Jun 5, 2010

Truth Beyond the Sacred Texts: The Convergence

Moses, And who shall I say [to the Israelites] sent me? I am, I exist...

Introduction: Understanding Teaching ‘The Convergence’: The Challenge of Modern Day Teachers

There are many definitions for the term, convergence. However, and in this context I prefer the Wikipedia’s definition: a convergence is the approach toward a definite value, a definite point, a common view or opinion, or toward a fixed or equilibrium state. In mathematics, it describes limiting behavior, particularly of an infinite …

Today’s teacher will be challenged to undo the damage that has been done historically, by sticking with elementary concepts that were okay to teach children with (like the Children of Israel) for far too long. Our predecessors found a way to define to their satisfaction what they knew that existed, even though they could not see it, define it or describe it: They simply experienced it!

Without understanding quantum physics, theoretical physics, thermodynamics, entropy, the theory of relativity, the space-time continuum, uniformitarianism …, our predecessors simply defined the God phenomenon or the unknown quantity as a spirit (dark matter perhaps?. In the Latin, spiritos referred to that unseen quantity.

Humans were taught and became accustomed to the idea of this mystical unknown quantity and they sought to observe IT and in particular, to worship IT via ritual sacrifice, blood-letting, singing to it, mysticisms, burning incense, oblations …

However, in many of their texts, different writers were known to write that the unseen entity was rather bored, as we mentioned in article 3, with ritual sacrificing, blood-letting, orchestrations … Again, in listening to Radio Talkshow Host, Ray Taliaferro the other evening, he expressed that night, as he has done on so many occasions before, why he does not believe that there is a God. In fact Ray expressed the sentiments of many an atheist/secularist and agnostic.

My answer to Ray’s many objections is this: The Convergence, never indicated or promised much of what has been taught in religious groups, I suspect. What exists, is, and it serves a purpose other than the one that humans have embellished. The unknown quantity has been accused of being many things that I suspect that it is not. And having said that, it does not diminish what it is in any way, manner or form.

I suspect that we need to review and correct the historical fabrications and move towards understanding, so that we can be one with the knowable, but currently, unknown quantity. Many an individual has been disappointed when an individual that he or she had known, failed to live up to their expectations, for example a spouse, a child, an employer, a citizen of state ….

The disappointment is often the result of an individual, spirit or other that fails to fulfill a need or desire, or to live up to expectations. Oftentimes, needs go unfulfilled, simply because the person or thing is incapable of doing so, or simply because it is not the makeup of the individual or object of scorn to fulfill such a need, desire or purpose in one's life.

If God for example, as Ray Talioferro and others refer to IT, does not cure cancer, prevent wars, change the status of those who are members of a permanent underclass..., does that reduce the unknown quantity in any way? I don’t think so. I suspect that we humans, who believe in God or a God equivalent', are often disillusioned because the entity does not behave in the manner that we have been taught to expect, even though suspect teaching may be the actual culprit.
And factually, the best way to eliminate cancer, wars, social anomie, pain ..., would be to eliminate humans altogether.
Is that what Ray and others really want?

On the other hand, if what we are looking for is real and it simply exists as a convergence, it is still great and it still fulfills its assigned purpose, and is not diminished in any way because it does not fulfill the machinations of the human imagination.

I have never heard a human declare that God does not exist because an animal got sick or died. Most humans simply accept the death of animals and other species as part and parcel of life. On the other hand religion and sacred texts make promises that they cannot keep. I can still recall a group that was very prominent in America in the early 1900’s, The Church Triumphant.

This group promised its followers, that they would never die a physical death. And like the Apostle Paul who believed that he would be alive when the Rapture took place, many of these individuals did in fact die. In fact, some members of this group, when they became sick after all and were facing death, they finally made their way to a local hospital and sought help

Does that make any of these individuals false prophets? I wouldn’t go that far. For on the other hand, they simply believed, misconstrued or overstated and idea that they believed in. And, perhaps they were correct and those of us who still depend on evidence are misguided.

Why a Convergence? Whether God (to take in all God’s of all religions and sacred texts) evolved itself, an idea that infuriates most religious individuals when it is mentioned. Yet, it makes more sense that God or The Convergence itself had to have come from somewhere. Even man, according to ancient Hebrew Texts, was constructed by something that preceded him and her

And what is it, more than 2 part time and 3-parts space, or is it the definition of time, relocation in space? Or can it simply be, although bigger than you and I, all of what came together to create the conditions that led to what we know as a Universe, and that allowed for the conditions to become as such that there is what we know as a universe, life (animal and human) …. Is it possible that there aren’t any spirits, and that would explain why we haven’t seen any spirits.

