Dec 31, 2007

The Rev's Reply To Washington Blog: 12/31/2007


The problem as usual with your repartee is that you define everything from an Amero-centric point of view. For example Mush did not follow through when US forces…”, which assumes that whenever any nation, its leaders or its people engage in an action that is displeasing to the USA that they have broken some higher cosmic law!

Your quixotic assumptions and positions, ADJECTIVE: 1. Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality – proves that you are nothing more than a modern-day American crypto-fascist, who believes that the world should simply cow-tow to the will of the United States of America. And you and I both know that the United States of America will not do that for any other nation, or a group of ‘united nations’. Frankly, the other nations and people of the world have a similar right to self-determination and to manage their own internal affairs, just as America and most American citizens like you claim to possess.

Second, you believe that since anyone who does not see things from an Amero-centric point of view, is somehow flawed, and that the causes that they represent and are willing to fight for are therefore unjust. And what comes next, your constant reductionism, and labeling of other people as terrorists, or as you have labeled me already, ‘a communist’. You have that typical ‘onerous American ability’ to view every other freedom fighter in the world as an anarchist or revolutionary, even when the freedom-fighters from other nations are indigenous people who are fighting to defend their own nations, principles and beliefs from outside invader nations like the USofA!

How easily you package concentric American idealism, and ignore the rights and beliefs of other nations of the world. You have also proved, unwittingly, in your diatribe that what I have been writing for over a year now is true, that President Pervez Musharaff in the eyes of the American government and most American citizens is nothing more than an American lackey; and that once he stops towing the American party line, he will also end up on the proverbial scrap heap of life along with other leaders including Ms. Bhutto, Noriega, Saddam, Papa Doc, Baby Doc…, former leaders who have been involved with the U.S.A., some who even stayed in line and some who stepped out of line!

Finally, you see Pakistan as being the current ‘problem’, completely ignoring American’s own self-serving policies of greed, duplicity and global hegemony; all of which you have a tendency to defend.: For example, you wrote: Can Pakistan be stopped or swayed back to more peaceful notions without him remaining in place? Is the US of A one of the peaceful nations that you are referring to?

You also wrote: that Terrorism and terrorists have become his means to break away and create a dangerous situation that no one can stop without risking a self-sacrificing nuclear exchange. Would Mush use this to make his move on India?
What Mush has really done wrong is to offend the will of misguided Americans like you: those who really do not believe that other nations and people of the world have the right to self-determination or to the freedoms that this nation and its people will fight to defend for themselves!

The fact is that you are a typically misguided American, who believes that the world and everyone that happens to inhabit the world is here for a few reasons only, to obey the mandates of the United States of America, fulfill the will of America policy-makers and to supply America with its commercial needs. It’s too bad that like you, too many other people in this country do not respect the rights of other people in the world, or to accept that they might have a different perspective, or the reasons that they are fighting for what they are fighting for internally and against outside agitators; causes that are as noble as the causes that America claims to be fighting for and against.

If that were ever to occur, then a group of bonafide nations who respect the rights, the will and the sovereignty of other nations will be able to come together, sit down, dialogue, and work out an equitable solution that represents the will of the people of nations other than the United States of America. And perhaps you will write from a balanced point of view, and not just an Amero-centric one.

If an until you can do that why don’t you and your group (Dolly-Madison Avenue or Langley) simply provide us with a list of names of the individuals overseas (please leave the Rev off) who should be mysteriously eliminated next. I remind you that the other side is not the only side that is eliminating people. And Pervez, your days are numbered and I suspect that it will be American terrorists who will get to you first, and not the other side. But I suspect that you know that already!

Happy New Year?
The Rev
If things don't change, even in the USA, New Year's Eve 2008 will be the same as New Year's Eve 2007, with a world in chaos!

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