Jan 9, 2008

The Rev's Reply To The Washington Post: 01/10/02 Re: President Bush and The Iranian Boat Taunting

The Rev wrote the following:

The "I's" Have it...

No, I am neither referring to the Iowa caucuses nor the New Hampshire primary.

I am referring to Iraq, Iran, Israel, George Bush and Pakistan, Pakistan each one also has an 'i' in it.

Can the Rev spell? Does George Bush's name have an I in it? Well, all of the time that he has been in office it would appear that all he has cared about was himself and the Republican pedantry, so instead of George H. Bush, how about George I. Bush.

And no wonder, 'Republicans' also has an 'i' contained within its spelling. It kind of reminds you of the movie 'I Robot', 'I Republican' or 'I Republican president.

Mr. Bush, had he placed his interests in other than the republican god, and sought after what was right for the people of the world including Americans, he might have made a decent President.

Had he done so he could have avoided so many blunders and his tendency to make so many inflammatory and inane statements that have cost all of us Americans.

The folks overseas have the President's number - see I called him the President. That is the least that I can do before he is sent into exile. And come to think about it the term exile and President also contain the letter 'i', and so does 'retire'!

And the latest Republican apologist on the blog, my man plainfacto - well, you can see the letter 'i' all over the place, Republ'i" can, apolog'i'st and pla'i'nfacto, can't you!

Too many 'pubs, when they were placed in the garden, and were forbidden from doing so - partook of the forbidden fruit.

The question is, how come they still don't know that are naked/exposed to the whole world? And what about the world Bush and the Republicans, America is not the majority of the world?

If you keep messing with people, they will retaliate, just like the colonists did against the english mother land!

Posted by: The Rev
Addenda: Will somebody tell me that I am dreaming, did the Ohio State Buckeyes loose another BCS national championship game. No matter, the Rev is home and he is changing parties, I mean conferences; go Pac12, we can beat the teams in the SEC!

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