May 30, 2011

Netanyahu: The Tail That is Wagging the American Dog!

Regarding the Jerkweed Prime Minister of Israel: Tear down that wall Mr. Netanyahu!

I heard someone say,that dogs will take it out of one place, and stick it in another without washing it off. And that makes me think of Netanyahu, other current and former Israeli-hardliners, Israel's relationship with the former Soviet Union, the United States and vice versa.

I keep wondering, how does this man, have more power in the United States, and with America's leadership than rank and file Americans do? "Go back to your military base, Netanyahu".

I was stunned several years ago, when during one of his frequent visits to the United States of America, Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, publicly made condescending remarks about former President Jimmy Carter, and he made his comments before an American audience no less. I wish that I had been an audience member at the time!

His exact words were: “Jimmy Carter, he wasn't a very good president, was he”? And not just because it was former democratic President Jimmy Carter that he was referring to, I couldn't get over the fact that he was arrogant enough to make such a obstreperous comment about an American president in the United States of America no less. I thought to myself, who was this jerk, and how dare he make such comments, and even worse than that, why wasn't he chastised and told to show respect for our leaders, individuals that the American people elected to office?

On the other hand, American leaders and Secretaries of State, go out of their way to ensure that they never offend Israel, and the provocative warhawks within Israel's leadership. Hmm!

Just yesterday, a week after his meeting with President Obama (a man that I did not vote for by the way),Netanyahu, received 27 standing ovations from members of Congress, both Democrat and Republican. And their behavior was in deference to Netanyahu's untoward behavior to yet another American President (a sitting American president no less). How could this be, I wondered?

What immediately came to mind was, just how hostile and unprincipled this man must be when dealing with his Arab and Palestinian neighbors during negotiations, given that he will openly exhibit such hostile feelings and untoward behaviors towards American Presidents, his friends. Clearly then, this man could not and cannot be an even broker, or to put it another way, a principled negotiator, when dealing with the Arab and Palestinian people. History has proven that to be true time and time again. Simply consider how Israel continues to violate treaties, and to build settlements in the West Bank.

Let me see, Israel and the Arab/Palestinians or in this hemisphere, the United States v Cuba ... Neither nation is behaving in good faith with their border neighbors are they? In fact, both nations behave in the same manner with their border neighbors, dishonestly and with complete disdain!

But getting back to Israel and the hawkish and insubordinate behavior of their leaders on American soil, one has to wonder, who is in charge, especially, when our money is being used to underwrite Israel's untoward behavior towards Arabs, Palestinians, American presidents and the American people? Clearly, when it comes right down to it, Israel is the tail that is wagging the American dog, for when the hawks in Israel bark, even American President's back down. What must this say to other powerful nations in the world? Not even America's other allies, receive this kind of attention or leeway.

One can easily tell, by watching Israel's hawkish leaders and their comfy relationship with the United States of America - Israel's number one sponsor and supporter of terror - that their leaders lack respect for America, America's leaders and all of the American people. Folks, we are being used too, or are we? I will come back to which nation is using the other later, given the apparent and unhealthy quid-pro-quo relationship that exists between those nations.

Part II

What does all of this say to the American people and the rest of the world? I know what it says to me. And to think that the Republicans got upset about President Chavez's sulfur comments, that were directed at then sitting President George H. Bush Jr. following his speech the day before at the United Nations, several years ago. On the other hand, Israel's leaders get a bye, when they do the same thing, when their leaders insult certain American leaders. The former incident with President Bush Jr., was also accompanied by an incident, where an Arab lobbed a shoe at President George H.W. Bush Jr. while he was speaking overseas!

The customary manner in which American President's cower to Israeli hawks and warhawks like Netanyahu, and in the past late terrorist Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - don't forget him, it gives me pause if not downright concern! The arrogance of Netanyahu, he amazes me, not to mention the manner in which a sitting president acquiesces and afterward the Congress praises him, given his insolence. Netanyahu not only disparages America's leaders, he is also sending a message to the American people who voted for them, that he doesn't respect us either. He only wants what he wants from us, to provide Israel with aid, trade, weapons and cover at the United Nations.

