Dec 28, 2006

Who Will Hang For America's Crimes Against God and Against Humanity? King George Is Not Listening

There is a story...

in the Christian Bible about a King who never wanted to be prophesied to by a certain prophet. Although everything that this particular prophet ever told him was true, the King never wanted to hear from him because the report that the King always received from him was negative; accurate, but negative.

There are people in America who like the King did, refuse to go or to listen to certain physicians, because those physicians might inform them that there is something seriously wrong with them. Those kinds of people live on in denial, and they often self-medicate themselves; some do so until it is too late.

In the same token some Americans will say, "you hate xyz", that is if you were the one to point out either their, or America's faults. And the same people would hate, castigate or turn on you the physician, the one who would simply report or inform them that they have the symptoms of a problem like cancer or some other debilitating illness or disease. Sadly, some have even declared themselves to be healed after hearing their diagnosis, even nations, when in fact they are not healed at all. Some might mistakenly be in remission and some are not even in remission who claim that they have been cured already.

Thank God that some are not like that, some recognize that in order to be cured (as opposed to self-medicating oneself or entering into denial about a problem diagnosis), they would likely thank the doctor, perhaps get another opinion, and then work to resolve the problem. They realize that denying a prognosis, or minimizing a problem would only hinder them from finding a possible cure, if one existed, to a life-ending diagnoses.

There is a cancer which has been eating away at America since its inception; obviously some can never accept that, for it is far too painful for them. Most Americans know that America's problems have grown exponentially, and that America is in trouble independent of what any other person or nation is doing or has done. Has there been 'no balm' in America, since its inception. Why have America's clerics habitually lain in bed with venal politicians? Why are America's Christian clerics in bed with sidewinder politicians today? How can two walk together except they agree?

How are America's 'religious-lite' churches of today doing America any good? The political debacle of the Religious Right, that encouraged the deaths of tens of thousands of human beings in Iraq (over the past 4 years), is a perfect example of the problem with today's religious-lite churches and their leaders included! Like the USA, they are 'mega' and they have 'megabucks' and 'mega outreach', but that is about it. Much like the outspoken Peter who had walked with Jesus for 3 years, many of the leaders of these churches, and 'their members' have been around for years, but they have neither been converted to Christ nor to following Christ's teachings.

If you will simply listen to what is being taught in these churches, you will soon realize that many will die for their church's or American ideals and the American flag, however, they have not yet died unto Christ and neither will they die for the teachings or principles of Jesus Christ! America's religious-lite churches of today, are no more than quasi American politically-correct semi-religous/political organizations!

And like the Jews of old, 'they have simply gone about to establish their own righteousness as opposed to becoming themselves the righteousness of God, and standing up for the righteousness of God' (they have substituted their own form of righteousness in its place). In a Christian nation, one would think that the church would insist that its nation's foreign policy be centered around the teachings of God and take into consideration the needs of all of God's creation, and all of the creatures who are a part of God's creation. But we all know that that is not the case, and that religious-lite churches of today fully support America's policy of political expansionism, hegemony, illegal espionage and outright murder. And all of this is being done while American politicians continue to ask God to 'bless America! Where is the mercy and where is the grace of God in any of this, and what happened to true church body of baptized believers who are in Christ and Christ's body?

The cancer of greed, selfishness, and self-perpetuation at all costs, extortion, religious immersion/compromise, self-absorption, duplicity, pride, idolatry, militarism, hegemony, totalitarianism, state and citizen sanctioned-malfeasance, espionage and denial have eaten away at America. The cancer has metastasized and is out in the open for all to see, except for those who are willfully and stubbornly blinded. Many who will not admit to America's cancer refuse to do so because they are still hoping to reap from America's promises of its largesse (they are willing to overlook all of its flaws and criminal behaviors in and around the world).

The symptoms as well as the illness are manifest and have been confirmed; and the prognosis is poor. America always was, and still is a racially-divided, class-structured, militarist, get-rich, egomaniacal, totalitarian nation. And if you know anything about nations that have had symptoms similar to those of the United States, nations that continue to do things in order to compensate for the dark side of their behavior, Americans are not quite as ingratiating in terms of explaining away their sick and murderous behaviors. This is especially true of those nations that are not friendly to the United States or vice versa, such as The Democratic Republic of Korea, Iran and Iraq.

On the other hand those nations who are friendly to the United States, that beneath the specter of the good that they do (to cover up for the evil that they continue to do and have done), receive support and encouragement from America to continue to misbehave in the same manner that they have engaged in the past. And they do so with the tacit approval and support of the United States; a nation that is guilty of engaging in the same types of misbehavior.

What America is doing in Iraq is flat out wrong; if Saddam is a murderer that should be hanged, so is America, and someone in America should hang! But who will hang for America's crimes against humanity, will America's current President go to the cross and atone for America's sins? American foreign policy was never based on love or on a righteous defense system (and that is pretty sad for a nation that considers itself a Christian nation); America's foreign policy has always been based on the survival of America in deference to all else, the right to take what it wants in deference to all else, and America's right to do so by any means necessary, and in deference to all else.

And that notion originated at the onset, when Europeans (some later to become known as Americans) came in confiscating land, slaughtering the inhabitants, and pressing other humans into servitude. Since there haven't been any apparent or significant consequences for America's behavior, America and some of its citizens are emboldened to continue repeating the same behaviors and to engage in the same conduct, again and again and again.

Why are some Americans stuck in denial about America? I believe that it is so that they can self-medicate themselves against the painful facts of America’s past, how America came into being, and the reasons that it has not released itself from its own self-induced current, and murdering past. And some even pressure other Americans, insisting that in order to be considered a patriot, they too must believe in double-speak and drink the American Kool-aid that is chocked full of venomous poison and lies.

And why are some Americans unwilling to change, or to face up to the truth and to do something about it? I believe it would rock their worlds, overturn 'their false and exaggerated sense of security', and shock them into doing something about their and America's problems, as opposed to pointing out the problems of others (real or imagined or exaggerated).

For many Americans, all that they have left to hold on to, given that they know how violent America is and has been in the world, is to say, 'we are still better than they are', as if that makes everything alright. But what happened to personal responsibility, and to what the scripture said, to whom much is given much is required?

Is America better? Maybe so and maybe not. America has a lethal military and the largest economy in the world (soon to be passed by China's), however, does that make one nation any better than any other nations. The fact is that America's problems still fester, independently of and in comparison with any other nation, and there is no end in sight or a vision by America to repair America's problems!

In 2007 nothing will change, until America starts working to heal itself, and that begins with being truthful; WE HAVE LIED LONG ENOUGH and America’s king is not listening!

How can America heal itself, if it won't be honest about its prolonged diseased state?
And how can America help any other state, when it has not learned to help itself first by acknowledging or atoning for its own misdeeds?
And who will hang for America's injustices against God and humanity that America has been guilty of for over two centuries or more?

The bible tells us that 'righteousness exalts a nation, and that sin is a reproach to any people; America is not exempt, in spite of the mercy and grace that America has received from God. Truly America has sinned and misrepresented God's purposes on earth, and the souls of innocent men and women in Iraq, who are suffering unjustly, have cried out in their agony to God for help; and the blood of some (similar to Abel's) cries up from the ground. God is obliged to answer them!

And even though it is apparent that the America's king will not listen, will those people who are called by God's name listen and intervene themselves on behalf of all of those in the world, particularly Iraq right now, the same who are suffering as a consequence of American injustice?

Peace & Grace,
Rev. C. Solomon

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Well said Reverend, well said.