Dec 27, 2010

Wanted: A President and a Congress That Walks on Two Legs Instead of One (Not the 111th) Part 2

A President and a Congress that work together ... continued

The wealthy, until G.B. and now Obama came along, have remained in higher tax brackets as a result of their superciliously high incomes, stock options ... And as a result, their particular minority group does everything that it can, along with the help of politicians, corporate lobbyists, shelters ..., to avoid paying their fair share of tax given their exorbitant wealth, income, bonuses, dividends ...

Now they will rightly argue, on the other hand, that they pay more taxes, incrementally, than the majority of taxpayers put together. And what they are saying is true, however, their share of the pie is exponentially higher, percentage wise than the vast majority of American taxpayers.

Here is a thought for the wealthy, why not just take in less and permit others who need more in order to survive, to earn more? And, as a result you will be taxed for a lesser amount, and you will still have gargantuan income, dividends, royalties, bonuses, wealth, houses, cars, airplanes ...? Hee hee hee!!!

Nah, that wouldn't work, you might have to give up a million dollar yacht that you seldom see anyway (I see them parked at Marinas in the Bay Area), or an estate or two that you rarely visit anyway. Sadly, at the same time many Americans are struggling to make ends meet and they are working 2 or 3 jobs in order to make it.

Now for the paupers who make, let's say $60K a year or less and can hardly make ends meet, imagine if as a result of the efforts of corporate lobbyists, your company or you personally came into a windfall or other nefarious and ill-gotten gain? What might you be doing if you knew that the tax man was on his way to take away let's say 30 or 40% of what you are about to or have just taken in? I guarantee that most of you would join the Republican Party and Uncle Mitch and Cousin John Boehner!

Most Americans do not earn 6-figures and therefore they do not have the same sense of urgency to avoid the tax man or skirt the tax laws (as they do), even though the ones at the bottom of the rung need (tax) breaks that could offset their tax burden even more than the wealthy who are at the top along with top wage earners.

Why? Because, they make less, are barely getting by while the cost of living continues to rise, wages are slipping and unemployment insurance checks won't cover the mortgage. I can still recall years ago when one of my expected paychecks was to be $15K for that 2-week pay period; I couldn't wait to, as the kids say in the hood, 'to get paid'.

Conversely, I almost fainted when I saw the take home amount. Folks, I took home just over $7K. And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't join the party of John Wilkes Booth, the Republican Party. Eek!!!

Here is something else to ponder before you join the other side, many of these wealthy moguls pay more in taxes than the average middle-class American will earn in a year, or intergenerationaly, in 10 lifetimes,
If you still don't get it, let me put it another way, they will earn and pay more in taxes than all of your descendants put together will earn in 5 or 6 generations after you are gone.

It is as Hegel once explained when referring to man’s inhumanity to man. He said that it was 'based upon ‘the ownership of property and the pursuit of power through class struggle! We can see what he referred to at work in America on a daily basis.

A hard-working American who earns a decent wage will still earn less than 2M in a lifetime.
Many of the richest Americans earn that much in one day, some in a week, others in a month and a few every hour.
How do they do it, did you ask? The fact of the matter is that they either make up the rules or control the individuals who do.

It's nothing new, and that is why they, by any means necessary, fought hard to take back control of the government from the Democrats, if just the House and the democratic President for now. On the other hand, while the average American man or woman works hard to earn their money, the ones who still can, the other side pays those in power, hires political lobbyists or garners political power themselves in order to inveigle the rules that will result in either them or their friendly accomplices keeping or acquiring an even larger share of the American pie.

Republicans, and too many Americans remind me of a man who lies to a woman in order to get what he wants, and after he gets it, she will still give him more of what he wanted even after she recognizes how he got it in the first place. And too many Americans, like the Republican's paramour, give the playboy Republican Party a pat on the back or butt cheeks for their witty seduction - in this instance, the democratic President!

In the latest version of the Obama-Reagan New Deal, America’s middle-class and former heart and soul workforce, will receive a one to three-hundred dollar a week unemployment insurance payoff check (for a year apparently). And the wealthy who claimed that they wanted to shrink the deficit, will continue to receive what they have been getting and promised during the Bush years, an extension.

They could care less about the consequential expansion, according to the GAO, of the deficit thereafter.
It begs the question: Where do Republicans and naive Democrats live at anyway, in Shangri-la, la-la-land or both at the same time?
The former appears to be true when it comes to voting, selecting or electing leaders. So where does that leave the rest of America? In my opinion, and to borrow a phrase from Dr. Collins of Human Genome Project fame, when he invoked the phrase “A Thinking Man': What action or inaction should a thinking man take or not take under the circumstances? And, what should he or she, for that matter, be thinking about?

