Dec 13, 2006

To Tell The Truth: And There Was War In Heaven!

The spirit of war on earth, I believe, is an extension of the spirit that instigated war in heaven against the angels of God.

I believe that there will be a special place in heaven for all of those who tell the truth, particularly when their only motivation is to solve problems in an honorable, principled and just manner; that is not what our current President or those who supported him have been doing since the fiasco into Iraq began.

1). From the onset, there have always been lies and misrepresentations of the facts by our government. Consider this; Bush 41 fought Saddam Hussein and his sons just over a decade ago.

Bush 43, son of Bush 41, becomes President and seeks out and murders the offspring of Saddam Hussein, his father’s nemesis, and places Saddam in prison so that he can eventually be hung. On the other hand, look at what former President Jimmy Carter, Noble Peace Prize recipient is going through following the release of his latest book, Peace: Not Apartheid. And which President is scorned and excoriated by Americans and Bin Netanyahu from Israel, you guessed it, Jimmy Carter.

But the people did not listen. Manasseh led them astray, so that they did more evil than the nations the LORD had destroyed before the Israelites.
2 Kings 21:8-10

2). Mr. Carter, I believe, is telling the truth about Israel's double-standards, their jaundiced leadership and their corrupt foreign policy which is similar to America's and their mistreatment of the Palestinian people. Their foreign policy, like that of the United States is singularly focused. It has two objectives, survival and expansionism (just like the U.S.A.) and they hope to accomplish it by any means necessary.

3). Both America and Israel are too much alike in that regard. Both nations want every other nation in the world to adhere to a different standard than either of these two nations is willing to adhere to themselves. And both nations believe it is their manifest destiny to be privileged, and to rule over the rest of the ‘great unwashed’ of the world, despite their own corruption and malfeasance. Fortunately, in both nations, many of their citizens do not share the opinions of their oligarchs; also some citizens have clearly been corrupted themselves!

4). Oh and I am not worried about being labeled anti-Semitic for if they label me anti-Semitic so were Jesus and the Apostle Paul and others of scripture, all Jews who spoke the truth to Israel. And in the end, one was crucified, others were hung and driven out of ancient Israel as the behest of the Jews. Jews are not always right either, and I admire Jimmy Carter and anyone else for standing up and telling the truth. We have two nations joined at the neck, both are traveling down a road of corruption themselves and by and large leading other nations along the same destructive path!

5). I believe that there is a more honest way to conduct our foreign affairs and to set our foreign policy goals. This current predilection in both America and Israel for lying, misrepresentation and living by a favorable double-standard, makes us no better than those so-called renegade and terrorist nations and organizations that we often deride and criticize. Look at Olmert in Israel, he is currently backtracking from his comments, he slipped up and told the truth about Israel’s nuclear capability. All the reports from before support what he said at first, Israel has more nukes than all of the rest of the Middle-east combined. The U.S. armed Israel, but no other nation in the Middle-East is to have nukes.

6). What a great strategy and a great strategy for America and its 51st state, huh, that is to keep the enemy disarmed, while you continue to build your arsenals. The end result: just what we have in Iraq right now, the U.S.A. or Israel can ride in anytime and destroy your nation, take down your government and set up the government that they prefer in your homeland!

7). Some Americans have absolutely no problem with that and obviously some Political Party’s and their favorite sons don’t have any problem with that either. However, I do... In my opinion these are the renegades, the terrorists and the crackpots that the world needs to be worried about! Why, they have the power to force their will on other people and other nations or they will nuke you!

8). As a result of their intransigence and convoluted beliefs, we can see that nothing ever gets solved for long either in America or around the world, whenever they are involved! Like the dark angels who reportedly waged war in heaven, all that the United States and Israel seem to know how to do is to 'kill and eliminate people'. For like too many Americans, that is the solution to the problem, you simply eliminate it because you do not have the brains or the gravitas to solve problems!

9). God Help America and Israel. We should all keep in mind that we have been warned to test every spirit, and that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against power and principalities. Most believers believe that the latter refers to demonic spiritual powers who work behind the scenes in order to influence human events. The scripture says that among other things, God hates a liar. So given all of the lies that been told to the American people and the world, it is not that difficult to figure out which spirit is guiding America's leader and America's foreign policy.

10). And we must all remember that there was war in heaven, and there were a group of dark angels who apparently wanted to be like 'the most high'. We see that same spirit in our country today, a group of dark angels and both are represented in our government and in the church of America. These folks are crying out for blood, and just like those heavens who had to be cast from heaven given their desires to 'stay the course' and war against the truth, it appears that America's dark angel will have to be cast out of Iraq. Clearly, he has little intentions of leaving on his own.

Remember the scripture: The truth will set you free? It would be wonderful if the Christians in America would stand up for the truth of God's word, particularly those who have sold out to a deceptive ideology. Satan is the Father of lies!

And which American should run for President of the United States over the next two years? Answer: Someone who is willing to lie, mislead, straddle the fence, destroy innocent lives, develop and harbor weapons of mass destruction ignore both domestic and international law, the United Congress and the American people, Mr. Bush should run again.

However, one who has come to Christ, the same who worships God in spirit and in truth; that person should not run for President of the United States; well, not until the American people demand a change of course in this nation. Until then, render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

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