Apr 25, 2007

Failure of Proposed American Policy Solutions: Regarding Iraq

The problem with most every scenario that has been presented so far from the west...!

Each scenario has been designed in one way or another to satisfy a narrowly constructed western-centric world viewpoint, that includes America's vision for Iraq and the M-E.

  • Each solution proposes or implies that the U.S.A., even if it removes the majority of its troops from Iraq, will ultimately be telling Iraq and other M-E nations what they can and cannot do. The latter includes no future construction of WMDs.
  • Westerners are incapable of of postulating a viable solution for Iraq that does not take into consideration the needs of the west more than that of the Iraqi people and other Middle Easterners.

America (the current Administration) insists on its vision wherein America dictates and controls the destiny of Iraq and the M-E in one way or another, even if it means murdering every man, woman, boy or child in order to accomplish its nefarious objectives. It is America's latest form of slavery with one caveat, the slaves get to remain in their indigenous homelands this time around.

In the short-run, some of the proposed strategies may make it possible for the U.S.A. to cut and run from Iraq, even #43's strategy, and permit America to save face. However, and in the long run, Iraq will require a long-term viable solution designed to meet the needs of the Iraqi people and its neighbors. The latter will include the security of the Iraqi people and protecting Iraqis, in particular, from whimsical interventionist aggressor nations like the United States of America.
The West will not help Iraq for sure in that regard; for any such consideration in that regard would be in contradiction to the unofficial American policy of world-wide hegemony and interventionism. The U.S.A. would stop any western nation that would attempt to help Iraq to seek true autonomy.


  1. Admit that we were wrong for invading Iraq in the first place.
  2. Leave Iraq and turn Iraq over to God and the Iraqi people, allowing the Arab league, the United Nations or other entities to step in and help the country get back on track; and yes, allowing the chips to fall where they might fall.
  3. Do something that we did not do post-Vietnam, learn our lesson!

And what is keeping us from permitting Iraq to find its own way? Answer: Those white supremacist Americans (not all whites) who would have to forfeit their perceived god-given right to have their way in Iraq and the middle east, (if not the rest of the world) and to dominate!

It's really that simple, the Americanos should get out of Iraq and begin paying reparations, and as an act of penance, we should give them, gratis, a few of our many WMDs!

Peace & grace

The Rev

P.S. "Truth forever on the scaffold, and wrong forever on the throne...". Folks, we must do something in order to prevent the world from being subjected any further to what it is being exposed to now, a mad man American President who purports to be a Christian, who is wreaking havoc on our fellow human beings in the middle-east under the cover of the American Christian church!

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