Jan 11, 2008

The Rev Has Friends: From The Washington Post Blog & The Rev's Reply

Rev, you are a prince and gent, it is just funny to me how Bush lies to people repeatedly and these conservatives still never get tired of defending him. INSTEAD THEY CHOOSE TO ATTACK ME FOR TELLING THEM THE TRUTH. Yes, keep telling me how Bush loves America, and how us libs hate America. At the end of the day, Bush's actions have resulted in devastating consequences for this country and the world. But I guess the real problem is secular Iranian Americans who tell the truth online, not lying presidents who draw up plans for mass murder.

Posted by: Farzad | January 10, 2008 03:11 PM

The Rev Replies:

And thank you Farzad...

Someone has to keep the record straight,
you shouldn't have to, along
with a few others have
to defend it alone.

We want a just world, many Americans
want an Americanized and controlled
- with the real American Idol
the U.S. Government sitting
atop it!

My position has been confirmed as a result
of a few press conferences and
numerous meetings
that I
have attended in
Washington DC over
the years.

A group of my peers who returned
from tours of the Middle-East,
and several honest
U.S. Representatives
shared the truth
with respect to
what has really
been going on
, as
far as the
USA is concerned -
some of us
listen to and tell the truth!

Americans believe that
Iraq has America's
oil underneath
its sand for example!

And trust me, some
of the folks who
are harassing you,
they know the truth
- they are
simply sticking
with the American
position - well
you know that

Ironically one event that
I attended took place
at the National Press
Club right on 14th
Street in Dodge City,
well the District
of Columbia
- isn't
it ironic that
America believes
that it can solve
problems in
other nations
when our
can't resolve
crime and

right underneath
their noses in
the nation's
capital, including
the crime and
terrorism that they
participate in

Bush has his mis-advisors, and I
listen to truthful advisors,
individuals who have
travelled overseas and
met first-hand with
Sharon and company, as well
as with the late Yasser
Arafat, the

All of the honest and moral
people of the world who
believe in 'justice for
all' people, will
have to stand
fascism - even
American fascism,

that is if we
can hurry up
and stop
even my
own nation from
killing everyone
else who is
willing to
stand up for
anything other than
'American-style injustice'
that is supported by
American tergiversators -
some of whom write
into this blog!

And a man who is surrounded by
'yes men' will never accept
no for an answer,
that is another problem
that this administration

Keep fighting the good fight!

Posted by: The Rev | January 11, 2008 02:06 AM

Peace & Grace
Rev. c. Solomon

Addenda: I have been accused on numerous occasions of being
a traitor in the blog, however, having said that my foundation
has been shaped by a higher source, and America is not all that
matters - truth is what matters. And factually, we are no
better than any so call renegade or renegade nation
, given
that we are masters of the practices that they reportedly
engage in. Other people are accountable to God, just as
America is accountable to God
. America has to trying
to be God, for as I wrote many times last year,
the real American Idol is America itself.
And just like the previous empires of
history that got beside themselves
eventually they were brought
down. Am I wishing that
America be brought down -
I am hoping that
we humble ourselves
before that inevitably
were to occur,
not by man
but by an act of the Sovereign - remember folks, WE ARE LITERALLY IN CONTROL OF BABYLON now!

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