Jun 16, 2007

Tocqueville, the American Military and My Response To Frank

Frank said: Thank God the United States is a warlike nation then.


To expand on Tocqueville's quotation, he said, "...the army, taken collectively, eventually forms a small nation by itself, where the mind is less enlarged and habits are more rude than in the nation at large.

Now, this small uncivilized nation has arms in its possession...and...the excessive love of the whole community for quiet continually puts the constitution at the mercy of the soldiery".

His point, not to make him an expert, however, I draw a similar conclusion about our larger nation versus its smaller co-existent subset American military nation within a nation today (the latter clearly has taken on a life of its own).

For the U.S. military is larger in terms of population, land-holdings, budget... than many countries of the world today combined, not to mention that it has its own President and Commander-and Chief, whose is also the President of the greater nation at-large that elected him.

And this small military-privatism pretty much controls not only the larger American population of approximately 300 million, but must of the other 7 billion citizens of the earth in one way or another. The American military reportedly has military personnel, at present, in about 120 nations of the world as we speak - and all of us know who dominates, manipulates and controls the U.N. in deference to the will of the other 191 or so member-nations.
In my opinion, America and therefore, the majority of America's citizens are, it would appear, hostages of the smaller warlike nation that co-exists within a larger nation of civilians -approximately 300 million Americans, and a world of 7 billion - particularly with our bifurcated leader, #43.

It is neither the majority of the American people nor the majority of the people of the world for that matter who are warlike either in nature or in kind. The majority, in both instances (including many of our allies)denounce the hawks in the 'American military war drums movement' which includes so many in the defense industry (former service-connected individuals), the administration in Washington and many retired veterans who still have a taste for blood. This denouement of America, its policies and its aggressive nature have reached astronomical proportions around the world.

This small subset of 'the less enlarged minds', those that I have just mentioned along with a portion of the citizenry, I believe are incapable of contemplating a solution to a problem other than by killing people - and of late, by taking down the capitol of other nations - contemporary American war strategy, just as they have already taken over the capitol in America. Watch out Iran?

Er herm, and weren't you in the Navy? You folks in your own privations may be a warlike nation; however, the majority of the rest of us Americans neither considers nor wants our nation to be on a constant war footing. For we of the larger crania, are capable of deliberating with other people and nations, and capable of solving problems without any bloodshed - it has been done before and we know principled negotiations can still work.

The problem with war hawks is that they do not believe in principled negotiation - they believe that the other side should always 'cave in' to the whims and wishes of the ideological American war hawks!

Not to make this personal, however, you are obviously a well versed student of history and war strategy. Are you aware of all of the skirmishes that have been prevented and resolved as a result of negotiations(s), as opposed to a shoot first and ask questions later mentality?

Why not bring your 'obvious genius' over to the other side and join those of us who are a part of the American majority, as well as the majority of the truly peace-seeking people in the rest of the world.

For #43 and the America military, right now, are together responsible for most of the unrest in the world today - even our allies, to no avail, have expressed their profound concerns about American interventionism, and others expansionism!

Peace & Grace,
The Rev (not St. Augustine of 'Just War theory')

Addenda: For the American 'affaire de coeur' with war and killing, renders Jesus Christ (the prince of peace) and the scriptures, useless - a warlike nation in my opinion is an uncivilized nation and an enemy of the eschatalogical plan of Jesus Christ and his kingdom whose purpose is to eliminate war forevermore! If you are correct, then perhaps we should simply stop calling our nation 'a Christian one' and remove 'In God We trust' from our creed! Frank answer this question for me, are we to be a warlike nation, or a Christian one? In my humble opinion, the two together are mutually exclusive, the one of the other.

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