Nov 21, 2005

America: Do The Right Thing In Iraq

America is trying to decide what to do about Iraq. Its citizens are finally waking up, albeit with many of them for the wrong reasons. Some say, well lets cut and run. Some say, President Bush and Vice President Cheney, stay the course. Others are undecided. And some say lets construct a leveraged departure, Representative Murtha and others.

America cannot run, as far I am concerned. For what America can not do is walk away from the plunder and damage that it caused and initiated in Iraq. Lives were lost, lives were disrupted, people were maimed, a sovereign government in deference to the United Nations was toppled and the country is reportedly in disarray and apparently on the brink of civil war.

America can neither walk away nor pretend that its mission is anything other than what it has always been, hegemony and self-interest, not self-defense. And whether America stays or leaves, it must make restitution for the deleterious conditions that it caused in Iraq. America needs to do all that it can do to make this sovereign country whole. It will require resources that far exceed the Katrina Hurricane fund(s) and expenditures the direct input of the United Nations and other nations of the world.

Besides atoning to God, America needs to do the RIGHT THING now! I prefer what is best for this country. Several years ago I spoke with an associate. He justified America's incursion into Iraq by saying that Iraq had disobeyed the United Nations with its creation of weapons of mass destruction. Well I said, even if Iraq ignored the United Nations, did not the United States ignore the United Nations and other members of the United Nations Security Council [except those whose arms it had twisted] when America marched into Iraq? I said, isn't this the same thing, i.e., the moral equivalent of saying that Iraq disobeyed the United Nations Resolutions(s)? He was quiet.

Who gave the USA carte blanche to ignore all of the rules that it helped to create and impose them on other nations, as it makes forays itself into other sovereign nations?

Even if Iraq had weapons of so-called mass destruction, what gives the United States the right to possess one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world, and at the same time tell other sovereign nations that they cannot have any WMDs, and, if you get any we will come in and invade? Does that not make the United States of America, as I have explained to some, the number one terrorist nation in the world? Does anyone else believe that there is something wrong with this policy or position? Truthfully, my country for too long has acted like a rogue nation itself. And many Americans do not care as long as they have jobs, cars and money in the bank. Americans will look the other way. Proud to be an American? I am ashamed of America and you should be as well. Compare America's behavior with scripture and what do you get? Is America acting any different from the nations that Daniel referred to in his tome? And weren't those nations eventually neutralized or destroyed by God?

Folks we are living in the number one terrorist nation in the world. Consider its weaponry {the most WMDs of any other nation}, military [not defense spending], spying agencies (including the spy agency in its 51st state, Israel), its periodic circumvention and manipulation, at times. of the U.N.; how about the forays of the United States into sovereign nations, and historical removal of different heads of states in other sovereign nations like Haiti for example, not to mention its constant labeling, meddling and open threats to other nations like N. Korea and Iran, and lately China. Can anyone else see through this classic strategy of keeping its perceived enemies disarmed.

I have been visiting the Washington DC area for about 4 years now. One of the first things that I was told here about our government, particularly, Congress, is that it exempts itself from the laws that it imposes upon the rest of the nation. I soon found that to be true. What I am seeing with the USA and its foreign policy, is that it will exempt itself from rules and laws that it will force or help to force upon other nations or, cry when it does not get it way (for example in the UN). You cannot take an American Administration to the World Court can you? No, we have exempted ourselves, however, he will deliver other heads of state to the courts for prosecution, won't we? We will even topple those who we consider to be an unjust leader(s), however, will we subject our leaders to the same or answer for our crimes. The so-called war in Iraq in itself is a war crime and someone needs to be punished, for as one American once said, God's justice won't sleep forever!

Truthfully, my nation that I am a member of has had WMDs for years and every one knows it; not only that, America used those weapons. Depending on who you listen to the USA may have or have had anywhere from 14000 to 40000 WMDs in its arsenals. It has been reported that 6000 of these WMDs are active in submarines and in silos scattered around the planet today. The same WMDs can be deployed within in a minute's notice. Lets just say for the sake of argument that the USA has only one WMD. What right does the USA have to tell anyone else that you cannot have one WMD, as long as America has a WMD itself. Schizophrenic? No not from an Americans point of view. And I am sure that my comments will be considered unpatriotic. But the truth is America is spoiled and has pretty much always done whatever it wanted to do around the world, and domestically. And I don't see any signs of that changing in the foreseeable future .

Totalitarianism and hegemony by any nation, as far as I am concerned, is wrong. The USA has clearly tried to and imposed its will upon Iraq and the world, for that matter, for years, in deference the United Nations and other right-thinking individuals, it seems to me, around the world.

Now America must clean up its mess. And it will cost plenty. The USA must invite the United Nations and others in while it stands down. Its only role as I see it then is to support the peace as the people of Iraq determine their future, particularly a choice of government with the help of the real rest of the world. With respect to Saddam? He must eventually be released to the Iraqi people, once the United States is no longer forcing its will upon the people of Iraq. And the United Nations must punish and sanction the USA for its illegal and unwarranted foray into Iraq and inform the USA that there will be repercussions if it ever takes such an action again against another nation.

As I sat back by and watched American [terror-vision] for the past few years, I was appalled at the mitigated gall of the American administration, and the silence and support of the American people. It is incredible to me that a Christian nation can go around the world and force itself upon other people of the world, killing and murdering as it goes, and only a few protest against it.

You cannot force democracy on other nations and call it a true democracy or a representative government. Anyone who thinks so is [demo-crazy].

What is sad about many American who want to cut and run now, is that the reason many Americans want out of Iraq now, has nothing to do with doing the right thing. Their choices have nothing to with conscience, morality or a sense of right, rather it is because the war is simply costing them something in terms of capital, even American human capital. Other Americans are simply tired or bored with the whole thing. No lessons have been learned, and that is what scares me about this. That means that the same behavior will be repeated, by our Government and its people, in the future. For these same people will consent to the same in the future, for they have never learned that the right thing is other than what Americans decide is right for America or any other nation to do!

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