May 1, 2007

And Still We Are Not Saved

According to Mr. Tenant, persona non grata, who spoke on MSNBC and elsewhere over the weekend, terrorism never left America; there have simply not been any major terrorist successes since 9/11 in America. Should that give us comfort?

Based upon George Tenant's explanation(s), there are terrorists and terrorist cells operating in the U.S.A. right now (he would not elucidate as to how many there were). He went on to say that numerous terrorist plots in the U.S.A. have either been averted, or simply not carried out yet-- many would be terrorists are being monitored.

So is it the war in Iraq that quelled the violence, or good FBI/police work or terrorist timing, that has halted terrorism in the USA over the past 5 years? There is little evidence to suggest that anything that Bush has done, given his unjust war on Iraq, has done anything to stop terrorism in the U.S.A.

#43's smokescreen used to inveigle the American people into believeing that there have not been any terrorist attacks on America's shores as a result of the war in Iraq is a ruse. Bush has America and Americans looking the other way, given his sleight of hand. Just consider, for example, the length of time in between the first attack on the WTC and the 9/11 attack. The major attacks come on an incremental basis, at times with a decade in between. The primary organized attackers appear to be extremely patient.

So do body counts in Iraq, a country that had not bothered us, matter? No, because there are new people and replacements being born every day who will fill up the ranks. And the problem that we experienced on 9/11 and before, arguably did not come from Iraq in the first place. #43's incompetence kind of reminds me of D-Day when the paratroopers were scattered 60-90 miles away from the fight.

Poor #43 has wasted time, lives and money fighting an unjust war in another theater, while the momentum, strength and might to attack America is being planned, I believe, elsewhere. If Bush were to have killed every camel, man, woman, boy and girl in Iraq and completely destroyed Iraq's military infrastructure, it would not stop future terrorist attempts or attacks, of the kind, that are still going on in America and have been going on throughout the Iraqi war and before. We should at least give credit to where credit is due, the FBI and American law enforcement with help from the CIA if anybody, has prevented terrorism in the U.S.A. over the past 5 years. Er herm, John Kerry was right!

My own 'country tis of thee', has not stopped its own tyrannical and terrorist practices against other nations, the church is even willing to look the other way when it comes to American mispractices. America wants its perceived enemies to change their behavior, however, America refuses to change its behavior. We have got to eliminate American terrorism as well as American hegemony and double-standards around the world before the world is going to consider making any changes. In the meantime, America cannot kill everybody, or can it?

The harvest is truly past, the summer is ended, #43's war is still going on, and we are still not saved, and possibly a half-million lives have been ruined or lost since Bush began his war on Iraq, not terror. If he truly made it his goal to stop the war on terror, he would begin right here in the United States. Will the people of God ever awake from their slumber and help to stop this madness, and the spirit of murder? How many Christians will remember to pray and ask God to stop Bush during this week's national prayer convocation?

Peace & Grace,
The Rev

P.S. Today Bush vetoed the bill that was passed by Congress which would have permitted him to continue 'his war', with funding, arguably for another year. However he clearly wants to continue his illegal occupation into perpetuity or at least until January 2009 when praise God he will be out of office.

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