Clearly, Israel's hawkish leaders are more important to our leader/servants in Washington DC, than the will of the people who elected them, happens to be. Israel's leaders tried to make it appear that former and late leader of the PLO, Yasser Arafat was a terrorist? Hmm, what about Sharon and Netanyahu – both are the moral equivalent of each other from my point of view. Yasser, he was fighting for freedom from oppression, Israel's oppression!

The Apostle Paul once wrote: “My earnest desire and prayer for Israel, is that Israel might be saved, for I bear them record that they have a zeal, but it is not according to knowledge. For they have left the righteousness of God and have gone about to establish their own righteousness”. Get it, self righteousness!

I don't always agree with the former Apostle, however, I can see where he was coming from, based upon what I have observed from Israel, 2000 years later. What was it that Paul recognized about Israel in the Common Era, that apparently has not changed until this day? Was it the same kind of stubborn hard-headiness, or exceptionalist behaviors and attitudes, that we are witnessing today, 2000 years later? Some writers have said that Israel, was and is today, the harbinger of 'A Chosen People Complex'! Think about it - they believe that they are better than everyone else in the world, some of them, even Americans.

Was the Apostle Paul anti-Semitic or a traitor, given his criticisms of his own brethren? Perceptions haven't changed much have they, except among American Christians perhaps? Christians, will rationalize or justify whatever Israel does, behavior that they would condemn, if it was exhibited by any other nation.

If the Apostle were alive today and would have spoken the same words, he would be considered to be anti-Semitic, in spite of his own Semitic heritage, by Jews Christians, particularly, if they had to choose between American foreign policy and Paul. Am I anti-Semitic too, you're wondering? Answer, not that I know of, I simply believe in truth, justice and speaking truth to power - even America's and Israel's power.

Can you see the similarities between the Apostle's conclusions, and many of our own perceptions about Israel today? Israel, in collusion with the USA, often seems to be making up its own rules when it comes to its venal policies, and did I say with the full backing and support of America's leadership at Washington. Having America on your side, a permanent member in the U.N. Security Council, helps Israel to get away with murder, with the approval of most American Christians!

There is another common denominator that seems to exist between conservatives in America, and conservatives in Israel. If you were to criticize conservatives in either group, you would be labeled either an anti-Semitic in the case of Israel, or a non-patriot in the eyes of Republican leaders in America.


Isn't it sad that such a beautiful term, conservative, is used to describe such a venal and self-centered group of people, in particular the hard-liners on the Republican Right, which is often wrong? I suspect that the term 'selfish', would be more apropos!

How does jerkweed Netanyahu, and former Israeli leaders like Ariel Sharon get away with their disrespectful behavior towards America's leadership? Clearly, they have something on the United States and its leaders.They know something about America and its behind-the-scenes covert operations and policies that we don't know about. And no matter, what some Americans are fine with that, while some of us are not.

Consider when Ronald Reagan was still alive, our late President conspired with Israel,to sell arms to the Contras, whereby circumventing the will of the American people and Congress. Another quasi-conservative, former President George H.W. Bush, was also involved.

Late Senator Barry Goldwater, who was the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time was furious when he discovered that the President colluded with Israel in defiance of Congress and the people of the United States of America. Had I been head of the Senate Intelligence committee, I would have been furious too, and would have moved to have Reagan impeached.

I believe that there has been an ongoing secret, innocuous and hidden, quid pro quo relationship between the leadership of these two nations since and before 1947. Could you blame Senator Goldwater for being furious? Israeli's knew more about what America was doing, than Mr. Goldwater did?

This kind of duplicity at the top, appears to be something that is deeply rooted within the foreign policy agenda of both nations, and, Israel, America's satrap does what it is told to do. Or on the other hand, is it the other way around, given this quid pro quo relationship between the leaders of both nations? Poor President Obama, has been left out of the deal apparently, because of his African and democratic roots. And a name like, OBAMA, doesn't help. I betcha, Sharon can hardly get used to a man who looks like, and carries the surname of his enemies, especially when he is the President of Sharon's United States of America, a nation that he controls.

