Dec 29, 2007

The Rev Attacked in The Washington Post Blog on 12/29/07: His Replies

And now for your dining and dancing pleasure - the Communist diatribe of 'the Rev'......

Thank you plainfacto, it is better than the diatribe of a crypto-fascist, an individual who admires or desires fascism, but keeps this admiration hidden to avoid social persecution...

Did you forget that your ilk also accused Dr. Martin Luther King of being a communist. When will you people evolve?

Besides, Koinonia is not a bad word, it was practised in the Bible (Acts chapter 4).

I wonder how much they pay you and a couple of others on this blog!

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The Rev's Second Attack and Reply:
With moonbats like the Rev, who needs moonbats like Arkin?
Posted by: Master Shake

Master Shake, Ms. Bhutto was aware of the dangers associated with her noble cause.

I give her a lot of credit for her courage, and her willingness to expose herself as she did, to some demented individuals.

We have a lot of demented individuals in the American Republican Party - some who write into this blog.

Ms. Bhutto reminds me of several American leaders who were snuffed out in the past, JFK, RFK and MLK.

Was alQeada responsible for their senseless deaths, or do the Pakistanis have the same problem that we have over here in the land of the free and the home of the slave, i.e, individuals who will not tolerate a difference of opinion?

Posted by: The Rev | December 29, 2007 04:31 PM

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