Nov 6, 2008

A NEW DAY: Rev To the Faith In Action Blog

The highlight of my day, following the election of the nascent Senator, resulted from listening to a southeast Asian woman express her joy over his election success. She proudly proclaimed that she voted for Senator [Ohamba]. I suspect that there are a lot of people in America and elsewhere who might not be able to correctly pronounce his name, however, they realize what an Obama candidacy will likely represent to most people of the world.

I haven't seen black Americans express as much elation, not since OJ Simpson was acquitted in the infamous trial of the century. I am pleased to see how infectious the election of Senator Obama has been for so many disparate people in America, the Americas and the rest of the world, not only with black Americans.

A month or so ago in Richmond California, I debated an Obama supporter on the topic: Racial Politics in America; it was a very heated debate. Since 62% of President-Elect Obama Hussein's support came from white Americans, I suspect that now he will agree that my position about where portions of the country stood with respect to race was correct. And more importantly, hopefully, he will address his own issues with racism.

Black Americans, and those individuals from other races who joined in with us in the struggle should feel proud for without the help of the government and many establishment churches, we have made significant progress in the past 50 years alone, when it comes to the struggle of mitigating racism in America.

Having said that, I would be dishonest if I were to imply that I voted for Senator Obama, I did not, and having said that I did not vote for 'I am not my brother's keeper [Cain]', either!

Rev. C. Solomon

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