He knows that due to President Obama's heritage, that he cannot be trusted by Israel to do what needs to be done from their point of view, that is to kill his close kin in the Middle-East and beyond.

Here is something else to ponder: Who would our government officials sell out first, if they had to decide between American citizens and members of the Israeli terrorist cabal?

The answer is obvious - the American citizen would loose to Israel's anti-Palestinian and Arab warhawks, and their Washington DC, counterparts. Get it, Sharon and company were, and are more of a priority to past and present secret interests and Presidents in Washington DC, than are the majority of America's citizens. America is not the fair broker that it pretends to be in the Middle-East or with its own citizens. And America, has a dog in the Middle-East fight, despite its pretense of having dealt with an even-hand in the past and present with the Palestinian People, and in the east-west divide.

President Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and possibly President Obama, I am certain, knows that. And, the Arab and Palestinian people know it too! Perhaps someone from Wiki Leaks can get to the bottom of this, and afterward inform the American people as to what is really going on behind the scenes between US and Israeli leaders. It would appear that the members of Wiki-Leaks are more likely to provide full disclosure to the American people, than the leaders of either nation will ever do!

Isn't it sad when the American people have to rely on espionage to get the real truth about our own leadership and their secret-friends in the Israel and America's foreign policy agenda?

American officials, past and present, are clearly speaking with a forked-tongue, when it comes to Israel and the rest of the Middle-East. And, I suspect that the Palestinian people know it (that Israel is really an American proxy that is performing America's bidding in the Middle-East), just as the American people already suspect. I hear echoes of what the late W.E. B. DuBois said about "the problem problem of the Color Line in the 20th century”. He was apparently right on more than one count, and the problem is alive and well in the 21st century too.


I can still recall, several decades ago, when the majority of civilized nations of the world boycotted the racist apartheid regime in South Africa, given its continued suppression and discrimination of the black majority in the nation of South Africa (to include 3 decades of imprisonment of liberator Nelson Mandela). At the time, Israel stood out among the other nations of the world in this regard. Israel ignored the boycott, and continued to sell weapons to the racist government (weapons that were used against black Africans and paid for with American money).

In fact, Israel stood with a minority group of whites in order to further imprison the majority of blacks in South Africa. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why Israel empathized with the white-racist oppressor-regime in South Africa, because Israel, was doing the same to the majority people-of-color, that surrounded and share the homeland.

What happened to Israel? Syndicated Journalist Mark Shields, read a quotation from a Iraeli leader with regard to their liberation from ancient Egypt, that went something like this: After being the children of bondage in Egypt, never would the people of Israel hold any other people in bondage. And when you get right down to it, isn't that what Israel has been doing, holding people in bondage?

In both instances, Israel was and is helping to hold people of color in bondage in South Africa and the Middle-East, since 1947, the costs being underwritten in part with American tax-dollars; to be succinct, your and my tax dollars. It would appear that America's leaders, as they have done in the past are on the side of the insidious oppressors, against the oppressed. And all of us can recall that sad display as it relates to what took place IN THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE SLAVE, America, for 200 years. At the time, Americans , with the full support of government (all 3 branches..),against non-whites in America!

Many Americans of late, have referred to Israel as “America's 51st State”. From all indications, it is America's most powerful state, and it is to the extent that America's leadership cowers and bows before it, like no other state in the Union, and not even to the American people!

Black Americans are caught in the middle of this quagmire in this sense: The Jewish community in America, has been indispensable when it came to supporting human rights and freedom for Americans, Cynthia McKinney, Malik El Shabazz, Reverend Jesse Jackson and Minister Farrakhan being notable exceptions. Who can forget or overlook the work done, past and present, by Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center, or the Jewish community for underwriting the cost of the NAACP's work since it began, paying for the March on Washington, Annenberg's 50M dollar donation to the UNCF...

And even though we appreciate what the Jewish community has done, and is still doing for us today, how can oppressed people, including Jewish people, support the oppression of other people that are friends of individuals who helped to support our liberation? And therefore, Israeli's expectation that black Americans should support AIPAC, even when it is misbehaving, is insulting. Again, our Jewish friends supported us right up to the time that our hawkish freedom and justice fighters leaders, former U.S. Representative and Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney, the Late Malik El Shabazz, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Minister Luis Farrakhan stood up for our rights.

