Dec 22, 2007

Refining The American Preemption Doctrine: The Rev's Reply To The Washington Post

The Rev originally wrote:
>>All 9/11 did, was to give this administration the excuse that it needed to launch pre-emptive attacks on any person or entity that did not agree with its venal and preconceived policies. And, and that includes American citizens!<<

Plainfacts countered:
Rev, if that were true - we wouldn't have any street gangs or prison gangs left.

The Rev Replied on 12/22/07

Cute, plainfacts,
However, your comments do not diminish in any way the fact that the current administration, along with the Republican caucus, launched into an unprecedented, pre-emptive and venal attack on American citizens, the same citizens who did not agree with its questionable and illegal policies.

In my lifetime, I have never felt more like I was living in a communist state, and therefore in danger of being arrested by the stormtroopers of a government that spies upon its own citizens, or labeled as being mentally deficient for questioning the illegal practices of my own government. What happened to the rule of law, plainfacts?

Using your logic, the only reason that America can not solve its own internal problems, is because the government has not killed enough of us off yet. And many Americans inside and outside of the government believe as you apparently do, that killing human beings solves problems. It has been proven over and over that such thinking is irrational!

Now I'm preaching: You cannot tell other nations that their forms of terrorism must be abolished, when America engages in similar forms of terrorism itself. The American euphemism for terrorism is called, spreading demo-crazy!

America has failed more than any other nation on the planet, in modern times, to respect the sovereignty of other nations’ something that we punished Iraq for when they invaded Kuwait almost 2 decades ago. Even America's allies like Japan and others have said that we need to stop interfering in the internal affairs of other nations. Spying on nations is not good enough for us, it would appear, for we will also destabilize the economy of other nations, remove their leadership, influence their elections, or walk in and kill its citizens if we decide to!

We are worse, in that regard, than any modern nation. The fact is that we need to solve our own internal problems and revise our own twisted policies, before trying to tell or force other nations to do what we will not do ourselves in America.

When will we be honest with ourselves? Short of killing American citizens, this administration launched into similar attacks upon American dissenters, many who served in the military, just as it has done of late to its, real or perceived, foreign enemies around the world!

And speaking of gangs and prisoners, the Crips and Bloods of Los Angeles once explained their justification for what I perceived as inexcusable behavior, particularly drive-by shootings. They reported to Ted Koppel of the former Nightline Show that they were simply doing what their American government was doing to other nations around the world.

I agree with the C&B, for there is some symmetry here! It is sad that the American government and some of the American people believe that America is above the law, and that everyone else on earth, must be subject to the American unprincipled idea of the rule of law. Stop the double-standard!

And those are the plain facts!

Posted by: The Rev

Addenda: More and more, it would appear that America has lost its moral compass, if it ever had one (slavery, rape, pillage, discrimination and murder of America's native people notwithstanding)

Rightousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach to 'any people' Proverbs 14:34!

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