Jun 27, 2007

Peace Is The Best Solution: The Rev Responds to SFG(A)

SFG(A) said,

Did someone say peace is the best defense? Ah, if only the world was as you see it through rose-colored lenses. We are truly fortunate, living in a great country.

The Rev who wrote that, Peace Is The Best Solution, responds,

(1). If only America itself was as you see it, through rose-colored glasses. Oftentimes, we are more a part of the problem than the solution - just ask our allies, if you don't believe me?

(2). Americans like to believe that once they go in and kill a lot of people that the problem has been solved. Well, we have killed a lot of people in both Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention having sacrificed a lot of American lives, and the problem (now referred to as terrorism) is still there for the world and Americans to see. Perhaps there was another way to address the problem. Will you concede that?

(3). Americans customarily see and define 'a problem' through the prism of American self-interest and denial; ergo, from an American perspective, it is always the other guy or nation's fault. Also, Americans often overlook the law of 'cause and effect', or causation and response - if you prefer. Iraq suffered at the hands of the U.S.A. for violating laws as perceived from an American perspective. The rest of the world, including the U.N. had selected an alternate course of action in order to deal with Iraq.

(4). Seeking peace through killing, hasn't gotten us anywhere, and when you have been reared in a 'industrial military complex nation', the one that too many Americans have been raised in, what other possible solution could there be?

(5). However, There is an alternative method for we live in a multi-cultured world!

Our (America's) theme
Ought to be
To pursue different passions
For different people!

Someday, you and others like you might come to understand what I am saying, and then America will experience the likelihood of fewer of its sons and daughters (not to mention the rest of the world's sons and daughters) being slaughtered in internecine conflicts!

Having said that, and if it were to occur as I have proposed - some of you who were 'born to fight and kill' (natural born killers), might not have an army or navy to join up with in order to further your personal ambitions to kill somebody else - well, you can always create or join a militia group can't you?

And you may quote the Rev on that too -

Peace & Grace
The Rev

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