different passions - for different people.

If Christian American was doing what it was supposed to be doing with America's bottled up wealth that inures to one class of America's citizens, poverty,
and everything that is associated with poverty, hunger, malnutrition,
poor health and dental care, homelessness, unemployment...
would be eliminated in the world in one day.

Why should the USA take care of the whole world they say. Simple,
you are trying to rule the world aren't you. If you
rule it and take from it, you have to give
something back to the world. The
wealth of the world was never
intended to be held in
the accounts of the

America's true Christians and secularists for that matter, all
need to join together and fight not only to protect
American citizens from the greedy robber barons
in America; we need to insist on reshaping
American foreign policy, so that the
senseless murder and exploitation
of people and nations overseas
will come to an end, even
if that means placing
some of our leaders
in jail!

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