Apr 19, 2008


American Foreign Policy......
is based upon American moral relativism; that is to say that the survival of America and its ideals, moral and immoral, are tantamount and all that matters in the universal scheme।

The danger of republicanism (American style) is that incredible condigned power, as a result, has been transfered into the hands of a small number of individuals who can choose to use unlimited power (power sufficient to destroy humanity) in order to wreak havoc on others - even though the empowered individuals may lack compassion or the requisite understanding or knowledge to know when and when not to wield such power!

And depending upon their decision, everyone else becomes their potential victims - individual foes, other nations, citizens of the republic and those who are obligated to fight for or against those who wield the power of the republic!

What is happening to Iraq given the actions of those who are in power in America is that the nation and people of Iraq, the adjoining countries in the region, the American military and the American people are all powerless victims as a result of the power that has been placed into the hands of the potentiated in America!

Posted by: The Rev

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