Dec 10, 2007

The Rev Responds To The Washington Post Blog on 12/10/07

Mr. Arkin wrote: "Everywhere you turn, it is the policy of Iran to foment instability and chaos, no matter the strategic value or the cost in the blood of innocents -

The Rev replied:
and before Iran it was, Iraq
and before Iraq it was the DPRK
and before the DPRK...

American leaders persist in using the same tactics and the politics of fear in order to bolster their insane positions.

From the Rev's perspective, the real threat to the world is incompetent American leadership, the same leadership that is in charge of one of the most lethal nuclear arsenals and military organizations in the world.

And no one in the world is laughing about that, for they know what #43 is capable of doing, for on any given day, any nation of the world can or might be invaded by the Americans.

Our President needs to go to a real church and get born again, again! And he ought to take Vice President Cheney along with him!

The Rev

Addenda: The real believer should ask himself, what Spirit if America really of, given its current leadership: what is the driving force given what President Bush has been doing for the past 7-years, with respect to other nations of the world!!

Is it the politics of Dominionism (Rushdooney, Rev. Tony Evans and other white-supremacist ideolgues) that is driving the President? It cannot be the spirit of God. What spirit is really driving our President?

These people are not seeking a 'world won for Christ', rather they are pursuing the path of having a world that is controlled by America, there to fill the consumer needs of the American consumer, among other things!

God's ways are not our ways [Isaiah chapter 55]. The ways of our current government in Washington DC, and its leadership, are not the ways of God, for Christ came to save that which was lost. These folks are seeking to kill and destroy, rather than to find and secure those that may be lost!

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