Jan 17, 2008

The Rev's Reply in the Washington Post to 'An American Solider'

An American Soldier wrote:

I would just like to point out, that every other major country in the world believed, as our Commander-in-chief did, that Hussein had WMD...!

The Rev Replied to an American Soldier

All due respect to An American Solider, but there are gaping holes in his or her's specious argument. Number one, can you provide us with your definition of 'a major country'? Your explanation would likely help us to settle the matter of your conjecture rather quickly.

Your definition would be interesting to read, given that those nations who did not believe that Iraq had WMDS, more than likely did not make your major nations list! And for that and other reasons your specious argument in defense of the President's policies and actions, would be essentially DOA!

Besides, most nations of the world are aware that the U.S.A. has actual weapons of mass destruction - weapons which we have used before. And, those nations have not attacked America in spite of the fact that we have used them before, and threatened (MAD) to use them again for example!

If the nations of the world were to follow the irrational logic of the Bush Administration, they would apparently be within their right to act-in-kind, ignore sobriety and the UN, and attack the USA under a conjured pretext!

On the other hand those nations who 'suspected' that Iraq had WMDs were willing, before having their arms twisted by the USA to permit the unbiased weapons inspectors to do their jobs. In America we use to refer to that as allowing the process to work!

The 'Commander-in-Chief' of the USA clearly did not want the whole truth to be revealed, therefore he was unwilling - the cowboy from Texas that he is - to permit the organization of nations to handle the matter, or for the IAEA to finish doing its job.

A lot of innocent people died 'on death row' when he was the Governor of Texas, and a lot of other innocent people have died since he became the President of the United States and apparently the world. The vision of Saddam's assassination will forever be associated with the name of George Bush 'the assassin'!

One could argue that he was elected President by some simply to be the the hired assassin that he has proven over and over to be! He certainly was not drafted and made President by some in the Republican Party because he was smart!

Bush and his administrative gang achieved what they wanted in the final analysis, and pushed the weapons inspectors out of Iraq, took over Iraq (Babylon) and placed their own convenient spin on the Iraqi armaments and weapons matter.

Criticize as you might, however, the UN and the community of nations would not have made the blunders that our nation has made - in the ME and elsewhere. And as a result of our actions, the world is more dangerous as a result of this Administration's capriciousness!

Now every 'tin horn' sheriff, dictator or individual in the world will likely, in reaction to the behavior of the United States Government simply go ahead and embark upon or enforce their own form of prairie justice!

Mr. Bush was going to attack Iraq, and likely Iran if they did not comply during his tenure in office. The 9/11 attackers gave him the cover/pretext that he needed in order to move forward with his preconceived plot.

Tacking on the WMD issue while Americans were crippled with fear, I have to give it him - was brilliant! Your loyalty to the President is to be commended; your assessment of the facts, on the other hand leaves much to be desired!

And finally: Mr. Bush and his Administration's woeful policies and tactics of pre-emption, not to mention their disrespect for decency and the law, will not only impact the present - but the remainder of human history.

The question is who be the beneficiaries (that's ebonics), positive or negative, of these present acts of the U.S. Government?

Peace & Grace ... I hope so!
Reverend C. Solomon

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