Jan 19, 2008

'Ameristan Pakistan' - The Rev's 1/18/08 Reply To The Post

Americans have always been tough on crime-

particularly our government and the majority culture! Well there is one exception, neither group has been as vigilant at pursuing the crimes that they commit against other people, nationalities or nations!

How much time did Lt. Calley actually serve 'in the barracks' for the crimes that he once committed against the people of My Lai, or Oliver North for the criminal behavior that he engaged in downstairs in the White House? Sorry, the Rev caught himself just before writing 'Whore House'!

Unfortunately, this less than amusing double-standard has been lost on the greater society, and it has persisted since the inception of this nation - we are neither purists nor noble in these matters, except in our own eyes!

And as I understand it, no one in prison or on death row believes that he or she is guilty of a crime and neither do we as a nation believe that we have done anything wrong overseas!

The same Americans who will police other nations, will suddenly hide their heads in the sand when it comes to policing our own nation!

Isn't it wonderful that Ms. Bhutto's death conveniently took the onus off of the killings being committed, and the ones that have been committed by our own -even when we know who dunnit?

If we could rid the whole world of crime given our own ambitious crimes that we often engage in - just so that we can eliminate the crimes of others in other nations or groups, then our nation would be the remaining criminal nation on earth!

Is our survival dependent upon our own government surreptiously going around the world and behaving like a rogue band of criminals?

Is that how we thrive as a nation? If so, 'the United States of Ameristan' is not any different than Pakistan,or any individuals who are hiding in the White Mountains of Pakistan!

Posted by: The Rev

Addenda: Is there any wonder that some individuals in America do not take the law very seriously, where are their role-models in Washington DC?

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