Apr 9, 2008

Believers In The Rule Of Law - The Rev Educates!

For the work of our generation is nearly done. And fresh eyes are now needed.

The Rev Responds:
What a coincidence? I was living in the San Francisco east bay at the time, I may have been one of your protesters <(-:).

We are not that far apart Frank, and thank you for presenting objective reality this time around.

A friend of mine who happens to be black, was disturbed because her teenage son was enamored with Caucasian girls. Mom vented to me. She was very upset that her son would only date white girls - a subliminal rejection of black women, including his mom and other female ancestors, she felt!

I thought about it and replied, well, isn't that what Dr. MLK and the Civil Rights Movement was all about, a day when little black boys and little white girls...or anyone else?

I reminded her that Dr. King dated and was engaged to a Caucasian female himself, prior to marrying Coretta Scott King! If his family had not forbade it, the Civil Rights Movement would have had a bi-racial face on it - similar to biracial Nelson Mandela!

Don't get tired yet Frank, help fix the problem and it will go away. I also spoke with another very decent white gentleman like yourself in Great Falls Virginia. He also explained, I'm just tired of it, civil rights and racism!

Then he got back on the phone in order to seek redress against 4 different entities that he felt aggrieved by.

I pointed out to him that he had spent practically everyday that I knew him, addressing his grievances, and shouldn't other people be able to do the same?

I remind you again that our government (Federal, State and Local) gave preferential treatment to one class of America's citizens for over 200 years.

The net result has been one prosperous class of citizens vs. a permanent underclass.

Under Newt Gingrich's arrogant leadership and a 'Contract With White America', in the House just over a decade ago, Congress refused to apologize. Virginia the capital of the South, New Jersey and a few others have apologized and others are in the process of apologizing; even the Wachovia Bank has apologized for its part in underwriting the slave trade.

I cannot guarantee you that the problem will go away if the American government were to simply apologize, however, I can guarantee you that as long as we live, it won't go away if the government doesn't apologize!
Conservatives insist that they believe in the rule of Law (one of the customary planks of the GOWP - The Grand Old White People's Party), except when it comes to them.

There hasn't been any justice or restitution for the 200 year misbehavior of every branch of the federal government, or for state and local governments for that matter.

Having said that, I'm happy to see the kids working through what we have not worked all of the way through yet (because the government and the elites will not do what is right), something that we protected them from experiencing.

The Constitution and its accompanying Amendments did not promise that things would get better (most people say look how much better things are now). Instead, the promise was that all Americans are entitled to certain inablienable rights.

That promise was not kept and in many instances is still not being kept; we have a right to be aggrieved, inspite of the fact that those who claim to believe in the law, continue to ignore and break the law. We have the right to seek redress until we have prevailed - and we will!

Besides that, until the lesson is learned by the elites, the nation will continue to make the same mistakes with other disparate people of the world, just as it is currently making in Iraq, Pakistan and Iran; with the DPRK, Cuba, Nicaragua, Africa and with Hamas and Hezbollah.

Help to fix the problem Frank, and you will likely never hear about it again, and the world will be safer place for everyone!

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Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon


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