Jan 29, 2007

The American God-Head: Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield

Will George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, take the whole world down with them? How could the church support a ticket like this in the first place?

When other nations behave in the same manner that our government is currently behaving in, America always comes up with disparaging nicknames for those nations and their leaders.

I recall over the past two years, the Bush Administration critizing Mr. Putin of Russia for essentially doing the same thing that Bush began doing when he became President of the U.S.A. [Eat your heart out Putin and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, you guys can't do what George Bush can do and get away with it].

Thank God that the Supreme Court finally slowed Bush's quest to consolidate power in the USA and the world. Bush has neutralized the power of Congress for the past 6 years. And given his current tactical strategy, he is on the way to doing the same thing to the 110th Congress.

How? He is rallying his troops, and they are beginning to fall, slowly but surely, back into line. The Republican Congress is beginning to play an obstructionist role, some are already working to obfuscate any attempts by the congressional majority to check the power of the Presidency. They would not do their jobs and they are not going to allow the Dems to do their jobs!

The former Republican majority in Congress is mutating from a do-nothing majority in Congress, to an obstructionist minority in Congress.

The young people who are taking political science classes in college today should take serious note of what is going on in American politics in this epochal period in American history.

If unchecked, what is currently taking place in our nation's capitol will have significant and long-term ramifications with respect to the way that things will be done in the future by American politicians. I would argue that business will never be the same in government and politics in the future, given the sleaze factor that has been introduced by the current administration.

The combination of Rove, Delay, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfool, with the support of 50million or so evangelicals, have changed the political landscape forever.

The stolid Mr. Cheney has never waivered, he has made it clear over and over that he does not care what the American people, the Allies or anyone else thinks, he is joined of course by Bush and Cheney.

Four years ago I was in a debate in the nation's capitol with members of the Green Party. The subject, Who Is The Most Dangerous: George Bush or Dick Cheney? I argued that Bush was more dangerous (regardless of what Cheney was doing behind the scenes), given that Cheney could not get elected).

Who is more dangerous, the architect or the builder? I will let you decide for yourself. However, someone really needs to join me in praying for America and the American church?

Peace & Grace

The Reverend

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