Mar 22, 2011

President O'Bushama the Black Swan?

Part I. "Luke [America], come over to the dark side": It would appear that is what the President has done already, and he wants the rest of America to join him?
One has to wonder whether 2012 will be his Swan Song (final performance)? For it would appear that the wheels have come completely off - perhaps the Republicans will draft him, for he seems to be on their side now.

SubTopic: Mr. O'Bushama, the Black and White Swan!

Before the Oscar ceremonies took place, I had the opportunity too see the Academy Award nominated motion picture, the Black Swan. I found the film to be black, poignant, exhilarating, surreal, captivating and confusing all at the same time.

I was so struck by the film's plot and theme, that when I returned home, I went on-line, located an image of a Black Swan, something that I had never heard of before, and searched for the movie script. I was hoping to understand, fully, what I had just witnessed in the movie theater. In fact, the image of the black swan that I located online, is currently the wallpaper on my rather large computer screen and stares at me throughout the day. And, it looks remarkably like the President - just kidding, he's of lighter hue!

Clearly the theme of the film resonated not only with me, but with many other Americans who filled up the blogosphere asking questions about the film. They were also trying to understand, in more detail, what they had just witnessed and missed, just as I had did. Was this film about life imitating art, art imitating life or both? Or, was this film simply about good and evil, the Jing Jang or what?

When you consider the duality that often exists in people that you know or yourself, the film made perfect sense. Who can really explain this phenomenon? Even the Apostle Paul, in the Christian canon, wrote about 2 natures (read Romans the 7th Chapter), that were resident inside of him. He wrote about a dualistic that persisted inside of him, that often pulled at him in 2 directions. He said, "what I would not do, I do, and what I would do I do not (do it in other words) ...". How many of us males, for example, can compare Paul's experience with our own when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

We see them (females), and we say, "I'm not going to look for too long", and the right skirt or pair of pants come along and we tell Satan to, "get thee behind me Satan", well, once weare finished looking! I can recall breaking a promise, that I unwisely made to God in my teens. At the time I promised that I would not ogle females from that day on. Oops, Reverend? Well, remember David and Bathsheba?

Some years ago I was at Candlestick Park, when the Giants still played there. I was watching the ballgame with a group of friends. Suddenly, this woman, with everything in all of the right places walked from the bottom row, it would seem, to the top. God had blessed her, in that everything was where it should be. I wasn't the only guilty man in that section of the stadium, it would appear, who forgot about the Giants and watched this woman, and all of her accoutrement, climbing the stairs.

Out of my mouth came the following phrase "Lord, have mercy", to the dismay of my friends, who all laughed. Well, I did say, "Lord have mercy", doesn't that count? Anyhow, 'the devil made me do it', and now back to the apparent, real black swan, our President. He apparently has far more difficult decisions and temptations to deal with, like bombing other countries ... than I do.

The holistic integration of the human personality, can be at times difficult to understand, particularly, when you are taught not to do, what is natural or conditioned within you to do. Why do I use females as an example? It is because by nature it would appear that men have this need to look, fantasize, dream about ... females. No one has to tell you to do it. Typically, it begins further back than you can remember, and it is a pleasant thing to do (so I understand what the Apostle was saying, in a different context, I suppose). Or was he? I am single, and he was a single man (depending on who you believe)!

When you think in terms of matters that are not quite as innocent as ogling women, consider the evening news then. Suddenly, a murder, kidnapping or rape takes place and is highlighted on the evening news. Shortly therefore, a roving reporter goes out to interview friends, neighbors ... of the assailants. When interviewed, friends, families and neighbors who know the assailants are frequently overheard explaining, how uncharacteristic it is or was for the accused (who had been identified), to have behaved in such a manner. "He was so quiet", is what you often hear.

Now it doesn't mean that friends or family members are necessarily, trying to cover up for a neighbor, family-member or friend, even though on occasion they do. Instead, people often tell you about the person as they perceived or have experienced them. How often have we witnessed or experienced this phenomenon. When it does occur, all of a sudden, reporting individuals suddenly understand why the person that they knew was so quiet, reckless or removed.

And what is even more telling, is when two different people describe the same person from two completely different vantage points, ending in two different descriptions of the same person. Years ago I was involved in a lawsuit. A man that I worked with was sexually harassing and threatening a woman who was in tears almost daily at this University, until I came along. I immediately noticed, that after he repeated a certain phrase, in a foreign language I might add, that the married woman would cower and withdraw.

When I escalated the matter, after my attempts to talk to the bum personally, failed to do any good, the administration, to my chagrin, immediately protected him. Well, what else did they have to go on given that he was always a perfect gentleman whenever he was around them. This man had two sides, one dark and one light! He probably expected me, another male, to do nothing - but was he wrong, and he was eventually suspended from the University.

And that my friends is how I have come to view incumbent President, a man with two sides, who apparently, expects Americans to go along with his apparent dark side. I have come up with a play name for him, one which will describe his multiple/dual personalities, his dark and light sides, as I perceive them.

