Jan 3, 2008

The Rev Recapitualtes In The Washington Post Blog 01/03/2008

Plainfacto wrote:

I don't know about that Rev.
If you would have read and learned from that bible; you wouldn't be saying half the stuff you are trying to pontificate with. I've studied the bible far more than the other two. Let me reassure you, that my family had a great deal to do with the Constitution; a direct connection - so to speak. More than I am willing reveal to you at this time.

However, my Dad wanted me to be a lawyer, and I wanted to be a doctor. My brother is a lawyer. But we were both raised to understand law and how to debate at an early age. That was a big deal in our house; my Dad was sure that we could cover our own butts in an argument. The best way to do that, is to make sure you are defending what you know and understand.

Have you been taking disassociatives; ketamine, etc? This is not a slam, as much as it is a observation. You constantly regard my person as some other being and go on a psychotic ramble. Have you had this problem a long time? Have you hurt other people because of this condition? I am worried about your state of mind/being. Please pardon my concern and questions.

Posted by: Plainfacto | January 3, 2008 05:03 AM

The Rev's Reply

I customarily attack your ideas, and you in turn have customarily turned around to attack me personally.

We have all witnessed a lot of that trend in America over the past 6-years. You and I happen to both be Americans; however, we simply see things differently. I have never accused you of having a neurosis, psychosis, Axis 3 problem - or drug use, as you have done to me on more than one occasion.

BTW, did you know that Ezekiel of the Hebrew Scriptures would be classified as a 'paranoid schiz', by many in the psychiatric field today, and according to the DSMIII? I thought that calling people crazy, dissasociativee... who held divergent views went out with the former Soviet Union and now you and many other Americans have resumed the practice.

I only called you a crypto-fascist however, after you accused me of being a communist, the same that many in our country did when MLK was alive. I have long suspected that some individuals who wrote into this blog were not freelance writers - one admitted that he was not writing independently.

I suspected that you fell into the same category as he did - I was trying to draw you out, suspecting that you could be working for a DIA in Virginia.

And you are not the only individual who has worked with advocates, and having said that some are good and some are jaundiced themselves given that they represent the positions of their clients.

It might do you some good to converse with some of the other advocates of the world, particularly those advocates who are more international in scope, for American law is not the only kind that matters.

Having said all of the above, I actually view you, lmao, Frank and some of my other critics as erudite and intelligent writers. However, it appears to me that all of you need to open up a little bit and show some respect for the opinions of other people of the world whose opinions and perceptions may differ from an American perspective.

The planet belongs to all of us. Can you tell me what nation has invaded and occupied our nation and tried to force their will upon us recently, I can't? So why are we forcing our 'opinions, forcibly, upon other nations of the world -we haven't been invited into those nations...

So, can we respectfully disagree while debating issues that we disagree on in the future?

postbed by the Rev on 01/03/2008

This is what all protagonists who share a difference of opinion need to do - seek synthesis!

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