How come Israel and AIPAC get to stand up for their perceived rights, and we are punished when we do, or better yet, Arabs and Palestinians, who are in the same positions that Israel was in before 1947, can't stand up for there's? Wouldn't you that think that Israel would understand what it is that the people that they are oppressing, are experiencing? I guess not, for who who or what groups of leaders from any nation, are more radical than Israel's leadership happens to be at this time, and on many occasions before?

For the 3rd time, former Representative and Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney, the late Malik El Shabazz, Reverend Jesse Jack and Minister Farrakhan ... all know that. Once upon a time, our church rented a room from the Jewish Center in Palo Alto California for overflow purposes. Upon arriving one Sunday, where I taught a special class on Sunday mornings, a caricaturized picture of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, was hung prominently, just above the light switch. It was placed in an obvious place, where we, mostly African-Americans, would see it. The caption under the Reverend's picture was, 'Big Mouth'. My God I thought, we support you with our tax dollars, and you insult us on Sunday no less, at a Christian Bible Study Hmm!

None of the above possess nukes, blacks, Arabs or Palestinians (their governments wouldn't permit it). None of our leaders, have killed anyone (well, Minister Farrakhan, admitted that he may have contributed to the violence inside the FOI, that resulted in El Shabazz's death when speaking to his late widow Betty Shabbaz). When John Brown, attempted to arm us so that we could fight for our freedom, look what happened to him? He was killed for fighting for liberation of an oppressed people, and he was white? I wonder, how come our liberation didn’t matter for so long, on the other hand, our people were sent to fight for freedom in other nations and for other races, only to return to The Land of the Free and The Home of the Slave, to be discriminated against, even by its own government? Tch tch tch!

Having said that, did or does what our friends in the Jewish community do to justly help free us from our oppressors, preclude us from speaking up and out to Israel and our friends, when they misbehave in the same manner that our oppressors did with us in America.? The answer is, I think not! Israel, benefits from my tax dollars too, and I and my counterparts have something to say about how our tax dollars are spent - get it, something to say! Truthfully, we know that our leaders will spend our taxpayers to liberate other people, and the same tax dollars to punish us.

Clearly, the leadership in Israel, is behaving much like the Klan and our government did here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Slave when it comes to the Arab and Palestinian people. Similar to the manner in which black Americans have been summarily tossed off of their lands, at the drop of an oppressor's whim, Arabs and Palestinians were evicted in the same manner from the Middle-East in 1947, 48!


Christians in and outside of America ought to ask themselves, what would Jesus do? Or what would he tell a powerful and fully armed Israel to do when it comes to Palestinians (Philistines) and Arabs? I don't recall Jesus telling his Jewish brothers and sisters to strike out against the Roman Government? Jesus, even stopped his disciples from calling down "HELLFIRE Missiles", to be used to destroy people who did not receive them, their message or ways of believing and doing things. Jesus, rebuked his followers. Why won't the USA, a nation that sought freed from its perceived oppressors, England at the time, do the same thing, and tell Israel to knock it off, and to TEAR DOWN THAT WALL MR. Netanyahu!

Now as I understand it, during a briefing that I sat in on at the National Press Club in Washington DC several years ago, it was conservatives in Israel who were the culprits, not the rank and file Jewish citizens, who were the aggressors. I also learned that the majority of Israel's citizens, prefer to and get along just fine with Arabs and Palestinians in Israel, just as blacks and whites once did in this nation, before being dissuaded from doing so by hard-liners inside and outside of government.

The same is taking place in Israel today, their hawks discourage Israel 'citizens from having anything to do with Arabs and Palestinians, and we are all aware of the Israeli Wall that has been erected to divide the two nations in order to keep the people apart. No folks, I am not talking about the Wailing Wall. Israel, has erected its own form of Berlin Wall, that is being used to separate the East from the West, so that never the twain shall meet, that is if the warhawks can help it. Now what do America's leaders have to do with that, I wonder? Tear Down That Wall Mr. Netanyahu!

