May 3, 2007

The Obstructionist's Republicans Contract: A Construct With Themselves!

Two things have not changed over the past 6 years, the obstructionist executive branch in Washington DC persists in its campaign of subterfuge and magic thinking, and the obstructionist wing of Congress (the Republican portion of Congress) stands pat at resisting any resolution to solve the stalemate in Iraq that is or has been offered by the Democratic majority in Congress, the United Nations, America's allies or the rest of the world.

  • The Republicans are doing now what they have been doing for the past 6 years and longer, I call it keeping their 'Contract With The Mindless Ideologues in the Republican Party'. Republicans can't pretend to have a contract with the American people any longer. In lieu of their former 'Contract with America', Republicans have replaced it with an unspoken compact made among themselves and within their own ranks, which they consider to be the proper American policy towards Iraq and the rest of the M-E. According to all of the recent polls, an overwhelming majority of America's citizens do not agree with their their prolongation of the American-inspired unjust war in Iraq.

  • As is often the case with Republicans they don't have solutions themselves, as one of their own a former cabinet member in the Reagan Administration Attorney General Edwin Meese confessed at an affair sponsored by the Stanford University Law School in the mid-1990s that I attended. Even late Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, one of the founders of the modern conservative movement once chastised his own Party, prior to his demise, for being obstructionist.

Given these two problem areas in government, the directionless violence in the M-E persists and the needless body count continues to rise, not to mention all of those who have been injured and displaced.

As much as I hate to say this, wouldn't it be great if those individuals who continue to advocate for the prolongation of the fiasco in Iraq (the Bushtanistas and other sycophants) could, along with the individuals and their families who continue to be victims of #43's legacy war, exchange places. This group who believes in murdering innocent people and continuing an unjust war, I am certain, wouldn't mind dying or risking injury to themselves or their loved-ones! So why won't all of them go over and exchange places with the innocent suffering and dying in Iraq, and prove themselves to be the heroes that they pretend to be here in the United States? I suppose that pontificating is a much simpler exercise.

Every death up to now and each one that will follow in Iraq from this day forward are and will be a direct result of the policies of obstructionism in the Executive office and the former and the current Republican minority. Some try to blame the so-called liberals, and others attribute their own failures in Iraq to the former Clinton Administration for the debacle in Iraq. And they are doing so despite all of the evidence on record, which demonstrates that the Bush administration had been inundated with information prior to 9/11 warning them that a terrorist attack was imminent. However, the information was summarily ignored by #43 and his Republican administration.

And as a consequence of all of the intelligence information that the Bush administration received prior to 9/11 (the truth has come out), even today's most staunch conservatives have distanced themselves from the current policies of the Bush administration. They also criticize his reasoning's and those of his neocon accomplices for taking the country to war in the first place. William F. Buckley and George Will, are only two of the names that come to mind.

I say to the Republicans in Washington DC, that you are obstructing the will of the American people and turning your noses up at God's word, the rest of the world and America's historical allies. How dare you folks expect the military to be subject to civilian rule (yours and #43's), when you folks will not yield to the will of the American people yourselves? And how dare you expect us to respect you in your offices when you do not respect the rule of law and the will of the American people? Sadly, by doing so it wouldn't bring any individuals back that have been needlessly slaughtered; however, I pray that at some time in the near future you folks will develop a conscience and fulfill your responsibilities given your once honorable positions of responsibility in a representative democracy.

Are you aware that people are dying as a result of your and #43's recalcitrance, inertia and willingness to play politics with people's lives? Are you past caring about human life? Rather than permit Republican Party politics or the PNAC to be your guide, how about allowing Jesus Christ, the scriptures and the Holy Spirit to be your guide? For as the scriptures have taught us, "...there is a way that seems right to a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death". And death and dying is all that we have been seeing as a result of doing things the way that this administration, supported by the Republicans (religious and secular) have been doing them. God knows that these people have zero interest in the will of the majority of the American people, who they are supposed to be there to serve!

Conservative Republican ideologues need to replace their Project for a New American Century (PNAC) with one that is realistic, God-centered and humane instead of the Amero-centric policy, in its current permutation, that they have created and adopted themselves to; it's called hegemony. And it ignores the rights, priveleges and needs of the rest of the world. Look where listening to Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield, William Kristol, Richard Pearl, Paul Wolfowitz, the Christian Right and others have brought the nation within the past 6 years alone.

There are a lot of dead bodies in their wake whose deaths need to be atoned for in America. And their deaths are a direct result of the desires of Republicans who want to destroy Iraq and control the world. This latest plan has been under construction for about 30 years now. Well, they finally did it given the unqualified leadership of #43. And look what harm they have done and are still doing in Iraq, to America and the world!

Rev. C. Solomon
Peace & Grace

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