Dec 22, 2006

Feliz Navidad: On To Crawford & American Foreign Policy Is Not Based On Love!

The man who will soon be departing Washington D.C. is no Santa Claus, for instead of leaving gifts behind, he is leaving behind a world full of derision, confusion, death and pain; and he is mostly responsible for all of it!

During President Bush's final press conference of the year, while Americans troops are dying and innocent Iraqis are suffering the fate of the occupying American hegemon, Mr. Bush actually encouraged the rest of Americans to go out and do their Christmas shopping and to freely spend the American Idol, money. Mr. Bush also chided the members of the Press who would be joining him on his Christmas respite in Crawford Texas, where he is looking forward to having a good time with them. Mr. Bush does not exactly pattern after the model of a High Priest, who is touched by the people's infirmities!

Have a great time Mr. President, however, the authentic members of God's body, are cognizant of the fact that innocent people are dying all of the world because of your and American's inane and self-serving policies. Shopping to us is not an elixir for what ails us and America. Each of us should be working to extend to the people of Iraq the same gift, if it were possible, that God extended to all of us, the gift of life. Why? For as Christ came, not that we should perish but to give and extend life, on the same token God's people are not killers, and the President and those who support him do not seem to be aware of this. The rest of us will have to insist that Iraq be freed from American intervention and death squads!

And what will Mr. Bush be working on while Americans who listen to him are out busily and gayly shopping, whereby adding to the American economy and the government's tax coffers, Mr. Bush will be working on a plan to increase America's troop strength over the next few years. And he will do so in deference to those who are under his immediate command.

You know, what is truly sad about all of this is that after the Soviet Union broke up, just about a couple of decades ago, America was able to reduce its troop strength, and to close a lot of military Bases around the country and the world.

Coupled with the declension of the Soviet threat, America felt then that the superior technological military advantage that America enjoyed would be sufficient to offset the troop reductions.

Well, what happened? Answer: George Bush and the Republican Reich happened, 'killer-cons' I call them. And as a result, America will need to increase its military strength (remember Representative Charles Rangel) exponentially, because the Bush Doctrine should keep America involved in internecine military conflicts long after he and Chaney are shooting pheasant on his farm in Crawford Texas.

And what will the world say about Bush? How about, he came, he saw, he caused the loss of lives of thousands of innocent people, and he left and went pheasant hunting with his Vice President while leaving the world in total disarray!

Part II: It Is An Inconvenient Truth...

Borrowing from the title of the celebrated movie from the man who I suspect really won the year 2000 General Election (had it been above board), it is an inconvenient truth that America will need more troops if America is to continue along its present course. And we may have to reopen many of those military bases that were closed after the discontinuance of the Soviet Union.

And I am not just talking about Iraq. The fact is that nations of the world are beginning to stand up and say, we are tired of American hegemony and American double-standards.

Look at China! Despite the secret campaign carried out against China for the past 30 or so years by America, they have still emerged, and are continuing to emerge into what will be a formiddable power, both economically and militarily.

And to boot, there are many other nations around the world and even in the Americas who are beginning to emerge, and they have notified America, 'no mas'.

Folks, we have had our way in the world for some time now (and our ways are not God's ways. Isn't it time for America to stop and to play fair and try to get along as equals with other nations of the world rather than acting like we are the other nation's superiors? Otherwise, if we continue to label every person or nation that does not accede to the will of America as terrorists, terrorist-nations and enemy combatants, we might require a 5-million man and woman army in the future.

And that 5-million man and woman army would be in addition to all of our armaments, secret weapons, spy satellites, high-tech weaponry and our planned space weapons stations.

In Conclusion:

There is an easier and cheaper solution and it is for Americans who claim to know Christ, to begin following the ways of Christ and to change American foregin policy; that could save many lives now and in the future. America lives by a completely different set of standards than the ones that it imposes upon every other nation. Selah

And as I close, let me remind every believer that it is the gift of love that we should be extending, especially during this season, to all of the world. And if Americans truly desire to give the gift of love, we could start by, 'casting the beam out of our own eye, instead of the mote that is in our brother's eye'. American foreign policy is not based on love, at its core is hatred of all nations and people who somehow could be perceived as a threat to the true 'American Idol', America itself. For many Americans, including Christians love it more and will die for it, more than they love God who they are to die for on a daily basis!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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