Jan 2, 2008

The Rev's Reply To The Washington Post Blog: 01/02/08

I was just wondering - Rev.

Where do you get your drugs from?
Because, I want get some - too,
They HAVE to be good...


Sorry this is a drug-free zone, I have never imbibed any chemical substances in my life. I get my ideas from the Bible, the American Articles of Incorporation and the American Constitution. Have you ever read or studied any of them?

It would appear that you grow 'your stuff' in your own back yard!

How much do they pay you plainfacto?

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Rev. C. Solomon said...

You are a gentleman and a scholar; and I predict that very soon, a lot more people are going to be speaking your name out loud.

And thank you for the effort that you put into providing the rest of us with obstensibly powerful and elucidating information!

With respect to your latest article: my feelings are that unexamined truth is much like the unexamined life - neither is worth very much in its final analysis!

peace & grace