Haven't our leaders, past and present, who are in charge of our foreign policy apparatus, played footsies long enough with the Israeli warhawks? It would appear that they have done so to the extent that now when a sitting President wants Israel to return to the 1947 territorial agreement, that the unprincipled Israeli Prime Minister, offers disdain for the sitting President of the United States. Have the chickens come home to roost?

Israel's government, current and former descendants of European Jews, going back to and before Sharon - leave much to be desired! Even as far back into antiquity as one might care to explore, Israel has on occasion been smart enough to align itself with powerful empires like the Babylonian empire.

In recent history, Israel has been allied with the Soviet Union, prior to being aligned with the United States. Most of us know that a significant number of the inhabitants of Israel are secularists, which would explain their cozy relationship with the Soviets ( before getting in bed with the United States). Clearly, Israel's leadership will get in bed with Satan in order to preserve, or have what they want – and I am not saying that the Soviets were Satan.

Keep in mind that people in other nations believe that we, the do one thing and say something else nation believe that we are the Great Satan. And I believe that our leaders in Washington, some of them past and present, know where Satan sleeps at too!

Does Netanyahu, similar to late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, have any respect for the United, States and its leadership, or isn't it a fact that the Prime Minister has sold his allegiance to the highest-bidder just as his predecessors did, the USA of late? And isn't it true that he is simply using the people of the United States and America's treasury on a quid pro quo basis, so that the hawks and hardliners in Israel can get what they want. And what does the USA get in return one must ask?

I believe that the USA receives American management and surveillance of the Middle-East by proxy with the help of Israel's secret intelligence agencies, including the Masoud. And Americans should keep in mind that Israel has also spied on the United States too in the past, just as it is doing in the Middle-East (at the behest of it's friends, now, thecurrent United States of Israel)! Oops, whose side are they on, and which nation is using which nation, and which nation is the satrap?

The democratization of Northern Africa and the Mediterranean, to include Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria … is causing America and its duplicitous foreign policy apparatus to rethink things, I suspect and Israel knows that. Because when it comes to the Middle-East and Israel, certainly the leadership of Israel does not want to see Democracy take hold in the Mediterranean. If that were to occur, it would provide an edge to the majority Arab and Palestinian nations. Israel knows that the USA will appear to be a hypocrite if it continues to stand up for Israel's malfeasance.

And America is simply waiting to be on the side of whoever emerges as the winner in the Mediterranean, assuming that true democracy takes place within the oil-rich Palestinian and Arab nations.

Israel is not a majority Christian nation either, even though Israel depends on Christians from all over the world, particularly the United States for direct financial aid, intelligence information and military support. Again, we can see that the tail is wagging the dog, and the dog is willing to be wagged in order to get what it wants in the Middle-East. However, the real dog in the fight is apparently about to be exposed given the changes that are taking place in the world, especially the Mediterranean ...


Who could have ever have imagined the USA abandoning Israel?

It might happen folks, for once Israel is no longer needed, and America, who has more to gain if it can get Arabs and Palestinians to switch sides. If that were to happen, Israel, would become isolated, and have to go back to the Russian Orbit , another major power to align with it, or China perhaps. And boy oh boy, what all would the Israel's have to share with the Russians, about American intelligence.

I suspect that what the people of both nations will have to do, is what nationals all over the world are doing, given the failure of leadership by their current and past leaders. The people will have to wrest power back from government officials who clearly have their own set and secret agendas.

And the latter differs, by and large, from what the people want and need in order to take care of the commonwealth and the people. The people of Israel need to engage in direct talks with the American people, not the jaundiced power-brokers who make deals with Israel's leadership in America. The people of Israel also need to learn what it is that the majority of Americans want, especially if they ever expect to receive support in the future from informed Americans like me.

And I will say this again, even as a post-modern Christian, Jesus, would likely have spoken truth to Israeli's power, and explained how the 1974 deal, unfairly, came into being. Jesus would also likely explain that a lie would not stand. And most of know that the 1947 deal was a lie, one that did not take into consideration the current inhabitants of the land or their needs.