Mr. Obama, our current President, given his apparent dualism, by that I mean in terms of what he said during the run up to the election, and the behavior and rhetoric that he has often exhibited since he became president, seems to portray a bifurcated man. The apparent dualism that exists in the current President of the United States, reminds me of the duality that existed, in the principle ballerina character in the film, The Black Swan. It required a bit of coaching, and for some one to push her buttons in order to get her to display, in public, what lie dormant, underneath her typically calm exterior.

What was inside of her, had to be drawn out so that she could effectively integrate or play both parts in her starring ballerina role, in the same manner as our President does, when pressed hard enough. This film is not for the faint of heart. I would not recommend this film or our current President either, for immature audiences. On the other hand, I would recommend this film for a thinking audience. Someone once said that each one of us is really 3-people, that is: Who we believe we are, who other people say that we are, and finally, who we really are!

Who am I for example? I know who I believe that I am, however, when I hear from other people who they believe that I am, I am often puzzled. Who is right? I suspect that I am in terms of who I believe that I am, and that they are also correct to in terms of what they perceived based on my behavior, real or imagined.

Prior to experiencing this film, and more specifically, during the run up to the election: I sensed that President Obama was in fact, a bifurcated man, one who, just as I predicted, turned out not to be for the faint of heart. So today, in consideration of the film and its powerful theme, about dualism, in jest, and as I mentioned before, came up with a new namesake for President Obama that is more apropos, and indicative of his dualistic personality, and policies.

Given the way that he has presided over the nation, and the world for the past 2 years, it is evident. Ouch! Since being stomped on in the Mid-Term elections, the dark side of President O'Bushama is emerging more and more by the day. His admitted friends on the right, had been saying to him before, "Luke, Luke, come on over to the dark side". And, in my opinion ''the brother from another mother, is just about there, and as a result, the democratic party has been just about completely decapitated. I didn't feel, that the neophyte Senator and rising star in national politics from the Illinois Legislature was ready at the time to lead the nation.

One speech at a Democratic Convention, and a few years in the United States Senate does not a President of the United States and the rest of the world, make. I felt that he needed more guidance, experience and seasoning in order to be able to lead the nation and the world before, lest he 'split himself and America apart, as he appears to be doing now, not to forget the rest of the world. Who will lead them, the nations of the world?

A fitting name that represents his dualistic, ebb and flow, nature and personality would be for me, O'Bushama instead of Obama. The name O'Bushama represents the multiple parts of his iconic personality to include Ronald Reagan, George Bush and his multi-racial self all encapsulated into one body. He is a composite, in particular of two former presidents, both Republican, that preceded him. He has either knowingly or unknowingly permitted the personalities of both to inhabit, haunt and to become a part of who he is today.

Let's break it down: The letter 'O' accompanied with the apostrophe, represents the Scotch-Irish and African portion of who he is, and late President Reagan's Irish ethnicity; the 'O' is also the first letter in his surname. Do you recall that President-elect O'Bushama, actually praised late President Reagan's policies during the run up to the election, in deference to all of the damage that he, Reagan, did to the nation, and the negative legacy that he left behind for his successors to pick up, a rightest legacy that persists in extremists on the, 'waste, fraud and abuse', Republican Right today.

And it is also noteworthy given recent events, that both he and President Reagan, are the two American President's who saw fit to, within the past 30 years, as they say in the hood: Do drive-bys on the nation of Libya from the air. President O'Bushama, must have been thinking of his protege, and reading from the Reagan imperialist handbook when he made his decision to act. And then there is the man who is responsible, by and large, for his current incumbency, given the manner in which he left the nation and the world in shambles at his departure. Of course, I am speaking of President George Bush Jr., the 43rd President of the United States and leader of the former Bushtanista Party.

President George Bush Jr. is the man that he criticized, in order to get himself elected, particularly George Bush's polices. But since being elected - given his recent actions, and the manner in which he conducted America's domestic and foreign policy, he has become a poster child for, mostly, all of what President Bush Jr. did when he was in office.

The primary character in the movie, who was so perfect and sanguine in every way on the practice set (similar to the way that President O'Bushama conducts himself flawlessly and in a very controlled manner when on stage, I might add): However, she had to be taught to allow her dark side to take precedence over her extremely controlled and deliberate side, at the end of her performance. And as much as it would appear that she had a problem infusing her dark side into her public performance (her apparent swan song), it was clear that she had a hidden dark side, which had a tendency to leak out when she was at home and away from the lights. She obviously had serious inter and intrapersonal problems.

President Obama then appears to be President's Reagan, George Bush Jr. and himself all wrapped up into one confusing package, on a given day - not to over look the fact that he is also of part African descent and Barack Obama-Hussein. The last portion of his made up surname, that I have provided for him, is also a cognate. During the run up to the election we saw his puerile side in public and at the inauguration (people that I know attended and withstood the frigid weather) saw the other side. The sweet talking, jesting and affable Barack Obama wooed everyone. However, once he got elected and was installed, many Americans had to ask, who is this swanned or maked man?.

