Dec 24, 2008

It’s The Love of Money Stupid That is Causing America’s Problems

I do not believe, as one writer wrote, that the love of money is the root of all evil. Why? Evil was here long before money showed its ugly face. However, with regard to America's current woes, the real problem happens to be American values, which are mostly based upon the acquisition of wealth (and the problem of the emerging global economy).

Americans have had it good for a long time, and as a result Americans are not only spoiled but they have an expectation and a sense of entitlement that is second to none in the world. Americans are waiting for things to return to normal. But what ought to be the norm today, will differ greatly from tomorrow's norms, and from those of the so-called normal past.

I have noticed more and more that it is not only the corporate elite, nor is it America’s so-called gentry that are greedy. Greed is rampant in America, and it crosses every social economic line. Can poor people be greedy? The answer is yes. In America, even our poor people are greedy.

Poor Americans hoard as much as the rich, and America’s poor focus upon the acquisition as much as America’s wealthy elite does. Is it any wonder then that America’s poor would prefer that the basic ingredients of capitalism to stay in place, at least long enough until they get there share of the fading American golden pot.

In Proverbs 30 and 8 it is written, keep deception and lies far from me. Give me neither poverty nor riches; Feed me with that which is my portion. Poverty can be as destructive as an overabundance of wealth can be.

On the other hand, Godliness with contentment can be of great gain. America’s problem will never be resolved, in deference to interim short-term fixes. No, not only all of us are willing to accept the fact that we got up in the illusion, the American monetary illusion that we can someday be rich will things change.

Americans are depressed and despondent this year, and it is not because of crime. Americans are depressed given their love of money!

Merry Christmas
Rev. C. Solomon

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