Jesus would show Israel's leaders, that in the manner that the Roman government of the common era controlled Israel by military force, threats and economic strangulation, that Israel was doing the same to the Arabs and Palestinians in the region. The people of Israel ought to understand that if the shift of power continues around the world, the result could be a different United Nations, with 15 different members of the Security Council, 5 being permanent. And the United Nations might issue a new resolution, one which could result in a power shift in favor of the Palestinians; anything is possible.

Would Israel's leaders listen to Jesus this time around? We all know that they did not listen to him before, however, more is at stake now. Can you say financial aid. If Jesus showed up and Netanyahu upstaged Jesus, as he is doing now with America's sitting President, Christians would be furious - or would they prefer American foreign policy over Jesus?

A change in the balance of power is already in the offing. And in other words, someday, the holy lands might be returned to the Arabs and Palestinian people, despite what biblical eschatologists, who also have a dog in the fight, believe and teach. Israel, and its Godly supporters in the West and some Arab and Palestinian, should ask themselves: whose will is it that they are pursuing? Is it God's will or there own? I suspect that it is the latter. If Jesus' sermon on the mount meant anything, what I take from it is this, give them the land if they want it, especially, if you believe that God has a better place for you.

Clearly, that war torn land is not holy, even as most Christians believe that it is – it's dirt folks. If the Temple is going to be rebuilt in Jerusalem …, then God will do it right, in spite of Israel, the Palestinians or anyone else!

It is time to do something different, if nothing more than having the people of the world to stand up together and to stop others from taking advantage of people who are caught in between 2 powerful groups in the world, and an insidious plot that is being held together by walls, weapons, checkpoints and the threat of annihilation.

As I close, I repeat what I said before, if the USA were to switch sides and become friendly with the emerging democracies in the area, Netanyahu, would blow the whole Middle-East up before he would cede power. So, before and if that would happen, and as flippant as it may sound - we have plenty of open spaces in the United States. We could easily absorb and accommodate 5m Middle-Eastern repatriated Jews and their descendants, in the name of peace. All of us know that there are factions on both sides that have no desire to see peace, not just the Palestinians and Arabs. If Israel wants to behave like a Western nation, well, why not simply join us in the West, say Montana or Wyoming, two beautiful but under-inhabited states!

American Christians who believe in biblical eschatology have a romantic attachment with Israel, regardless of what it does, or who its soldiers kill, and they use the Bible to justify and rationalize their thirst for Arab and Palestinian blood. They will support Israel, even when Israel is wrong, Christians, particularly in America, expect, believe, crave and look forward to Armageddon (East v West), just ask Pat Robertson. American Christians have their own motives for supporting Israeli malfeasance, the kind that is buttressed by the United States of America. Many of you have already been proven wrong about Gog and Magog. In fact, the Soviet Empire disappeared, but the uber power that occupies Babylon now, is the United States of America with its largest embassy in the world.

There are some of us who us simply believe that in the same manner that Jesus believed, that is that we should stand up for justice for all people, even if it means giving up a coat, pride or land! Besides, if Netanyahu were to move to America, I'm sure that he would get the Constitution amended, and run for President of the United States of America in a short period of time. And if that won't work, I am certain that an Israeli homeland in Montana, where he would continue to engage in war I'm sure, against American militia groups – another strange breed – he should feel right at home. And Netanyahu should bring his nukes with him, I guarantee that the good old boys in the Militia groups here, have there's already - he should feel right at home

Wake up Christians, stop being so gullible and remember this passage, when it comes to modern (mostly securalist Israel) Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel. Romans 9:6

I can recall what an Afghan-American citizen told me, during my recent tenure in the nation's capitol, he said: “There is a saying in my nation that to America, we are just a rubber, and once America finishes with us, they will pull us off and discard us (the Afghan people)"! Israel, should keep that in mind, and the USA should think about the same when it comes down to Israel.

Clearly, the USA, let the Afghan government and people know what it really thought about it and them, when it crossed their territorial borders, ignored their sovereignty and got Osama. I suspect that Iraq and other nations of the world already know it too!


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