Nov 6, 2008

Oprah [President-elect Hussein] and the American Media Wars: Oprah Won!!

I was beginning to wonder what we would have to do in order to counter the growing number of fascist conservative republican radio and television talk show hosts, individuals who have been blanketing America's airways with venal rightist Republican propagandist rancor; and along comes Oprah! Will a fairness doctrine work?

BTW Oprah, is Gayle single? Hmm baby!

Oprah, without firing a single shot across the media bough, defeated the likes of Rush Lintball, Sean [Insanity], Savage Michael, Gone Gordon Liddy, Arm-weak Williams and Bill 'I just love myself' O'Reilly, Glen [Peck} to name a few, combined. And, she defeated them with a single Obama stone.

All of these individuals over the years leading up to the culmination of this year's Presidential election, have been doing all that they could do apparently to keep the fires of racism burning in America, apparently hoping for racial Armageddon in America.

The moment that Senator Obama became a serious presidential candidate, then this propaganda media Klan-group all Republicans and mostly friends, went feverishly after him. They sought to destroy him, his former pastor, his family and his reputation. And by the way ,America owes The Wright Reverend a debt of thanks for his 2-decade long shaping of America's most recent favorite son; you did a great job Reverend Wright!

All of these jaundiced mostly millionaire media moguls who make a living selling hatred, were defeated by a single black woman who of all places originated from the south! In fact this black woman from the south defeated the confederacy; even Virginia, the former capital of the South fell Oprah's when the citizens of the Old Commonwealth voted for President-elect Obama Hussein!

For decades now, these media fascists that have been protected by their First Amendment right to free speech and of the press, and have been busy at their craft. In my opinion taking advantage of their First Amendment right. But who is this woman Oprah?

I am beginning to look at Oprah differently of late. When I attended this year's commencement exercise earlier in the year at Stanford University, I was not at all impressed with Oprah's keynote address; she has given better speeches than that. On the other hand, given her success in this year's election cycle, I have to wonder what power is working in this woman's life.

And just as the Hussein family would never have imagined it, I suspect until recently, that they would be America's number one family, Oprah I suspect never imagined that she would elect a president and defeat a group of neo-con media hi-tech racists!

Oprah has risen from poverty to become the most successful media person in America and possibly the world, and she has almost single-handedly elected a Scotch-Irish black man to be President. Frankly, she has done in a few years what the civil rights movement could not doing 5 decades.

Oprah Winfrey has proven her strength by defeating the daily clamor of the daily clamor, rancor and propaganda of all of the anti-American syndicated talk show hosts combined, and while doing so she elected a President. I have been arguing with males and females alike that the Sovereign is reintroducing the feminine principle, and by doing so he is bringing balance back into the world. This is a worldwide phenomena that is taking place.

Pandora's jar has been opened, and females will never permit themselves to be relegated to a secondary status again. And I believe that these changes are and will be for the better.

Good luck Oprah, Hillary, Nancy and all of the other females who have reached the pinnacle of American success. I even salute Sarah Palin with this caveat, never permit yourself to be used in the manner that you allowed yourself to be used by Senator McCain's campaign committee. Why? They made you look stupid, and you are not stupid!

And in conclusion Oprah, if Gayle wants to meet a single good-looking Reverend dude, have her to e-mail me; I gave up on Condi - she chose both the wrong sports and political team, otherwise, otherwise she might have had a chance!

Love, peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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