Dec 8, 2009

In Light of Obamastan!

What must the people in Sweden be thinking now?

I tried to warn everyone who told me that they were voting for then Senator Obama, to become president of the United States, even though they had not sufficiently vetted him, that he was a wishy-washy recapitulator and a novice - but no one would listen. Eleven months later, some are conceding that my impartial analysis of the nascent President was in fact correct.

I wonder what the folks in Oslo are thinking about their decision to give him a Noble Peace Prize now, particularly, in light of his recent decision to follow the path of George Bush and Dick Cheney and prolong/escalate the unjust occupation of Afghanistan.

Does this contradict what I wrote before about the selection of President Obama when he was voted to receive the Peace Prize? Actually what I wrote before was that the people who voted for him were the winners of the prize in this sense, the people voted for for change. How can Mr. Obama with a straight face go and pick up the coveted prize. Factually, he has turned the whole scenario into one big joke. He has made the Peace Prize voters look stupid, and he has garnered the support of Republicans.

The latter should help to replace the support that Obama lost when he betrayed Democrats and Independent Voters. Thank God that members of the Congressional Black Caucus, led by the Honorable Barabara Lee of Oakland California, are beginning to see the errors of their ways when they changed candidates in mid stream!

The people in South Africa learned that by simply voting for a black President does not in anyway gurantee a change of condition, Mandela and Mbeiki apparently did there best, however, not much has changed in Soweto, Johannesburg, for the farmers or the rest of the county as far as blacks are concerned! What the world needs in terms of leadership is neither black nor white, instead the world and the people need competent and experienced leadership!

Mr. Obama is entitled to a learning-curve, but given the problems that are facing both America in the world, he should have gone to school prior to applying for the job of President of the United States of America.

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

to be continued.

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