When the real President O'Bushama, began to emerge, keeping the movie in mind, the masked side of the man emerged for all of the world to see. There are books written on the topic: The Mask', that most of us put on each day, depending on where we are, and how we are expected to behave. And the point of the books and tomes, written about with regard to this subject is simply this, what we portray to the public is not always the true indicator of what lies beneath the mask. In other words, we can meet the world with a smile, when on the inside we are experiencing feelings of hurt, anger, vituperation, rage, revenge ...... Is this what is going on inside of Mr. O'Bushama, the cognate man, who manages to keep a smile on his face, even when the doors are locked at the White House and he cannot gain access?

I can often see splinters of both sides of President O'Bushama, portions of which emerge from time to time. The latter begs the question, then is President Obama, a masked man? For if that is true, he is not alone, most of us wear masks in public, simply ask Senator Mitch McConnell and House-Speaker John Boehner. Smiling faces, as the song says, 'tell lies'!

What I am writing about, might appear to be mean-spirited and disrespectful, however, I truly do not mean any disrespect either to Mr. Obama nor to his family. I believe that Mr. Obama means well, I really do, but not even I can let this one slide. But before I do, let me proceed with my dissection and clinical analysis of this man. Shucks, the Republicans did the same thing when he first rose to prominence, and appeared to be a viable candidate several years ago - and they have used what they learned to their advantage(s).

Who's Visage is in the Looking Glass?

When President Obama looks in the mirror each day of late, I wonder whether or not he recognizes that the face staring back at him in the mirror is a composite of his own, Ronald Reagan's and George Bush Junior's, and the black and white sides of himself . Multi-racial people, and individuals of mixed heritage are won't to deal with duality. From time to time, they wonder who they are and who other people believe them to be.

I wonder whether or not he considers his own mixed ethnicity to be a strength or a weakness or what appears to be at times, his multiple-personalities, that the rest of us have witnessed from time to time. I don't know! Too strong you're thinking, not multiple-personality, the name for a disorder in the Diagnostic Services Manual. As it relates to race, the latter can be profound. One of our students at a well known University in the area, was darker than I - not as cute, but dark.

This brother was afro-centric to the core, down with the brotherhood and a black man's man. The problem arose when he began dating a black woman, having convinced his fellow students and friends that he was black to the core. How did he resolve his problem, on weekends, he took his white girlfriend, 35 miles to South San Francisco, where they enjoyed dating, away from anyone who he thought would recognize him. Dummy, he failed to realize that he was not the only person who visited South San Francisco.

O'Bushama, sounds a bit Mediterranean, oriental, Arabic and English all at the same time, doesn't. And, the latter reflects all of what he appears to be doing, and has been doing given his mixed-cultural-heritage in America, the Americas and abroad. I believe that he is trying to satisfy everyone, trusting in his rich mixed-cultural heritage. Sadly, it doesn't appear to be working, even though I wish that I did.

Man, there is something in that Oval Office, that no matter who you are, once you step across the O-val Office threshold, you are transposed into a different kind of swan than you were before you entered it. I feel for this Scotch-Irish and African 'undercover brother democrat from another mother', who more and more behaves like a Republican Ronald Reagan and George Bush Jr. republican clone.

So, doesn't that the two presidents, who preceded him, must have been correct in terms of both their foreign and domestic policies, given that President O'Bushama, has cosigned onto and is practising the same policies? Well, remember the movie, Undercover Brother, "I'm not going to eat the Colonel's (in this instance President O'Bushama's) white or dark chicken policies!

Remember, former president and now, Mr. George Bush Jr., provided and extended tax cuts for the wealthy, and recently, so has President O'Bushama. Both of them signed on in deference to the needs of a solution for the needs of America's struggling middle-class, regardless of the cost of American occupations and incursions into 3 other nations, as we speak.

He wasn't kidding at Oslo, 2-years ago, when he defended American hegemony abroad, was he? Even Dick Cheney liked that speech. And I suspect that Dick likes Mr. O'Bushama even more now than he would care to admit because he seems to be the gift that keeps on giving to jaundiced and narrow-minded Republican idealism and fascism. Oops, now you know what I think about Republican ideology, if you didn't know already!

I still think about my friends and enemies alike now, who felt that they knew more than I, when I refused to vote for Mr. O'Bushama, in the General Election of 2008. My favorite was a black African friend who accused me of being a gradualist. Like most Africans who come to the United States (who believe that they are smarter than us), he believed that he knew more about America, American politics, the world and likely business too, than any black America, including me, knew.

By the way, and pun intended, this black American, slept in the bush(es) in Milpitas California, apparently as he once did in Nigeria. And he was no Bush, get it? Okay, my dark side is showing, get it "sleeping in the bush". Sadly, he believed in Mr. O'Bushama and became an instant apologist for him in America, while sleeping in the bushes, a place where he is possibly sleeping at today, and will remain there if his hero doesn't wake up soon.

continued ...

The Rev

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