I’ve been thinking, all the way back to 1980 if not before, that it was time for a new thinking man or woman to emerge and take front and center on the American political stage. For similar to what author Derrick Bell wrote about in his book entitled, ‘Faces At The Bottom Of The Well', that “if we keep doing what we have been doing, we are going to keep getting what we have been getting” with male leadership, in other words the same ‘old deal'.

I have got to 'give it up' to the Republicans myself, for they won the House back by using their same old tired yet tried and true tactics. And with a minority group of voters and cross-over democrats; by instilling fear in the shaky electorate along with subterfuge and obfuscation they got back what they believed rightfully belonged to them, control of Washington DC and control of the money supply!

Having said that, Republicans, you may have fooled some of the people, but you didn’t fool me! I am proud to say that I neither voted for Obama nor the other side during the General Election just over 2 years ago. Instead I voted my conscience.

And as a result, I have to give it up for myself and others like me, who saw through a political ruse from the beginning. Did I loose by voting my conscious during the mid-term election? Nay, we got rid of the Republicans who screwed up our state, and the rest of America ought to follow suit. These boys don't believe that you have to pay for what you get in the form of taxes.

Republicans aren’t that smart, they are simply smarter than the majority in the opposition. Besides that, too many Republicans at the top of the food chain are ruthless and without conscience, even the Buck-eyed one, a man who is seemingly adept at crying crocodile tears.

And in this latest iteration of political chess, they captured the king, the naive neophyte, save-the world, Nobel Peace Prize receiving acolyte and undercover Scotch-Irish brother 'President Obama'. You also dispensed with the rooks, mainly former democratic congress persons on the left. But you didn't leave it there, you throttled the Bishop, clerics from the left and finally the pawns (the obtuse non-Republican voter).

Mr. Obama is unlike former President George H. Bush Jr., a man who should have but never capitulated, although his dad, 'read my lips and no new taxes 1-term President George Bush Sr. did - and you got him for doing that'. Obama surrendered his position and that of his supporters without a fight. The latter makes him a poor general. But all of this would have provided great entertainment, except for the fact that the stakes were so high.

Factually, Obama was never up to the task of taking on Republicans, their vast Right-Wing Conspiracy subset, or dealing with the issues facing the nation, to my way of thinking. If anyone was ready, and I am not stumping, however, the 'female' who stood up to the vast Right Winged Conspiracy of Ronald Reagan fame, was Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

All of us know that she would have cleaned your clocks, as I would have done had I run. You were correct in inveigling independent voters to choose Obama over Hillary, checkmate! And as a result of doing so you got the queen, the one who would haven taken you down!

Factually, I believe that Obama was too obtuse to know that you were using him to knock out the queen, Hillary Clinton. He didn't understand that you folks would go after him, the much easier target after he was. By the way, how many 'political days', will you folks allow him to continue on as lame-duck President before you drop the final hammer on him? Will you be giving him 2 more years after all.

I have predicted before that erudite females are our hope for the future that is if the shaky Union is to survive the legacy of Ronald and his deal that has been resurrected in Mr. Obama, and often practiced by other male leaders. For now, why don’t we simply take down the stars and stripes over Washington DC, and raise the Red States of America flag.

It would appear that the majority of states in the Union, , aside from California, Vermont, New Jersey and a few more progressive states, has apparently been lost to a man who is both mixed in terms of his race and his politics.

Again, many Americans who believed that they voted for the ‘right man’ several years ago have discovered of late that they have been dealt completely out of the game in spite of their would-be champion. And as I mentioned before, for the foreseeable future many Americans will have to be satisfied with unemployment checks instead of employment checks – well, until time runs out in about a year from now. What then? Perhaps, the wealthy will begin to loan money to the rest of the nation, with interest of course, in order to make even more money. Tee hee hee!

The win that I am concerned about is not one that benefits the President, elected Representatives and a minority group of constituents. I am more interested in the one that does the most good for the majority of the American people. One that makes the latter purportedly look good, is not one that I will celebrate at the end of this year or any other one. Throwing the bums out of Washington would be a win-win, as far as I am concerned. Permit them to celebrate being unemployed for awhile as too many Americans have had to do since and before they held office!

On the other hand,
I am pleased to live in a progressive state,
where the Republicans who recently held power in this state, having promised to save it but instead nearly destroyed it, have all but one, been vanquished. Now that is something to celebrate about at the end of the year. Happy Days are Here Again in the great state of California...!

Peace & Grace

P.S. And if any of the other states in the Union would be interested in having either a rejected Whitman billionaire gubernatorial candidate; a failed mega-rich governator named Arnold, or a wealthy but used Fiorini to drive (or any other Republican that won't stay in Orange county where they belong), I know where you can get any one of the above for cheap. At any rate they really don't belong here in the Great State of California, not even in Orange County!

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