Oct 6, 2011

The American Black Janjaweed and The Re-Elect Obama Presidential Election Campaign

Picture on the Right: Current and former members of HOP: The Outdoor Citizens Coalition and Think Tank Of Santa Clara County California.

The American Black Janjaweed: That is how I ended up referring to black Americans, to their chagrin, who attacked me during the run up to the election in 2008, given my refusal to support or vote for the young neophyte, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, to become President of the United States of America. In fact, another African nationalist, who was living homeless in the country at the time, I might add,, referred to me as a gradualist, (in other words a person who was saying that it was not time for a black to be President of the United States yet).


He also completely ignored my rational for taking the position that I did at the time about the young neophyte candidate, U.S. Senator Barack Obama Hussein. For me, it didn't matter who it would have been at the time, I would have said the same thing to or about them, if they were where he happened to be at that stage of the learning curve. Why? Because after engaging in extensive research about the young 'inchoate wanna be candidate', his policies, his capitulations and his mostly lack of experience and knowledge at that time, I was confident that he had not done enough to prepare himself for the job of being President of the United States of America, even though his heart was apparently in the right place. I suspect that any one of us has overreached at one time or another in our lives.

Approximately 4 years later, I still find myself fighting with remnants of the black Janjaweed in America, in this context, 'blacks who attack and kill other blacks', for economic and political reasons However, my prediction of 4 years ago, that it would take the neophyte, President Obama, roughly 4 years to come up to speed, in order to be a capable and effective President has been confirmed.

Nearly 3 years later, and having gained the experience and understanding that he needed before taking on the task of an Executive, he is starting to come into his own. At this morning's White House Press Conference, there appeared to be 'A Raisin In The Son'. Apparently, he has learned how, no more Mr. Nice Guy and Gal, Washington DC works. And as a result, he has begun to speak truth to venal American power brokers on the Right, and appears to be ready to steer the ship into a different and a better heading.

If he will do the following:

  1. Correct the juvenile mistakes that made before, with respect to enforcing the unfair and unsavory aspects of American domestic and foreign policy, that invariably end up unfairly favoring one group or nation over another, (specifically when either of the two are simply seeking what most Americans are seeking after, freedom, self-determination and equal access ...

  2. Continue to push back against the sophisticated but venal counter-forces around the nation in our nation's Capitol (in the manner that he spoke out to Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and the Republicrats this morning) and other individuals on the Right (and Joe Lieberman) who love to foment war, domestically and abroad, or could care less about freedoms and equal access by disparate people in America and around the world.

  3. Rebuild relations with individuals and groups that the other side may not care for, including the Wright Reverend and others, that he should not have discarded before, who shaped and stood by him, simply because members of the dominant culture were coming over to his house, get it?.

  4. Stop striking out at blacks and other suffering people, because he is frustrated with his white nemesis' on the Right, who are the actual 'complainants' in this nation, even after he has compromised with them for nearly 3 years now, and to no avail. They will never be satisfied!.

  5. If , when, and wherever he goes to town, take a detour from hobnobbing with the rich and famous, get out of the limousine and speak with 'outdoor citizens', homeless people ... about their concerns. And, please stop having, 'citizens of the USA, who are entitled to all of the rights and protections of the Constitution of the United States swept away from the streets, 'their homes', because their Presidential leader is in town.

  6. Stop the ignoble murder of freedom-fighters in this and other nations of the world in the name of venal American hegemony, Southern white supremacy and economic exploitation. Remember, these are individuals who are simply doing what most black Americans, including him, have had to do in terms of the fight for full justice and equal access to the opportunity structures of this nation...

  7. Stop being a puppet in the hands of the venal right and stand up for truth and justice like MLK did, even if it costs you.

I can sum up everything that I have written in a few words, “simply fight for justice for all people, even white people', in and around the world. For as a black American, it is not enough for me to say these words, that the President of the United States is black, and therefore, I will vote for him. I don't care what color the President happens to be, however, the President, whomever it turns out to be, ought to stand up and fight for freedom and justice, and manage the country with all of its citizens in mind.

Then, and as far as I would be concerned, I would be pleased to not only vote for the current President, I would also register and encourage others individuals to do the same. It has been years since I have been a Deputy Registrar. The President should remember that he had a mandate, and that most Americans and the world were with him.

In fact, he can still get the majority of them back and trounce the venal Republican agenda once and for all,if he would remember and take charge of what was 4 years ago, an American styled world-wide People's Revolution. The latter could result in yes, a New World order, that would mean new friends for the United States, the cessation of hostilities around the world, renewed peace, trade, aid and cooperation around the world (even between nations that were once considered hostile or were hostile to each other). .

The young neophyte President Obama stumbled before, however, he does not have to remain there, stuck in primordial mud. He stumbled before, however, he can get light the fires of a peaceful worldwide revolution again, if he were to stop doing business as usual. And this time around, he will have on board individuals who before, like me, that were skeptical of the leader of the of currently diffused Revolution.

We will see if the nearly 3-year old President, understands where he stands in terms of history, a person who has the ability and with a bit of courage, to change not only America's, but the worldwide landscape, to include support and participation from the emerging nations of the world. Imagine, America, China, Russia, Cuba, Bolivia, nations in the Middle-East, Israel, Syria … all friends and trading partners, and the end of control by Southern Strategist''s, that will become a part of America and the world's historical past.

When they are divested of their racist and less than connubial power, the whole world can come together, I believe, and there will be peace in the world. Southern strategists, to include many Republicans don't want that, they want to dominate the world, its resources, its islets and its terrain and its people.

The question is does the emerging President Obama, understand where he is or could be, in terms of his place in time as President of the United States? And if the American people will wake up, those who are in slumber, the will understand that with the right motives, we can have peace, and we will no longer have to sacrifice our sons and daughters in the name of American greed and non-cooperation by the greedy American.

Peace & Grace

All of us together, can make a difference: America is the seed that can harvest justice in America and around the world!

Picture above are a few independent outdoor-citizens in the region, who are working, instead of waiting on Washington DC, in order to improve their lives, and those of other people in and around the world!

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