Or is spirit something other than what it has been defined as being? Consider the Convergence’s life-giving aspects. They are conditional I suspect. It is possible that humans, simply embellished the truth, or simply came up with a very good explanation for that they could not explain.

A force that without cause, called upon ITself or its other pre-human scientific counterparts, the other parts of the God-head to create humans in their own likeness and image, could possibly be a manmade invention. At the very least, it sounds fishy to me.

The other reason that a Convergence makes more sense is because humans have added so many attributes to the anthropomorphized super being, of which we at times refer to as human and at other times as non-human. What is its composition? The grass, the elements, the microbial organisms, verifiably, cannot exist without the convergence. As a result of the Convergence we exist, and apparently outside of it, and away from our assigned habitat, we wouldn't exist any longer. And still the Convergence does not prevent atrophy, entropy, aging, reproduction and replacement.

Can We Know The Convergence: I suspect that the answer is a long and overdue simple yes. And I suspect that it would not require speaking in tongues, sacrificing blood or jumping through hoops. These methods satisfied our predecessors. However, a simple scientific answer might suffice. For example, perhaps Carl Jung and others were on to something when they studied human sleep and dream cycles. Perhaps the idea that we dream ourselves into existence is more significant than we give credence to.

That we walk around in an awakened state may be less important than the actual sleeping state. Individuals with psychic abilities have tapped into dimensions that most humans have been taught to disregard. Most sacred texts, have story after story of individuals who have had similar experiences.

What if we were to remove the mysticism from the psychic dream state? What if we valued the idea of entering into a ‘dream temple’, in order to connect with clarity with the Convergence? Is there such a thing as channeling, minus the mystical, that might have meaning? Am I talking astral projection? And, is that what Jesus did from time to time, astral project?

Most religious individuals, psychics, gurus …, simply connect with something when they simply switch to the proper channel, a channel which most of us have been taught to fear. I know of individuals, who would probably prefer not to be mentioned in this context that have turned to the right channel and observed things that individuals rarely discuss in public forums. Why? We have also been conditioned to suppress the more esoteric, even though most individuals believe in a spirit God!

I have switched to certain channels in my lifetime that have resulted in my seeing things or learning about things days, months, weeks and years before they occurred. And they did in fact occur, just as I saw them beforehand. Why did former humans experience mystical and today we view these mystical experiences, which are likely a part of our makeup, as something passé.

When I come back, I will add more, however, I suspect that we are going to have to, all religious teachers, go back to our audiences and say this: We taught you before that the sacred texts that we utilized were inerrant, however, we were apparently in error ourselves. Why? Because we simply failed the origins of the texts and the composition of the sacred texts that we taught from. Many ministers already know this, but they are afraid to come back to their congregation and repeat what I have just said. And it is hard to do when you taught before, that what you were teaching was the truth, the whole truth and nothing else but the truth.

And now, we have to say that we have a better understanding? They have a better understanding ourselves than we had before. So what’s up with this Reverend? The answer is simply this, and I repeat: It was never my intention to become religious, as many have done, in the first place. I was simply seeking to find the truth and to live my life in compliance with what was actual, factual and real. And to be frank, I haven't abandoned that ambition. We have a lot more to lean, and the lesson learned is that we should never restrict our quest for the truth to a single source.
And to the ones of you who say, I don't trust you, my answer would be good, and now do some more research yourself!

Again, our predecessors knew nothing of a space-time-continuum, dark-matter, worm holes, black holes, fusion, entropy ..., they simply explained things as best as the could with the knowledge that they were limited to and permitted to have at the time.

Have they led us towards a definite value, a common view or opinion, a fixed state of equilibrium? I think not, yet I believe there is one, a Convergence!

Rev. C. Solomon
To be amended, corrected and more on this …..

And Ray T: If humans were in synch with the Convergence, I suspect that it is likely that humans would discover what it takes to cure all diseases, and there wouldn't be any death.
On the other hand, to continue with things as they are, as you have pointed out, who would want to continue living with the frustration that you have so eloquently expressed?
The bottom line is that it is time for us to look elsewhere, for religion alone, religion teachings alone and sacred texts alone ( along with the ones who teach the texts) are failing us, miserably!

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