Jan 14, 2008

The Rev Responds To The Washington Post's Mr. Arkin 01/14/08

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (by the Rev):

Mr. Arkin wrote: In Abu Dhabi yesterday, Bush said Iran is threatening regional and world security and that the United States and its Gulf allies must "confront this danger before it is too late...!

The Rev Wrote:
Let me see whether or not I can wrap my arms around this. You are telling me that the man who recently invaded a nation, unjustly, I might add; the same man who continues at this hour to meddle, unjustly, in the internal affairs of how many other sovereign nations of the world; the same man who is currently wreaking havoc in the once sovereign nations of Pakistan and Iran (inclduing with their leadership) that wants the American people to rally around him as some did, before, leading up to and afterwards, supporting his folly in Iraq? I would simply ask you again, which one of these gentlemen is the good guy, and which one is the bad guy?

The policies of the Bush administration are jaundiced and warped! Factually, I am not sure who is more of the alarmist, videotape producer, UBL, or media propagandist, GWB? One thing is for certain, both entities take advantage of the media and spin, in order to spread their messages of fear and discord.

The rest of the world will be better off, and more likely to move forward when men who practice such behaviors are retired, either to Crawford or the White Mountains!

BTW was anyone present when the former President of Iran, Rafsanjani, spoke at the National Cathedral in DC last year? He explained and it has been confirmed how the nation of Iran supported Bush and the USA in Afghanistan in the war against terrorism.

And what did Iran get in return? Answer: More saber-rattling and threats (like
invasion) from GWB and company.

The Bush Administration is not pursuing peace, they are simply trying to diminish the power of those nations who do not share a common belief with them, particularly those nations who prevent America from spreading its vision of world-wide domination of disparate people and resources! [Why? It is always been the aim of America and some Americans, to retain and acquire more wealth and the requisite power that is needed in order to retain wealth and power!]

I said it years ago and I will say it again, Hitler would have been proud of this Administration. He would likely add if he could: that was all that I was trying to do and say in the first place [make the world a better place]. So, why did you stop me?

Someone in Washington and America needs to have a real gut check!

and the Rev's second comment:

Bush is right about one thing, there is a nation out there who is threatening regional and world security..., and the United Nations, the allies, the world and sober-thinking Americans ought to do something about it!

What he does not accept, however, is the fact that he is the leader of that nation and Administration in particular, that is putting the world at risk. The nation that he is unwittingly refer to is the 'the United States of Amigo - George Bush'!

Unlike the mythical allegory of the first President George Washington, now I am beginning to wonder, did this President on the other hand tell lies to his father when he was growing up? He certainly is a good liar now. Oops, sorry to offend - he called it 'misleading the nation' didn't he?
Clinton lied about sex, GB lies about security matters! And which President was impeached in the House?

Posted by: The Rev January 14, 2008 03:15 PM

Posted by: The Rev in the Washington Post Blog

Addenda: Six things does the Lord hate: "....one who spreads innocent blood..., a liar...!
Some of the American people may continue to excuse the misbehavior of our
mad-man, needs to be prayed for and confronted President,
who is needlessly destroying innocent lives
around the world, however, I don't
believe that God will act
in kind!

Does anyone recall the Hegalian explanation for man's inhumanity to man? Hegel attributed it to the following: "The ownership of property, and the pursuit of class struggle". Too many Americans idolize property and wealth, and they are clashing with their brothers and sisters, in must inhumane weay in order preserve as well as pursue the former, in deference to sharing with their brothers and sisters around the world!

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