Jan 10, 2008

Fighting The Good Fight In The Washington Post Blog: The Rev Continues to...

Farza said: AND GUESS WHAT FOLKS THE REAL AXIS OF EVIL (Israel lobby, defense related contractors, and Big Oil)...

The Rev responded,

Clearly you don't need my help, however,
I have reminded many Christians over
the years - those who ascribe to
Constantine's canon, that
the Angel of the Lord,
according to 'the canon',
particularly books
taken from Hebrew
spoke to Hagar,
the mother of the descendants
of Ishmael, apparently
more often than it
spoke to the

In other words, Ishamael's descendants
should not be excoriated or
written off as often is the case in the
West, where Jews are preferred
over Muslims. Paul a
Jew, found and explained along
with many other Jewish
prophets that the
Jewish people
were not

Some of us are trying to get the American
Christian and secularist, to understand
that neither are they
above approach, and therefore
the misguided assumption
that everyone else in
the world is a flawed
is a
flawed, deterministic
and self-serving

Someday, perhaps the Jews and Christians
will get it. And with respect to
atheists, the one's that I
have learned from explained:
We do not have an issue with a God,
we simply
believe that God is
a manmade invention. I
understand, and therefore
it would appear that at
one time all humans
were atheist (in one
respect or another);
and whatever guides
you, your heart
appears to be
in the
right place!

Perhaps some of our religious Americans
need to acquire some of what
you have!

Posted by: The Rev | January 10, 2008 02:42 PM

The Rev during the wee hours of the morn West Coast time: Actutaly ended at 4:24am Pacific time

Someone should wake Mr. Arkin up, and I mean that literally - he started this and he is somewhere getting his rest.

I spent 9 months in Ohio listening
to different individuals who voted
for our 2-term President, and are
currently expressing regret over
their decisions.

There are too many Americans, who
are not forward looking [or
thinking] enough to
recognize that a short-term
fix/invasion will never fix long-
term problems.

The Iranians are merely sending
a warning across the America bough,
the message is clear - don't punk
our nation; for we are warriors and
just like you will not permit
your nation to be punked
- real or
imagined - neither will we.

Plainfacto, your logic gives
individuals like Mr. Bush and those
who serve along with him just what
they want. The evidence is clear
that the Bushtanistas were planning
to hit Iraq
for example, arguably,
before they ever took over the
reigns of government.

And I suspect that going back
to the Nixon era, when Cheney,
Rumsfool (forgive me) and others
were working together, they were
secretly conspiring, given that
they wanted to strengthen their
foothold in Iraq and the rest of
the Middle and Near-East
. And
Pearle, Snowe, Wolfowitz and
the rest of the gang
were saying Amen!

At the time Condoleeza was still
back in the Golden State with
me at Stanford (While she was
provost - I was a member of
the Executive Board for
Afro-American Staff
and Faculty).

Your logic gives license to a
group of thugs who consistently
ignored the will of the U.N.,
ordered Hans Blix and the inspectors
out of Iraq before they could
finish confirming to the
world that Iraq did not have
the purported WMD arsenal,
that the Bush brigade
had to get them
out, for they
were disproving
his lie and
rationale for

One of our Congressmen, said it
best in one of the meetings
that I attended, Bush
and the boyz felt
that Iraq has our
oil under their
you Rep. Charlie Rangel!

Your logic says to thug
leadership now and in the
future, that it is okay
to ride into a nation
with guns blazing
for sooner or nation
the American people
will rally behind
any cause for war,
a just one or an
unjust one
, just
as the government
is currently doing in
Iran and Pakistan.

Oh come on, I have
spoken with military
personal that were
secretly dispatched
to Iraq
at the same time that
the American military
went to Afghanistan.

Congress never declares
war, and our American
Presidents too often
will not tell the truth

when factually they have
already engaged the
country in war.

America is already at war
with Iran
and with those
factions that it does not
care for in Pakistan.

And the people of Iran and
Pakistan as well, they know
and therefore they are
not sitting back on their

Their is one component of
American foreign policy that
needs to be talked about more -
it is the lying aspect of our
foreign policy
. The latter
is totally out of hand.

And what would a Colin Powell
or Obama do Dao? With respect to
Powell, we will never know. However
we may just get the chance to see
Obama in action, even though I am
voting for someone else in the

There is a lot at stake here, and
whoever takes over at the helm will have
to, number one, be realistic. Number
two, they will have to stay away
from narrow interests and ideologues

whose ears have long since been shut.
The latter are on a mission of their
own construction.

Their behavior has been endogenous
and not reactive behavior. Why do
I say that? For when you get right
down to it, none of these nations:
Iraq, Iran or Pakistan have done
anything to the United States of
However, the United
States of America on the other
hand has harassed, aggressed
(it's a word now), invaded,
threatened, strangled economically,
spied upon and interfered with
one or more of these nations.

Any nation having done that to
the USA we would serve notice
that we view their actions as:
An Act of War!

And in my learned opinion,
they are entitled
to the
same conclusions.

And to you E. Coast people, 3 hours
ahead of us, I am joining Mr. Arkin
who I suspect is enjoying a pleasant
REM dream right about now, while the
rest of us are up fighting over what
he started!

The Rev back on West Coast (Left Coast to some of you time)

Posted by: The Rev | January 10, 2008 07:24 AM actually 4:24am.

Rev. C. Solomon

Addenda: Many cringe when I say it, however, given all of my research
and for Dao, sitting almost directly in front of Colin
and listening personally to what he had to say
after he was (summarily fired by the Bush Administration),
I cannot see where, just as I said above, Iraq, Iran or
Pakistan have done anything to the U.S.A.! And while
we are at it, I cannot see where Syria, the DPRK,
China, Russia, Bolivia, Nicaragua or
leaders like Hugo Chavez and others
have done anything but respond
to the malfeasance of our
nation, with its purported
Christian leadership

The 'tergiversators' of the USA will someday have to give account
to a force that is greater than that of the U.S.A. - there lies,
plausible deniability, rationalizations, misdirection, coverups
and controlling the narrative - won't work then as it often
does and resonates with the American people!

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